Digital Product Toss Results: The Hundreds Garfield Cruiser Deck Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Digital Product Toss Results: The Hundreds Garfield Cruiser Deck

Posted on Monday, April 25, 2011 by Rob

After taking all 370 emails in The Hundreds Garfield Cruiser Deck Digital Product Toss and randomly sorting them, Matt Salvati came out on top. If you're a comment troll, here's all 370 wisecracks that were submitted. Only the first few characters of email are displayed for privacy. Thanks for participating. Watch for another DPT soon!

eirik-: Garfield is a fat and lazy cat, who, like me would love to cruise around on that board! 04/25/11 02:40 PM
aaron.: Someday, the world will be run by rats. So, I like cats. 04/25/11 02:31 PM
josepp: new cruisers in springtime are purrrfect.and I have a cat named bill danforth. 04/25/11 01:45 PM
c1rca1: cats are just the coolest 04/25/11 12:40 PM
oneiro: Cats meow fo sho 04/25/11 12:17 PM
dexter: Its time to party... with garfield and friends. 04/25/11 12:12 PM
Sw3ish: Garfield = boss 04/25/11 12:07 PM
morgan: kittie cats, they dance dance dance, and they meow meow meow, and Purrrrrr,Purrrr,Purrrr, cause their kitty cats...........MEOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW 04/25/11 12:05 PM
rustyl: midget cats are gross 04/25/11 11:34 AM
joe.ka: My 30 lb. cat ziggy killed a crow by rolling off of my shed and crushing it 04/25/11 11:16 AM
Seanhi: Bubbles has a cat named sheetrock 04/25/11 10:49 AM
trista: my cat like lasagna fool. 04/25/11 10:40 AM
jkjosh: Mhhmm..lasagna... 04/25/11 10:37 AM
Bernar: Bro, that board looks awesome, I used to have so many of the comic books when I was younger. 04/25/11 10:36 AM
acetat: The Love Cats by the Cure was cool. 04/25/11 10:35 AM
audra.: catzzzz 04/25/11 10:31 AM
alexen: kitty < puppy, puppy< baby, DEAD CAT> Jesus 04/25/11 10:18 AM
justin: Im allergic to cats... 04/25/11 10:03 AM
cgonza: i love cats 04/25/11 10:00 AM
krucia: I need a cruiser so I can be hip and roll around downtown St Pete. 04/25/11 09:54 AM
ruiz1.: imma do some nasty things to this board 04/25/11 09:52 AM
Irvjua: My girlfriends cat went missing Friday, during a bad storm. It showed back up on Sunday unexplained and unharmed. Now we call it jesus cat. 04/25/11 09:52 AM
rbm787: poor kitty has been a posse ever since she was born.... still a posse 04/25/11 09:49 AM
glswee: ifiwereachickenwherewouldibe? 04/25/11 09:45 AM
all52w: Ill trade you for a piece of lasagna. My cat is named PERSEUS 04/25/11 09:31 AM
dheads: I wood love to smash that tail on a F/S Boneless to...Yep you kno it!! 04/25/11 09:15 AM
kamlto: forking cats... the andy dicks of the animal world. 04/25/11 09:07 AM
adamoy: cats are not as cool at the internet makes them out to be. 04/25/11 09:07 AM
weder3: best board i have eva seen 04/25/11 09:06 AM
karmai: im going to need that cruiser to skate off all of this lazagna. 04/25/11 09:05 AM
cbren7: i film ;) 04/25/11 09:05 AM
matrch: cruisin to the bowl, with my man garfield. We are so stoked were getting some new wheels. 04/25/11 09:05 AM
wolves: taste like chicken 04/25/11 08:58 AM
crisme: i wish i had a siamese business cat 04/25/11 08:48 AM
bombzn: Cats are the only animal that dont taste like chicken. 04/25/11 08:39 AM
steve.: cats are for posses 04/25/11 08:35 AM
silenc: dude my mums cat drinks tea. tht is pretty epic :) my get it to drink beer :D 04/25/11 08:32 AM
andrew: garfeiled would be proud of those who would laeve lasgana all over the couch while putting this together 04/25/11 08:17 AM
Sagako: Im allergic to cats. 04/25/11 08:12 AM
Karlos: O my god I need this cruiser board because my little sister is forking like Garfield hahahahah 04/25/11 08:11 AM
