Back to School Bash 2010 All Ages Contest Presented by Altamont Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Back to School Bash 2010 All Ages Contest Presented by Altamont

Posted on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 by Stalker

By Stalker Steve
Footage by Joe Pelham

The collective heavy sigh of all Florida kids is deafening when you mention another school year to them. Luckily we're here for one last hoorah before the upcoming nine or so months of school with our annual Back To School Bash. For the fourth or so year in a row, Altamont sponsored the Contest and sent out boxes of great freebies for the kids and product toss types. Thanks again Jay, Fred, and everyone else at Sole Tech for a fun weekend. Thanks to all the skate business types, kids, and of course parents for making it to another All Ages.

Scotty the Body brought Porpe a Chuck Mangione record. If you've never noticed, Porpe could pick up a horn and be a dead ringer for a young Chuck Mangione.
The 8 and Under kids are getting pretty savage nowadays. This kid did the bomb drop.
The little guys continue to take big drops. This is no joke, especially if you're 4' tall.
Alejandro Burnell's mom and dad are Park locals. They're really supportive and fun parents. Mrs. Burnell hopped on the mic to call some kids out in practice.
Shanewreck went for it down the rail on this boardslide.
Skater Profile: Shane Farber aka Shanewreck
Frosty kept you fed with burgers and dogs at lunch time.
Skater Profile: Frosty The Snowman
Top five for the 8 and Under Division: Connor Hunger, Luke Scheid, Braden Hunger, Samy Garcia, and AJ Dall.
Top five for the 9 to 12 Division: Jullius Jiminez, Shane Farber AKA Shanewreck, Yordi Ojeda, Zion Wright, and Michael Schmidt.
Zion Wright's dad and his homie broke out their drums and put on a show in the Kiddie Course. Praise Jah!
This kid had young Tony Hawk gear on and unique tricks to match.
Devin Bagnoli is growing up and his catch is getting good on flip tricks. Frontside flip.
Skater Profile: Devin Bagnoli
13 to 15 top three - Austin Child, Devin Abreu, and Sam Rooks.
If anyone at Apple is reading this, Dylan Perry loves your products, as do I, especially iPhone's. Holler at us.
Skater Profile: Dylan Perry
Josiah Portillo getting sky high on a wallie over the pyramid.
Skater Profile: Josiah Portillo
At every All Ages Contest there's always one kid who comes and kills it, but no one really knows who he is. That's this kid. Three flip over the pyramid.
Skater Profile: Who Dat?
AK saw my old friend John Reece, AKA Tall Tee, skating and said, "He looks like he could be my brother!"
Skater Profile: Adam Kearley
Andre McKenzie killed it all day and got to the Sponsored Finals. Shuv it.
Skater Profile: Andre Mckenzie
Thanks again to Altamont for coming to town.
16 and Up top five - Marlee Miller (not pictured), David Fuentes, Shane Carter, Ian Weisbecker, and Dimitri Rangos.
Sponsored top five - Dalton Dern, Justin Atchley, Clint Beswick, Jereme Knibbs, and Ryan Dillow.
Blake Carpenter kills the All Ages Contests. Check this nollie heel boardslide.
Skater Profile: Blake Carpenter
Check that leg wear. Wow. But check the catch on Who Dat's flip, too.
This kid was doing all sorts of wacky stuff with weird gear on. This is switch. Switch layback boardslide finger flip buttslide out and down.
Robbie Kirkland has too much pop. Kickflip noseslide to fakie high to low.


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