Digital Product Toss Results: Alien Pong Pusher Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Digital Product Toss Results: Alien Pong Pusher

Posted on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 by Rob

404 of you got in on the Habitat Alien Workshop Pong Pusher Cruiser Deck Digital Product Toss. Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "the_asn_boi" came out on top. Check your email, boi. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. More stuff from Habitat is coming up real soon. Check out all the pong comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

the_as: whatll they think of next haha 05/09/11 11:25 AM
artwar: cruisin for a bruisin... 05/05/11 10:32 AM
cycleh: awesome deck 05/09/11 10:44 AM
ch13ff: I like rusty spoons 05/06/11 03:51 PM
jeremy: This would bring honor to my family. Especially after the ping pong accident. 05/04/11 10:21 PM
Octavi: Theres nothing funny about pin pong. Its life. I only want the cruiser so I can head to my next match. Jk please gimme the cruiser!! 05/04/11 10:57 PM
franci: Ping Pong Cruiser! :O I hope I get it! 05/04/11 11:03 PM
gravit: THE HANGOVER!!!!!!!!!!!! 05/04/11 11:15 PM
astoff: id like to buy two so i can try to use them to play ping pong 05/04/11 10:23 PM
josera: need that 05/09/11 07:07 PM
victor: When I was in China on the All-American Ping Pong team, I just loved playing ping-pong with my Flexolite ping pong paddle 05/05/11 12:09 AM
4ntonb: Oh my forking god! fork YEAH!!! AMERICA!!! 05/05/11 01:31 PM
N.nguy: Beer pong 05/04/11 10:17 PM
leshar: yay 05/05/11 01:53 PM
rustyl: look like fake dork 05/10/11 06:15 PM
overth: like anyone i enjoy a good game of pong and rarely win anything so this would be a victory for me 05/05/11 03:05 PM
va.199: damn i can play ping pong with that. yes finally i can beat that asian kid in my community and say i have a bigger ping pong stick lol 05/09/11 01:10 AM
horizo: There can be only one! 05/05/11 10:13 PM
kayess: Susan Sarandon isn’t just an actress: She’s also a ping-pong enthusiast, with her own ping-pong club and upcoming ping-pong reality show. 05/09/11 10:39 AM
logano: insted of doing the science fcat Im on my phone on the spot site and saw this!!!! 05/09/11 10:48 AM
hthebu: B.A. That is a sick board! :) 05/05/11 02:59 PM
wyatth: All my idols are professional ping pong players... Dwight Shcrute 05/05/11 05:54 PM
mikeyg: fork YES. 05/05/11 01:32 AM
minich: if youve seen Artie Langes "Beer League" then you know how the pitcher pitches ping pong balls 05/04/11 10:28 PM
Hi_Jor: If you cut a ping pong in half and put each half on your eyes, then listen to static, your supposed to hallucinate. Lol 05/10/11 05:44 PM
srinos: soft 05/08/11 08:30 PM
denis_: i live minutes from the beach, i would love to cruise over there with this thing! 05/10/11 06:19 PM
lostin: uh, i definately should have ping'ed instead of 'pong'ed! 05/04/11 10:32 PM
thisiz: Lemme get dattttttt 05/04/11 10:16 PM
jagex3: dylan for president? 05/05/11 01:22 PM
all52w: Us snooty want to be pros call it Table Tennis, those little white balls make me so happy. 05/09/11 10:58 AM
elrich: one less thing to carry when im skatin to my ping pong tournement... nice! 05/09/11 08:34 PM
lakaib: Ive never really played ping pong, but this board definately gives the motivation to start 05/08/11 09:00 PM
Kendal: Cruisers are awesome! 05/05/11 09:27 PM
e25fts: I feel like somebody would line drive a ping pong ball to my throat if I tried to play with this. 05/07/11 02:27 PM
924160: Rob you guys are the illest keep up the good work 05/08/11 02:13 PM
ghostb: I Would Like That 05/05/11 11:33 PM