kevin@: getting my 7 year old skating - he would be psyched on this 04/25/11 08:10 AM
gladia: Im allergic to cats, but i'm not allergic to skateboards 04/25/11 08:07 AM
connor: 04/25/11 08:01 AM
adamro: what do cats and justin bieber have in common? they both suck 04/25/11 07:59 AM
skateg: cats suck, I hate those furry pube balls, as much as I hate them they always tend to flock to me so long story short my mom bought me a cat 04/25/11 07:57 AM
Myersv: My girlfriend is meaner than cat sheet so I need cruiser to get away 04/25/11 07:57 AM
jonnyf: my cat steals my hot pockets literally right when i take it out out of the micro wave D: 04/25/11 07:57 AM
bryan.: Cats. Well nothing is really cool about them,they are annoying, smelly, an eat tuna.BUT however riding a cool board with this cat is ok. 04/25/11 07:54 AM
Jared.: Like Garfield my favorite food is lasagna. Got packing tape to ship Nermel to Abu Dhabi? 04/25/11 07:54 AM
jctolb: my cats breath smells like cat food. 04/25/11 07:50 AM
toyfig: Never feed your cat anything that doesnt match the carpet. 04/25/11 07:47 AM
renzma: yeah baby.. cool design. 04/25/11 07:46 AM
carter: garfield is the illest show in existence hahaha 04/25/11 07:45 AM
renz.m: cool deck. 04/25/11 07:43 AM
Mula_K: Who Do I have to mess around with to get that sick board! 04/24/11 08:30 PM
ccvarc: I hate cats, there is a black one that goes in my lawn and chases mr. bun-bun (a bunny), so when my dad isnt around, I chase the cat. 04/24/11 08:02 PM
jb@ctc: Garfield is the bomb, i used to watch it all the time but its funny, all the cats i know hate lasagna! 04/23/11 10:19 PM
easter: cats play patty cake with each other 04/23/11 09:13 PM
reynol: I <3 cats 04/23/11 05:48 PM
sk8er-: Damn thats a sick cruiser. It'd be good for cruisin round the city 04/23/11 12:49 PM
slapsh: cats are the sheet 04/23/11 09:14 AM
jake12: jerome rogers...nuff said 04/23/11 02:31 AM
delson: My cat tried to hop over me on my couch, as it was in mid air i accidentally smacked its balls and watched it jiggle, cat got pissed though. 04/23/11 02:02 AM
phatza: 04/23/11 12:31 AM
emeric: Ctas are raelly ncie!!! CATS 04/23/11 12:02 AM
nageet: What do you get when you cross a cat and a hipster? The internet. 04/22/11 10:21 PM
ChiefL: Man, I love Garfield 04/22/11 01:57 PM
bmille: I Like cats.... well done!!! 04/22/11 01:10 PM
okherm: booze cruiseeeeee 04/22/11 12:32 PM
heimer: 04/22/11 10:01 AM
hjeman: 04/22/11 09:43 AM
the_as: fork cats 04/22/11 03:12 AM
markyp: I love the hundreds. I cant maek you laugh sorry 04/22/11 02:52 AM
Bamgim: meowhamsters. my friends cat name is jiggy and like to turd and dingleberry while chasing stationary rocks 04/22/11 01:50 AM
matthe: pick me so this doesnt happen when i ride 04/22/11 01:31 AM
mellow: 04/21/11 11:25 PM
Todd.S: All cats are only one YouTube video away from internet fame. 04/21/11 10:28 PM
andrew: My buddy has a dog named Odi and he pulls him on his board. This thing would be PERFECT for him! 04/21/11 10:13 PM
najeeb: d my phone in he litterbox and had to sift through catsheet to find it again. my hands still feel unclean. 04/21/11 09:55 PM
salar1: your mom 04/21/11 09:28 PM
aronha: I love stroking my fat black posse 04/21/11 09:26 PM
dnamas: Ay does this napkin smell like a roofie to u 04/21/11 09:19 PM
asarwa: If i flip a coin, what are the chances of me gettin head 04/21/11 09:11 PM
andrew: i have a shower not a grower 04/21/11 09:10 PM
dpetry: Garfield does work , he cat daddys , hes a baller nough said 04/21/11 07:20 PM
logant: What do Cats Like To Eat For Breakfast? Mice Krispies 04/21/11 06:56 PM
ghalda: cruzers are fun 04/21/11 06:33 PM
