Tampa Pro 2011 Skate Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2011 Skate Photos

Posted on Sunday, March 20, 2011 by Rob

Rob Meronek

Tony Trujillo of course has flow comparable to Dennis Busenitz out there.
Skater Profile: Tony Trujillo
Clint Peterson like a genie.
Skater Profile: Clint Peterson
Clint Peterson - fsng.
Skater Profile: Clint Peterson
I don't know if he ever made it, but Austyn Gillette was trying frontside noseslide to frontside bigspin out. Crazy.
Skater Profile: Austyn Gillette
Mikey Taylor nollie crook not wearing etnies.
Skater Profile: Mikey Taylor
Elissa Steamer, still the best female skateboarder in history.
Skater Profile: Elissa Steamer
Peter Ramondetta. Yeah, keep sayin' it. The Real Video is going to be amazing.
Skater Profile: Peter Ramondetta
Dan Pensyl going up.
Skater Profile: Dan Pensyl
Ron Deily kickflips up.
Skater Profile: Ron Deily
Fred Gall is very generous with his illicit substances. I had to turn him down twice.
Skater Profile: Fred Gall
Chris Troy - back smith up.
Skater Profile: Chris Troy
Most people can't frontside 180 that high. This is Luan on a nollie half cab.
Skater Profile: Luan Oliveira
Kenny Hoyle - 5-0 and out.
Skater Profile: Kenny Hoyle
Omar Salazar was like a wind up toy let loose on the course.
Skater Profile: Omar Salazar
Kurtis Colamonico - 360 flip.
Skater Profile: Kurtis Colamonico
That's how you catch a kickflip like a fastball. Damn, Busenitz.
Skater Profile: Dennis Busenitz
I love Johnny Layton's tucks. I was a bit off on the timing on this one.
Skater Profile: Johnny Layton
A simple but amazing looking backside 180 from Austyn Gillette.
Skater Profile: Austyn Gillette
Even after like 10 times meeting him, I still fan out on Brian Anderson.
Skater Profile: Brian Anderson
Dennis Busenitz - back tail up.
Skater Profile: Dennis Busenitz
Eric Koston back lips around the block.
Skater Profile: Eric Koston
That's a frame from Mike Peterson's frontside flip. Serious. Check the sequence here.
Skater Profile: Mike Peterson
Eric Koston - bluntslide around the block.
Skater Profile: Eric Koston


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