Habitat's Origin Premiere at The Bricks Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Habitat's Origin Premiere at The Bricks

Posted on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Mike Goodwine's work on the walls is holding everyone hostage here. I feel like there's something wrong with me because I just can't get into the guy with three names who had last part. He kills it, but something just doesn't do it for me. Actually, the last part was an amazing 10 year montage of everyone who's been on Habitat since.
Schaefer is shouting his leadership to the room. "Feel free to cheer for Freddy Gall!"
Bristol there is back from SF. I hope he doesn't think skateboarding owes him something. Skateboarding doesn't owe anyone anything so watch out for that bad, bitter influence if you're rolling with someone who thinks that, such as average anonymous message board bitches.
Just a few minutes before this, the place was nearly empty. Free beer is like a liver magnet.
Come introduce yourself to Stalker Steve and Tom in SPoT Skate Shop Ybor next door.
Skater Profile: Stalker Steve
Joe, Schaefer, and Clements are all staring in a blockbuster film coming to a home theater near you. It's a documentary about the madness of opening The Bricks that Joe is producing.
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
Hmm, those drink names sound familiar.
Foot fetish with TJ Sparks. He recently had a chunk of his ankle removed.
Dylan Perry is card carrying member of local establishments in Ybor, including Czar Bar and gold card status at Starbucks.
Skater Profile: Dylan Perry
I actually attempted to use my flash tonight. Took one photo of Durke and put it away. I'm done with that thing. Thanks for the sauce, Durke!
Skater Profile: Durke Schmidt
Let's go through the Shop...
Mad shoes.
Huntin' supplies.
Durke has his own hat section here.
I'm ready for the cold Florida weather. Bring on the 60 and below temps!
Looks like anorexic Dracula needs to suck some blood. Add "free fixie parking" to the sign. If you were here, thanks for stopping by to check the video out. If you still use DVD's, the video is here. Otherwise, you can also download it from iTunes.


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