freepa: I love cats and all, but even more i love the crazy ladys with the cats 04/21/11 06:19 PM
juanjo: I LOVE ARMS 04/21/11 06:16 PM
jpetry: Super sweet deck, robs a baller. 04/21/11 05:23 PM
Thisiz: Whats goooood 04/21/11 03:54 PM
ad.wil: Theres a cat breed called Ragdoll. 04/21/11 03:16 PM
jbanks: Entry from the city that brought Meow Mix to the cat palates everywhere - Decatur, Alabama! 04/21/11 02:41 PM
zakjez: When I was 6 I saw my kitten continuously running into walls, thinking that it would give me a catlike reflex I tryed it too. didnt work... 04/21/11 02:23 PM
windst: its caturday!!! 04/21/11 02:02 PM
kian.k: meow 04/21/11 01:13 PM
mcra20: my cat is in plant city with my mom and dad and sister. i love them. 04/21/11 12:50 PM
hani.s: rrrraaaaaaawwwwrrrr! 04/21/11 10:38 AM
jdunn1: My 40 pound cat needs a new place to sit her fat ass. 04/21/11 09:28 AM
christ: With due respect to Will Rogers, I never met a lasagna I didnt like. -Garfield 04/21/11 09:17 AM
mrc_ch: Fat orange tabbies are the bomb! 04/21/11 06:25 AM
chisox: cats get drunk 04/21/11 04:07 AM
joebou: I own cat themed everything. ? 04/21/11 02:26 AM
shaqui: cats have a bigger dick than me 04/21/11 01:39 AM
sbprod: Blaze it 420 04/21/11 01:25 AM
rconno: if you put cute kitten in the title of you youtube video, youre gonna get a million hits 04/21/11 01:22 AM
shaqui: cats have bigger dicks than dogs 04/21/11 01:10 AM
buildt: I have 4 cats. forkyeah. 04/21/11 12:32 AM
Trista: Curiosity Killed the cat box. 04/21/11 12:21 AM
chanth: Digitly shooting people for this board 04/20/11 11:32 PM
chanth: Everyone loves gettin some free posse!!!! 04/20/11 11:30 PM
calico: wowzers that board is fancy 04/20/11 11:10 PM
Meirca: I love cats like asian women -_- 04/20/11 10:46 PM
axl-em: Cats are like women: they always want something. But you still gotta love the posse. 04/20/11 10:40 PM
rbradl: Guess this board proves cats rule over dogs. That settles that 04/20/11 10:26 PM
r3noop: cats toke doubies by ear 04/20/11 10:26 PM
iazl12: garfield skateboard= happy me 04/20/11 10:24 PM
Ghetto: Weed saves lives 04/20/11 10:24 PM
hidden: TURNING 50 IN JUNE, STILL SKATING =) 04/20/11 10:09 PM
mikeon: odie is a posse 04/20/11 10:09 PM
alex.a: what do you call a cat that has swallowed a duck? ... a duck filled fatty puss. HAHA STOOPS 04/20/11 09:16 PM
Thepop: dude so one time i was tripping my balls off and we were sitting in my friends apartment and a cat ran in, and i ran the fork out haha 04/20/11 08:59 PM
awmein: garfield is the shizz 04/20/11 08:57 PM
jiahao: a deck for free? you must be kitten 04/20/11 08:53 PM
tjbsk8: Yeah im pretty sure you've been waiting for a comment from me all day" 04/20/11 08:37 PM
rthska: rad. 04/20/11 08:32 PM
Jordi.: cats are crazy, cute. but theyre cats that's all there is. haha. corny. 04/20/11 08:31 PM
eamata: i hope dis deck wont scratch as bad ass cats scrach me 04/20/11 08:14 PM
twalke: apocalypse meow! 04/20/11 07:37 PM
thatgu: you should pick me since your alwayz canceling my orders and sheet. 04/20/11 07:23 PM
dskate: 04/20/11 07:09 PM
jakemi: The most fluffiest thing to use as a pillow. 04/20/11 06:50 PM
einste: my grand,as cat once pied on my altamont pants haha sorry just being random 04/20/11 06:45 PM
michae: Cats are so forking awesome. How can you not love them? They are like fur-coated dragons or some sheet. 04/20/11 06:34 PM
mintbu: Garfeild and Odie Rule School! 04/20/11 06:29 PM
ram4ly: cats smell like piss. 04/20/11 06:20 PM
dtigla: pretty sick 04/20/11 05:42 PM
jeremy: This is dope!! 04/20/11 05:41 PM
vanden: No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat, and no amount of masking tape can totally remove his fur from your couch 04/20/11 05:36 PM
