Digital Product Toss Results: DGK Strip Club Deck Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Digital Product Toss Results: DGK Strip Club Deck

Posted on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Someone whose email starts with Highlife12788 was the winner on this one. Full list of sketchy comments submitted is here. You still have another day to get in on the Habitat Pong Pusher DPT.

robmer: Im overdue to be drunk in one of these establishments. 05/02/11 03:50 PM
chanth: kayocorp all day 05/02/11 03:53 PM
Iskate: If all women were strippers the world would be at peace 05/02/11 03:55 PM
joshua: I dont go to strip clubs, to mainstream i only like clubs that play obscure indie music and girls wear floral pattern dresses and drink pbr 05/02/11 03:55 PM
rob@me: testing dpt entry 05/02/11 03:57 PM
overth: sadly this would be the closest thing i would get to being in one 05/02/11 03:59 PM
thisiz: DGK all day 05/02/11 04:00 PM
christ: I was at the strip club the other day and guess who I saw, Marc Johnson forking that pole. Retirement soon? hehe :3 05/02/11 04:00 PM
sickbo: Atlanta clubs are way better than Virginia ones. 05/02/11 04:00 PM
bmzhen: WOOT! Awesome DPT on my Bday, I hope I win! :) 05/02/11 04:01 PM
skatea: If only I was old enough to go to one... 05/02/11 04:01 PM
andrew: clairmont lounge, GG allin lived there, enough said! 05/02/11 04:04 PM
Kneupa: Not so much a comment but an idea! Ok full nude skatepark or just topless so alcohol can be served.Call it skatepark of tits or spot 4 short 05/02/11 04:04 PM
pallar: DGK for life. 05/02/11 04:05 PM
smit.m: do you wanna hear a funny joke about a pizza? well i would tell you but its too CHEESY 05/02/11 04:08 PM
mniebo: play on playerrr 05/02/11 04:12 PM
goodma: Whats 6.9? something that gets ruined by a period 05/02/11 04:16 PM
callou: i hope god speaks english, if i get up to heaven and i have to point at a menu, im gonna be pissed 05/02/11 04:25 PM
weaken: bitches and cornbread all day everyday 05/02/11 04:28 PM
ksadle: They are like putting a starving man in a grocery store, rubbing plastic food in his face, then charging him for it. 05/02/11 04:30 PM
black_: Titties are for winners 05/02/11 04:33 PM
all52w: I want to make a movie like Groundhof day that takes place in Deja VĂș. Id have to receive the perfect lap dance or relive the day trying. 05/02/11 04:33 PM
str8ch: sick deck 05/02/11 04:34 PM
Chrism: Im from Big Dick Mountian, Mar im a frickinn martian!!!!!!! 05/02/11 04:40 PM
tillma: :) gucci 05/02/11 04:40 PM
thielb: DGK all day. SKATE HARD, LIVE LARGE! 05/02/11 04:44 PM
chisox: I heard Pinky doesnt like you skating his rail!! 05/02/11 04:56 PM
gilber: num num num 05/02/11 05:00 PM
reynol: I <3 Boobies 05/02/11 05:02 PM
jeffnj: I LIKE BOOBIES.....just ask my wife 05/02/11 05:04 PM
mass.v: when i turn 18, im gonna make mons venus go out of business! 05/02/11 05:26 PM
oneiro: Found out the hard way that you MUST tip if you sit at the bar of a strip club. 05/02/11 05:26 PM
victor: strip clubs are the center for AIDS: academy for intellectual doink sniffers 05/02/11 05:31 PM
celery: compared to dead nude girls? 05/02/11 05:35 PM
rremsi: gimme dem tittays! 05/02/11 05:36 PM
frodri: What a Dirty Girl. Nice to make a bs Kickflip to K grind on her ...! 05/02/11 05:46 PM
cro503: Check out Club Goodtimes in Columbia...... 05/02/11 05:50 PM
rawrth: I like to cook. 05/02/11 06:03 PM
auburn: imma dirty ghetto kid!!! 05/02/11 06:04 PM
benwil: whats the difference between a strippers boyfriend and asprin? Asprin works---ba-dom-chinnnnnnng 05/02/11 06:08 PM
kendal: seriously pick me im a girl who shreads!!!! 05/02/11 06:09 PM
bwrigh: At a deja vue, a friend put a dollar down. Directly asked the dance, "Could you put your ass in my face."Then he grabbed the dollar back. 05/02/11 06:10 PM
bernar: Uhh, I want it! :D 05/02/11 06:12 PM
