What's New on the Avenue Article at Skatepark of Tampa

What's New on the Avenue

Posted on Monday, March 28, 2011 by Stalker

By Stalker Steve

Here's another quick update on what we're up to in our little store in Ybor City. Come on by and hang out anytime.
While you grab a deck, wheels, whatever, get your girl a tank top or shorts for the summer. Look at those daisy duke shorts. Whew! It's like a gift for you, too.
Come have a seat next to the newest SPoT Skate Shop employee.
Not too much is nicer than a Tampa summer sunset over 7th Ave.
I really like that we have a nice selection of button-ups in Ybor. They're totally office acceptable if you have to deal with a bothersome corporate job.
Brixton is always coming through with classic gear.
This posse of kids shreds in Ybor and always come through to check out whatever video I’m playing while on the way to a spot.
We got some nice Chuck Taylor's and other CONS in Ybor.


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