kevin.: I LUB ME SOME BIG OL GARFIELD 04/20/11 05:26 PM
tntknc: Gotta love a good hunting cat. 04/20/11 05:03 PM
Skate2: Pet the pussaaaa! 04/20/11 04:18 PM
tester: MEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWW 04/20/11 04:00 PM
bradle: dogz rule katz drool fool!!! 04/20/11 03:52 PM
Rvcasa: Does your cat make too much noise? Try Kitten Mittens 04/20/11 03:45 PM
mrj0hn: Why dont cats play poker in the jungle? Too many cheetahs! 04/20/11 03:40 PM
benwag: so two jews walk into a bar, and what do they do? .................... THEY BUY IT HAHAHAHAHAHA 04/20/11 02:46 PM
u-shk-: garfield is my idol 04/20/11 02:44 PM
pierce: My cat died , but I have my teddy bear Pooh Bear :) 04/20/11 01:50 PM
tresha: Theres no i in team but there is a u in court so dont be courts - "Kenny Powers" 04/20/11 01:37 PM
webegf: My cat is almost as fat as Garfield. 04/20/11 12:59 PM
msende: S.P.O.T KILLS IT IN THE FACE!!! 04/20/11 12:55 PM
mamill: People that hate cats, will come back as mice in their next life. 04/20/11 12:37 PM
flavaf: Garfield would have the sickest bong. 04/20/11 12:28 PM
ntorre: Apparently my cat is over weight and the vet said she has Garfield syndrome. 04/20/11 12:17 PM
kevin.: my cats breath smells like cat food -ralph wiggum 04/20/11 11:59 AM
horror: This board screams I AM THE MAN, such a sweet board. I mean lets be honest that board screams get out of the way so sick. 04/20/11 11:55 AM
cjfraz: does your cat make too much noise? TRY KITTEN MITTENS! - charlie day, its always sunny... 04/20/11 11:40 AM
thglea: Cats are furry . . . unless they have mange or are of the Egyptian breed of hairless cats. 04/20/11 11:34 AM
blane5: What did one cat say to another?....................... Have you heard the mews today! 04/20/11 11:15 AM
tampa_: wooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhh Yeah that is so sexy. This deck gives me a boner. oh no I just jized my pants. haha 04/20/11 11:08 AM
jusjuw: =) 04/20/11 10:52 AM
sean.b: yea yea hundreds coming to me baby! 04/20/11 10:40 AM
jlcorn: dammit thats awesome 04/20/11 09:26 AM
ankjos: here posse, posse. 04/20/11 09:17 AM
compas: Where is the spaghetti? 04/20/11 09:03 AM
xrt777: get some 04/20/11 08:33 AM
mc6553: Why do cats insist on pissing and crappind NEXT to their litter boxes? 04/20/11 07:39 AM
pingsk: DPT=Double Penetration Tactics 04/20/11 07:29 AM
mathia: do you send packages to Norway? and how do you arrange user? 04/20/11 06:54 AM
kevdog: Garfeild is the sheet, Thats the only way my moms got me to eat lasagna... hahaaa 04/20/11 01:42 AM
rtbeca: i ran a cat over once...and didnt try to slow down 04/20/11 01:02 AM
xhopew: cats rule!!! lol 04/20/11 12:51 AM
Andy_l: I like cats and The Hundreds! 04/19/11 11:54 PM
andybu: As I drive an Fj Cruiser I am sure you have seen it it comes from Naples every weekend this will fit in perfect. 04/19/11 11:48 PM
t.hub@: Garfield makes me hungry for Lasagne 04/19/11 11:44 PM
jrj071: a good fishboard never hurt anybody 04/19/11 11:19 PM
mobgri: my deck snapped and i dont have any money 04/19/11 11:13 PM
logos9: I love cats so much that my girlfriend calls me the posse man. 04/19/11 11:09 PM
leeway: I dont know about you but it is always nice to have a little p***y on my board. 04/19/11 11:05 PM
the_im: Cats would be the most insane skaters ever because they have nine lives. But they dont have the feet and they would rather eat and sleep. 04/19/11 10:58 PM
cs2521: Garfield is no posse. He is one of only 3 cool cats in the world, a-lot-a vagina, posse galore then Garfield . 04/19/11 10:13 PM
ginopu: that garfield board is beast garfield is that boss lol i would really be a blessing if i would win 04/19/11 09:49 PM
