Downtown Showdown Webcast Party Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Downtown Showdown Webcast Party

Posted on Friday, October 8, 2010 by Stalker

By Stalker Steve

While the boss-men were out running the Vans Downtown Showdown, the rest of us were back in good ol' Tampa having a party at The Bricks and enjoying the Contest via webcast. Enjoy the photos.

Jeff Lako was killing it at The Bricks.
Left to right: Mike Andruzko, Who Dat?, Matt Cantor, and Cullen Traverso holding the bar down.
Haleigh Barchard is a bartender at The Bricks. Go see her for a cold one.
Seamus is one hell of a storyteller.
Durke is another bartender at The Bricks. Come over sometime for a good cold beer!
Skater Profile: Durke Schmidt
Schaefer and Chris Casey holding Hollywood down at the Downtown Showdown.
Who's hyped on free Vans gear? This guy!
Kyle Randall loves The Bricks. He also loves big ass Vans shoes.
The "Old Man Army," as they call themselves, set up this shoe and beer can pyramid.
Thanks to the Old Man Army for supporting The Bricks and having a blast in the process.
This guy is hyped on free Vans hats.
Todd Morrow party fouled and spilled his tallboy.
Jereme Knibbs was cold chillin' watching the Contest.
Skater Profile: Jereme Knibbs
Jacob Krajewski was hanging all night.
Skater Profile: Jacob Krajewski
Skate business graffiti.
DJ AlBow AKA Alex Bowers, former member of the FSEC, was playing jams all night.


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