Boards for Bros 2010: Distributing the Boards Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Boards for Bros 2010: Distributing the Boards

Posted on Thursday, December 23, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek
Footage by Colin Clark

After the assembly line put together over 200 skateboards last week, we piled them into Clem's truck and headed over to St. Pete to give them out. Colin Clark filmed and I shot photos. Thanks to everyone that contributed to Boards for Bros during the year that made this all possible. I hope every one of these kids experiences the same things that skateboarding has done to all of us. Merry Christmas.

We started with a truckload of about 200 boards. It's amazing how this all came together from collecting used parts all year. We also got plenty of help from art shows that benefit Boards for Bros and our annual Free Day.
We went to St. Pete this year to change it up. Our first stop was at the plaza.
Everyone who gets a board is instantly interested in the ollie.
Now we're just taking a drive through random neighborhoods and stopping whenever we see kids.
The SPoT Ghetto Christmas Party is over so I'm not sure why Schaefer still has his tech head going, but we did run into a kid who matched him.
There were about three people on this street corner when we pulled up. Five minutes later, this is the crowd.
I hope those boards don't get used for firewood in that front yard blaze they got going back there.
This girl was very eager to have her photo snapped and had the full pose to go with it.
When we asked for a group photo, she shoved her brother out of the picture.
I wonder if that shower cap counts as a helmet at skate parks that require one?
Like "The People of Wal Mart," someone should start a blog called "Whips of the Hood." You always see the most amazing things. I missed this dude laying down on the dropped down bed gate while they were driving down the street.
An entire family spilled out of the front door at this stop.
The fresh odor of burning marijuana was in the air as we passed out boards here.
You don't even need to come downstairs. We got you.
We need more girls skating. Hopefully this makes a small contribution.
I wish we could find him in a decade to see what happens. Is he going to fall in love and change his life like us? I hope.
Our last stop was Fossil. Merry Christmas, everyone. If you contributed to Boards for Bros in any way over the years, we can't thank you enough. Get more information on how to contribute at

Colin Clark's Video Footage


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