bertan: nice deck and cats are super chill 04/19/11 09:47 PM
plutos: What did the homeless man get for christmas? Nothing. Im sorry. I just ruined my chances. 04/19/11 09:36 PM
quillb: cat scratch fever!!! ted nugent forever! 04/19/11 09:32 PM
rremsi: Not you fat jesus, slide it on back 04/19/11 09:16 PM
felipe: WANT 04/19/11 09:13 PM
xskate: my cat ran away. maybe if i had this board i could cruise around and look for him. 04/19/11 08:49 PM
brando: odie be tearing up that posse and that posse is tearing up that sexy bear 04/19/11 08:45 PM
maxusf: That cats soft 04/19/11 08:32 PM
misjud: i want that sheet 04/19/11 08:27 PM
auburn: sick! 04/19/11 08:21 PM
dtr010: whats a cats favorite song? three blind mice 04/19/11 08:17 PM
diegor: Amanda Hugginkiss! 04/19/11 07:54 PM
jagex3: why do cats see attracted to mice? 04/19/11 07:52 PM
stefle: i want to turn that into a longboard. 04/19/11 07:45 PM
s.ward: still need a ride in california 04/19/11 07:39 PM
malike: man i love that skate board!! but i hate garfeild! jk 04/19/11 07:38 PM
rsolin: Cats Love LASAGNA! AND SO DO I!!!!!! 04/19/11 07:15 PM
mewile: Garfields coming along on the next Booze Cruise.... 04/19/11 06:56 PM
alex78: Cats, those are like the antidogs right? 04/19/11 06:38 PM
haloce: sick ! 04/19/11 06:31 PM
goodma: Why was Hele Keller a bad driver? Because she was a woman 04/19/11 06:20 PM
gabesa: i think its funny when cats get wet cuz they freak the fork out!!! 04/19/11 06:06 PM
godspe: your funny looking? 04/19/11 06:01 PM
franke: You know what Id do with this? Cruise 'em streets, lasagna style. I'd do Garfield proud. 04/19/11 05:44 PM
ryanho: yo! im workin at dairy queen in clearwater, im 16 and dont have a whip! this would be sick! 04/19/11 05:38 PM
skate4: Garfield! 04/19/11 05:07 PM
timbur: whisker lickin, paw print stompin, hairball coughin, ear twitchin, milk drinkin whitty ass comment 04/19/11 05:07 PM
longbo: im not really much of a cat fan,sorry!!! 04/19/11 04:59 PM
capnsp: i named my cat CJ after ladies love cool jay 04/19/11 04:55 PM
lostin: the difference between a cat and a comma??? one has paws before the claws and the other has a clause before the pause! 04/19/11 04:51 PM
gerald: I like turtles. 04/19/11 04:42 PM
matthe: Garfield X The Hundreds. Best Collab Ever!!! 04/19/11 04:41 PM
Alecsa: Why dont cats play poker in the jungle? Too many cheetahs! Hahah 04/19/11 04:35 PM
mikemo: its better than giving justin bieber a deck. 04/19/11 04:34 PM
carson: Hot Dayyum, that would FLOAT with my new 65mm zig zagger wheels 04/19/11 04:34 PM
clayto: Im not a cat guy but I'll kiss your kitty if you trim the whiskers 04/19/11 04:34 PM
Celery: A Stouffers X Garfield collaboration would be the collaboration to end all collaborations 04/19/11 04:32 PM
gilber: !woem 04/19/11 04:30 PM
bryson: Cats. Are. Cool. 04/19/11 04:28 PM omg that bord is so cool 04/19/11 04:24 PM
simmon: Colorful 04/19/11 04:23 PM
rswill: oh sheet i needs that bad boy. look at odie, that idiot wtf kinda dog is that 04/19/11 04:16 PM
cadill: cats are for chicks,so this cruiser will make my girl happy 04/19/11 04:14 PM
austin: i have a fat cat too like garfield 04/19/11 04:10 PM
aliarr: Ive been interested in skateboarding, and this is the perfect opportunity for me to start something great, hopefully. 04/19/11 04:00 PM
bwscas: I have a cat, hes a ballaaaa 04/19/11 03:59 PM
chrish: woot 04/19/11 03:56 PM
florid: sexyy 04/19/11 03:55 PM
skater: looks like garfield is having a little to much fun with that teddy bear. 04/19/11 03:51 PM
nathan: fork yea spot 04/19/11 03:51 PM
Bombsg: Cats are lowkey thugs. 04/19/11 03:49 PM
