A Skate Park In Wachula…Where? Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Skate Park In Wachula…Where?

Posted on Wednesday, April 23, 2003 by Ryan

A Skate Park In Wachula...Where?

Deductive reasoning: This photo was taken in Wachula. These ramps are small. Therefore, Wachula has a skate park with small ramps.
    You got it. Wachula has a free, public skate park. The last time I checked, Tampa was a very large, metropolitan area with some serious property taxes for its residents. Why Tampa has not built a top quality, free, public skate park for its citizens is beyond me. I’ve spoken with many different city employees, at their request, about a skate park, but nothing ever materializes. Maybe City of Tampa should follow in the footsteps of the ever-prosperous Wachula!

Sean told me that someone once said to him, “I always see you do that trick. Is that all you can do?” I think that it’s called a lookdown, but Sean nailed them from the mini-mini-ramp to the street course.
You know that if I can hit the main handrail in the entire park, that it may be a bit too small. Boardslide courtesy of The Boss.
    Okay, here’s the deal on Wachula. It’s nothing big (actually, everything is really small – almost too small), but it’s there. They realized that there was a need and they fulfilled it. We arrived at 9am and skated for nearly two hours. There were no cops, no pads, and no regulations...just how it should be. Hats off to Wachula for building a place for their kids to recreate.

    To get there, just drive to Wachula, Florida and look for the water tower. The skate park is right next to it. Believe me, you can’t miss it. By the way, you’ll have to drive to the next town, Bowling Green, for some grub. Curiously, the chicks working in our restaurant of choice were quite good-looking...go figure.



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