karmai: I hope your mother doesnt know you go to those places. 05/02/11 06:22 PM
bill.l: Tuck a buck! 05/02/11 06:27 PM
alex78: leasure tim rules!!! 05/02/11 06:34 PM
dtigla: so sick 05/02/11 06:42 PM
ghalda: i hope i dont win 05/02/11 06:47 PM
enjoid: DGK > SEX 05/02/11 07:01 PM
kickst: if I win this I am giving it to JJ Sharky as I focus a board he had like this when he was younger. no way i would focus his board now yikes! 05/02/11 07:02 PM
haldan: i hope i dont win 05/02/11 07:03 PM
Sau103: Love the black and blue marks @Vegas shogirlz 05/02/11 08:09 PM
harold: I love them alot! 05/02/11 08:20 PM
drisco: I am DGK 05/02/11 09:15 PM
moises: adult establisments give old people boners :D 05/02/11 09:36 PM
timbur: the term "enter and win" isnt only used on product tosses! its used in strip clubs!! 05/02/11 09:48 PM
fragth: Definitely looking forward to the DGK promo and new Kalis footage! 05/02/11 10:09 PM
the_as: swag me out 05/02/11 10:13 PM
sk8er-: I dont know what's more dirty a strip club or the griptape on that deck after I thrash it. 05/02/11 10:15 PM
dgkall: fork ass honkeys think they run sheet. Ha 05/02/11 10:22 PM
plutos: Established in 1977 05/02/11 10:24 PM
jrj071: DGK is what iv been skating for the past 3 or 4 years 05/02/11 10:38 PM
whis00: I would buy stock in that place. Not only because of tits and ass, but because Marcus McBride is a straight G! 05/02/11 10:38 PM
marktw: itll turn your 7.5 to a 8.5 in seconds 05/02/11 11:10 PM
hellth: who doesnt love some Live Nude Dirty Ghetto Girls!!! 05/03/11 12:00 AM
iceio@: I hope I win and can hang this buy the new stripper pole I will have to buy for my house. 05/03/11 12:02 AM
jsirag: it should say marcus mcbrides mcbitches 05/03/11 12:14 AM
joehea: I dont care how good the food is. I won't be the one confirm that. It's not exactly dinner theater. 05/03/11 12:17 AM
Ghostb: Marcus Mcbreezy 05/03/11 12:34 AM
gbohne: come onnnn titty.... 05/03/11 12:57 AM
chirii: Osama wouldnt be a good COD player, he just camps out. 05/03/11 01:01 AM
giang_: who needs cash when you got a credit card (swipe, Swipe,Swipe) 05/03/11 01:12 AM
foltz7: EVERYBODY loves BOOBIES! (o) (o) 05/03/11 03:37 AM
mc6553: Mons aint got nothing on North Dixie Drive! 05/03/11 07:19 AM
Manuel: What is red and smells like blue paint? Red paint 05/03/11 08:18 AM
jpenic: Insert homophobic, homo-erotic or sexist comment here. 05/03/11 08:32 AM
iskate: 18 years young! time to go to strip club! 05/03/11 08:40 AM
manuel: whats blue and smells like red paint? blue paint 05/03/11 08:41 AM
fitzge: Word, that club seems dope 05/03/11 09:03 AM
mrscum: gimme gimme that 05/03/11 09:59 AM
jorge6: my father inseminated my mother at a local establishment. here i am today. 05/03/11 10:20 AM
jonath: kcuf 05/03/11 10:32 AM
xrt777: get some 05/03/11 11:18 AM
artich: i heard thats where precious two is being filmed...... 05/03/11 11:59 AM
dillon: Tampa is the king when it comes to pro skateboard contests and the finest strip clubs on the east coast.Go Mons.shake yer booty!!! 05/03/11 03:01 PM
mcgizz: They are for old sweaty truckers or dudes who wanna watch pregnant chicks strip. 05/03/11 03:17 PM
pingsk: Does this deck include live girls, or is that extra? And would the girls still be live by the time they are shipped to my house? (I<3DPTs) 05/03/11 03:57 PM
brianu: yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 05/03/11 04:54 PM
sean.b: holla holla atx atx win win win DGK FOR LIFE 05/03/11 05:00 PM
misjud: someones gotta support their kids, may as well be my sexual frustration 05/03/11 07:12 PM
supboy: dude DGK all dau 05/03/11 08:16 PM
picket: Hear about the mad stripper? Guy kept giving monoply money at her and she asked why u keep giving me fake money? He replied u got fake tits! 05/03/11 08:43 PM
randyp: Look at them titties! 05/03/11 09:19 PM