dandam: I used to have a cat named Hesh. It died because he actually thought he was hesh and went for wallie hippie jump going 90 mph. R.I.P. Hesh 04/19/11 03:48 PM
iyurci: garfield is the only cat I like, simply cause he kicks the sheet outta nermal 04/19/11 03:48 PM
kenny.: this board would really make a raad filmer paradise! 9.7? ha 04/19/11 03:48 PM
tmurph: sweatin all the female doggiees in the biker shorts 04/19/11 03:45 PM
Camden: Well... How is the mood striking you now? 04/19/11 03:45 PM
M.FELU: Gimme 04/19/11 03:44 PM
gmmcga: Garfield is the reason I wanted to be a cartoonist as a kid. Now Im an illustrator so I'm doing what I want. Skateboarding inspires it all 04/19/11 03:38 PM
joeher: I will trade you all my catnip for that cruiser. RIGHT MEOW. 04/19/11 03:36 PM
mab020: im a dog person my self, but tigger and garfield are the bomb 04/19/11 03:36 PM
jerosa: I love cats cause they taste so good. 04/19/11 03:35 PM
mrsanf: I found my cat in my parents backyard. The only reason he stayed with me is because I fed him lasagna. Friends for life. 04/19/11 03:34 PM
jack@j: Rooby Dooby Doo! 04/19/11 03:32 PM
franci: I ? SKATING! 04/19/11 03:30 PM
ijusts: shape deuce wussuh 04/19/11 03:29 PM
Mikedn: Lasagna for the deck Garfield approves 04/19/11 03:29 PM
mass.v: garfield is fat. 04/19/11 03:27 PM
johnf@: everyone loves posse on deck. 04/19/11 03:25 PM
Deadzo: I love skateboarding so much. You guys are the best later on in my future Im going to turn pro and skate at skatepark of Tampa. :) 04/19/11 03:25 PM
Adambo: Pick me I buy everything from spot 04/19/11 03:24 PM
scottg: SPOT rulz 04/19/11 03:22 PM
exact1: The Hundreds is the "cats meow!" 04/19/11 03:22 PM
black_: WWDD? What Would Dennis Do? - Take an extra push, or make me win! 04/19/11 03:21 PM
naruto: cats are one of the ninjas of the animal world. 04/19/11 03:21 PM
almost: sheets ill 04/19/11 03:20 PM
thisis: I can see it now, Garfield flying down the road on this borad with Odies tounge tangeled in the wheel flip flopping behind!! 04/19/11 03:17 PM
jmcrae: Got one of the shirts from this colab, one of the best in a while 04/19/11 03:14 PM
justin: What do you call a cat that has swallowed a duck? A duck filled fatty puss. 04/19/11 03:14 PM
frodri: It will be some funny to do a fs boardslide over the face of garlfrield 04/19/11 03:13 PM
bill.l: odie is the best... 04/19/11 03:13 PM
arejay: Cats somehow always find a way to make their ass at eye level 04/19/11 03:12 PM
kidkoz: Some people have anxiety attacks, some people have gas attacks ... I have stake attacks. 04/19/11 03:10 PM
patric: That board it da sheettt! 04/19/11 03:08 PM
kthugh: man, cat stole my ride... 04/19/11 03:07 PM
juices: You like cats? Best cats in tampa are @ taste of china on S.dale mabry. very good dog too f.y.i. 04/19/11 03:03 PM
dennis: Cats are not dogs 04/19/11 03:02 PM
jbanke: looks like weve got a garfield elephant walk 04/19/11 03:01 PM
chrism: hello my name is bob!! 04/19/11 03:01 PM
Polluz: Its realy a cats house.. We just pay the mortgage 04/19/11 02:58 PM
steven: that boards sexy<3 04/19/11 02:58 PM
willow: Winning this would totally make the winter hell Im still living through in Ohio so much more worth while when I finally can get back out! 04/19/11 02:55 PM
wjacks: kitty mitty catss meoww 04/19/11 02:55 PM
Joshbu: Just went skating, now I have swamp ass 04/19/11 02:54 PM
Skateb: If you think every thing is possible ,try slamming a revolving door ,it might change your opion 04/19/11 02:54 PM
theduk: i own a cat that is orange like garfield ... n he loves lasagna for dinner 04/19/11 02:53 PM
fragth: I hope the bonus is Lasagna. 04/19/11 02:53 PM
jsbish: ¡¡Not a Longboard!! 04/19/11 02:52 PM
kenkwo: When you get right down to it: Who doesnt like lasagna? 04/19/11 02:51 PM
tmanfi: Why dont cats play poker in the jungle? Too many cheetahs 04/19/11 02:50 PM
johnch: I Love posse! 04/19/11 02:49 PM
Gueril: i like to smoke marijuana, ride cuizers, and whine about the enviroment 04/19/11 02:48 PM
ericha: Did you know that Helen Keller had a cat? ... neither did she! 04/19/11 02:48 PM
kschae: yeah boi 04/19/11 02:48 PM
overth: im 15 years old and a true fan of old school garfield and not that clay type sheetty one they have now and would be honored to win this board 04/19/11 02:47 PM
thespo: Think how the Cartoon would have played had Ozzie been the main character.. :) 04/19/11 02:47 PM
joequi: never realized that after Sunday, Monday 04/19/11 02:47 PM
circas: cats are the sheet! i need a skateboard really badly i dont have one right now. i broke mine bout 3 weeks ago and im dying! help me out plz! 04/19/11 02:44 PM
Bboysi: Had a cat, ate a skink. Caused it nerve damage. Its head was tilted to the left for the rest of it's life. True story! 04/19/11 02:43 PM
Eastco: You gotta love them pussies 04/19/11 02:43 PM
caplan: i got my ass beat by my mom for lighting a stuffed garfield on fire and throwing it in my closet burnt down half the apartment complex haha 04/19/11 02:43 PM
sk8sta: OMG - my mom would love this! Maybe I can even get her to skate. 04/19/11 02:43 PM
corymi: Cats have sexy butts 04/19/11 02:41 PM
bmzhen: That garfield deck is garftastic! 04/19/11 02:40 PM
Joehea: My cats breath smells like cat food. - Ralph Wiggum 04/19/11 02:39 PM
gagn01: cats are where its at. that is why i need one on my board! so help me out please!! 04/19/11 02:39 PM
nicbbc: Diet is "die" with a "t". Garfield knows whats goood 04/19/11 02:38 PM
dhornb: What can I say? I would like to ride this skate board; it has a cat on it. 04/19/11 02:38 PM
aawill: My cat is orange, fat, and it devours lasagna on a weekly basis. It deserves this deck!! 04/19/11 02:38 PM
ghazzu: nice green cruiser!! 04/19/11 02:38 PM
cheapm: i once had a cat named ralph. he was fat as fork... about 20lbs. he got his name because he would lay down and eat till he puked. 04/19/11 02:37 PM
Shoppi: Is it ironic my cat also is balls deep over lasgnga? 04/19/11 02:35 PM
devlin: i thought you said a hundred deck, yet im sadly mistaken.I live in cali and my sector9 got stolen,which is how I get to and fro school HELP 04/19/11 02:35 PM
pinkdo: omg its fricken garfield i love this cartoon cat ever since i was a kid this would b awesome 2 win a cool cat on a cool crusin deck hell ya! 04/19/11 02:35 PM
Blaine: What do you get when you cross a chick with an alley cat? A peeping tom. 04/19/11 02:35 PM
tony.n: Why must I feel like that...Oh, why must I chase the cat... 04/19/11 02:34 PM
ryanpe: i got nothin... 04/19/11 02:32 PM
mcaeas: low tide 04/19/11 02:32 PM
james@: cats can chill out all day and when they get up, its perfectly cool to go right back to bed. Cats can just chill and no one can say jack. 04/19/11 02:32 PM
antoni: i love cats because they are so fuzzy and when you see them you just want to snuggle with them,they are so cute that id give em a lightsaber 04/19/11 02:31 PM
bzarit: why cant you take a test in the forest? cuz there is always a cheetah!! 04/19/11 02:31 PM
hollow: you know in some countries cats are worshiped in others they are pets and in a few they are magically delicious. 04/19/11 02:31 PM
Tray48: Cats nibble my toes 04/19/11 02:30 PM
sk8rbo: the worst part about rollerblading is admitting to your parents your gay. 04/19/11 02:30 PM
harold: Cooked cat tastes like hotdog.. 04/19/11 02:30 PM
hockey: i have on just like garfield that sleeps in the sink 04/19/11 02:29 PM