matthe: im sure having this board on your Facebook would have gotten you banned. Zuckerberg is such a dick. 05/03/11 09:38 PM
glenny: My mama was a dancer at the Clermont Lounge 05/03/11 09:55 PM
aaront: i love how how sounds like a smartass, even when just giving his side of the story to some random reporter. 05/04/11 05:01 AM
Wetwil: Now I can jerk the Turk while skateboarding 05/04/11 08:26 AM
dsim93: What the hell is an adult establishment? 05/04/11 10:03 AM
vinced: sexiest thing Ive ever seen! 05/04/11 11:28 AM
breake: forkyaaaaa 05/04/11 12:33 PM
andybu: come on Austin needs a board for woodward this one is perfect for a 9yr old. 05/04/11 12:40 PM
easter: I would write something funny i just need to find out what adult establishment meens first. 05/04/11 02:08 PM
sammy_: Nude girls are SEXAY 05/04/11 02:25 PM
kickfl: 05/04/11 02:26 PM
nagleb: Kayo es BUENO. 05/04/11 03:07 PM
andrew: Id love to dive in a "pool" with that deck! 05/04/11 03:09 PM
calico: ohhh la la 05/04/11 03:24 PM
christ: Not paying to see boobs, I can stay home and look at my own. If men had boobs, they would never leave the house. 05/04/11 04:21 PM
mitsub: support your local moms 05/04/11 04:24 PM
connor: i wanna skate the ufo strip club place in that one tony hawk game 05/04/11 04:46 PM
legits: I hate security and cops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 05/04/11 04:54 PM
conio_: Oh man. Unforgettable memory of my life. I once went in the strip club at the age of 16. I swear. Ask my homies if you dont believe. he 05/04/11 05:01 PM
Sktrdu: Dude, theres a politic in miami trying to put a tax on strip clubs. Thats pathetic, cause if the stripper cant even give him some,says alot 05/04/11 05:52 PM
kennyk: bro strip clubs are the sheet 05/04/11 06:06 PM
sbanks: i dont hide my boner at them 05/04/11 06:07 PM
benkei: OFWGKTA! 05/04/11 06:37 PM
Jeremy: Im gonna win this deck because all tha' strippers love meh! awwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. 05/04/11 07:17 PM
Skatee: Adult Establishments are the finest degree of women respect in the United States....Just Kidding. 05/04/11 07:35 PM
daveag: 05/04/11 07:57 PM
kevin.: Hi, board looks inappropriate for my mums but once my mom finds out its free, she will dig it... yee 05/04/11 08:20 PM
street: penis 05/04/11 09:12 PM
estell: what do you call a ritarded asian baby? som ting wong 05/04/11 09:30 PM
lukest: Dirty ghetto strippers 05/04/11 09:56 PM
najeeb: why do fleas like dogs so much? 05/04/11 10:06 PM
Highli: Sweeet deck i gotta have it. Spot u guys rock man 05/04/11 10:20 PM
letsma: You have to be 18 or older to go into a adult establishments area 05/04/11 10:22 PM
jaboot: By a local strip club when i was 10 i saw a man driving a taxi shirtless that was obvlivious due to the club and ran dead into a stop sign 05/04/11 10:23 PM
matt.s: Winning this would give me 50 more bones to hit da club with! Bonus! 05/04/11 10:23 PM
merkul: i lost $100 bettin on the lakers for game 1... 05/04/11 10:26 PM
lbill1: hug it chugg it footballllll 05/04/11 10:26 PM
lorne.: You should pick me, Im a fellow Floridian in need of a board. 05/04/11 10:53 PM
gravit: Partys are fun 05/04/11 11:15 PM
ichaz9: Went to tampa pro 11 and some random black guy gave me a free dance card for a local tampa strip club haha gotta love tampa!! 05/04/11 11:17 PM
nivade: ripper stripper sipping on sizzurp 05/05/11 06:26 AM
pipe-n: DGK ALL DAY SON! 05/05/11 08:42 PM
robbie: sweetness:D 05/06/11 08:48 AM
josiah: strippers shakes their asses in my face and give me pink eye. 05/06/11 09:37 AM
jdunn1: I heard S.P.O.T. used to be a Bell E. Buttons. 05/06/11 05:08 PM
mexica: If there is cover, Im not going or buying a drink. 05/06/11 07:26 PM
irizar: that boards sexier than the real stripers 05/08/11 06:24 PM


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