csarte: did garfield sell out or the hundreds? 04/19/11 02:29 PM
jp22j@: Ahh Cats the one pet you can fork with in a playful way and they come back for more 04/19/11 02:29 PM
Zarek1: One night i saw my cat chasing her tail because she saw the shadow of it! ..i think 04/19/11 02:28 PM
mwerth: I want it, I dont want it. I will win, I will not win. 04/19/11 02:28 PM
jcskat: I tawt I taw a putty cat, I deed I deed, I deed see a putty cat! 04/19/11 02:27 PM
antoro: perfect cruiser for late night lazyness! 04/19/11 02:27 PM
johnwe: I have been actively celebrating CATERDAY for the past 3 years! 04/19/11 02:27 PM
Matt.S: Cat piss does NOT come out of carpets. 04/19/11 02:27 PM
plevy7: Mr. Jinx the cat from meet the parents,pisses on the ashes of family members.That makes him slightly more gangster than Garfield,just saying 04/19/11 02:27 PM
chirii: Garfield was an awesome cartoon ! 04/19/11 02:27 PM
ovrxpo: kitties are the purrrrrrtiest thing on the earth especially when they are licking themselves...mmmmmmmm 04/19/11 02:26 PM
wesley: you have sexy wrists 04/19/11 02:26 PM
tleffe: they smell 04/19/11 02:26 PM
smit.m: cats are cool 04/19/11 02:26 PM
cason.: garfield is awesome! I need a new deck, please help! 04/19/11 02:26 PM
Justin: Ive always wanted a cruiser by have never had the money to get one, but Omg a Garfield cruiser I was like why bot try 04/19/11 02:25 PM
dane_i: cats excite me... 04/19/11 02:25 PM
cycleh: I love garfield 04/19/11 02:25 PM
Dgdani: Cats have an easy life, all they do is lick their balls and throw up and eat and sheet... Im jealous!! 04/19/11 02:25 PM
abe-pe: cats could be the only posse you 04/19/11 02:25 PM
omikel: Some believe that eating cat burgers, fried cat legs, and tails can cure bronchial disease.It is also believed that feline is an aphrodisiac 04/19/11 02:25 PM
bryant: HAHHA, THE World Record Ollie Set-up Digital Product Toss ENDS ON 4/20 HAHA, GET IT XD 04/19/11 02:25 PM
oldcit: If Garfield was a dog would the Comic really be funny? 04/19/11 02:25 PM
ricric: Cats are so rad 04/19/11 02:25 PM
rleon1: Man I was trying to get this thing I could never find it! Please man! Please!!!!!!! 04/19/11 02:24 PM
gmoney: it looks like that face is sneakin up on a gay sex thing 04/19/11 02:24 PM
barons: garfield will never get old 04/19/11 02:24 PM
fueled: what did one earthquake say to the other? "hey, its not my fault!" get it? 04/19/11 02:24 PM
fitzge: Damn, brings back memories... 04/19/11 02:23 PM
beach_: Now all I need is some wheels 04/19/11 02:23 PM
tlight: this cruiser makes those skate trips to the lasagna cafe much easier. 04/19/11 02:23 PM
twizti: i named my kitten at college dubra. dubra is the cheapest vodka in CT. 04/19/11 02:23 PM
flstra: garf h8s nermal 04/19/11 02:23 PM
reyrey: gimme that garfield!!! 04/19/11 02:23 PM
OldVer: Cats? I have two. 04/19/11 02:23 PM
hockey: i have one like grfield that sleeps in the sink 04/19/11 02:23 PM
DCharl: Garfield and a John , ODied . . . 04/19/11 02:22 PM
xgotri: let me get that 04/19/11 02:21 PM
timoth: The hundreds makes boards? rADDD 04/19/11 02:21 PM
idunno: Ive been collecting Garfield stuff for like 10 years that would be a awesome addition 04/19/11 02:21 PM
etcsho: ay lasagna face 04/19/11 02:21 PM
dracof: SWAG 04/19/11 02:21 PM
ratnor: cats are not pussies. 04/19/11 02:20 PM
mmanni: i have 3 cats at home whats one more 04/19/11 02:19 PM
jonath: sk8ing is the best thing to happen sfter CATS wait no CATS are still awesomer!!!!!!!!!!!! 04/19/11 02:19 PM
robmer: Here kitty kitty... 04/19/11 02:13 PM
robmer: Orientals love eating cat. Imma use this as a plate, then lick it after every meal. 04/19/11 02:03 PM


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