mcra20: i cant possibly express how cool i think this board is. please read between these lines and notice that i want this board so much 05/06/11 03:52 AM
theduk: this board is awesome... if i dont win one i might try to rubber grip one of my boards n play pong on it... definitely dope... 05/09/11 10:45 AM
alex78: I can easily make 3 maybe 4 paddles out of that. What a find! 05/05/11 02:37 PM
grant9: It makes me want to cruise on down to my bros house and get some beers and play some PONG. cause thats what pong cruises are for right?????? 05/06/11 12:50 AM
thefal: I hope i win because then it will make MY EYES ROLL TO THE BACK OF MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!! 05/04/11 10:47 PM
vmilli: SPOT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! 05/05/11 10:50 PM
Ianelb: Habitait should do one called the "bong pusher" with resin as the griptape. 05/04/11 10:19 PM
twalke: forest gump makes it look easy! 05/06/11 08:45 PM
Easter: Guaranteed an asain guy is going to win this. 05/08/11 08:39 AM
Tredon: My pickle weasel took my fla-doodles, so I asked it... Who took a crap in your vagina. XD 05/04/11 10:24 PM
mr.cod: Do I get an extra Board for the Table and a set of wheels for the ball(s)? 05/05/11 11:41 AM
anndwi: bong hitters 05/05/11 07:06 PM
rbradl: Forrest Gump- does this mean i cant play ping pong no more? Sgt: for the army it does 05/06/11 12:45 AM
hfaz13: wow, this board was made for me 05/05/11 09:19 PM
carol.: Coolest thing since scooters! 05/08/11 06:06 PM
Slimji: Im gonna have to beat someone at ping pong with that deck. It's goin down. 05/05/11 05:07 PM
Martel: Tryin 2 make a comeback! This would help a Brova out alot! 05/10/11 05:58 PM
bmzhen: I would be the king of pong with this pusher! 05/05/11 08:10 AM
rmcabr: skate Rhode Island 05/05/11 10:36 AM
snowbo: Heck Yes, I need a new one, I just got rid of my dregs. 05/04/11 10:31 PM
matthe: I definitely want to win this. 05/05/11 07:36 AM
wjacks: ping pong, youre doing it all wrong. i cant thin what christopher walkin said in that dumb movie 05/04/11 10:21 PM
superb: ping on ping pongers. board looks rally sick 05/06/11 11:07 PM
tymard: Ping Pong and skateboarding=good times 05/05/11 09:05 PM
joepc8: wooooooooo 05/09/11 07:22 PM
sk8fic: we play the larger scaled version in gym, its called pickle ball 05/06/11 03:52 PM
jaboot: Ping pong, an epic game in 2012 it is going to be in the olympics and I am team USAs star and i need this to train the rep for the USA 05/04/11 10:19 PM
emeric: My greatest accomplishment in ping pong has been in beating 4 Asians. Needless to say, I feel pretty damn good about myself. 05/04/11 10:29 PM
channo: beer pong with paddles anyone? 05/06/11 08:49 PM
scottg: i would like this cruiser board to film with! 05/06/11 02:57 PM
c1rca1: I wanna be the ping pong champ with this 05/05/11 02:57 AM
jebedi: I have mad ping pong skills! Even though Ive never played it! 05/07/11 06:54 PM
pwilli: So an asian walks into a bar... 05/10/11 06:51 PM
gilmou: When did Billy Marks get on Habitat?!? 05/10/11 05:59 PM
jonath: give it to me baby 05/04/11 10:26 PM
haloce: sick pong grip ! 05/04/11 11:38 PM
andy@w: Getting your balls smacked by this PongPusher would suck, and May 10th is my birthday. I would love to win this as a present! 05/09/11 10:37 AM
henryf: well I live on the beach, ans I destroy pong. so.... 05/04/11 11:07 PM
cro503: holla 05/05/11 09:28 AM
andrew: forkin Pong Griptape!...Are you serious? That is the sheet!! 05/11/11 09:26 AM
humpdr: I love these digital product tosses SPOT Is the greatest! 05/05/11 11:15 PM
frinob: this would be the answer to my missing ping pong paddle 05/08/11 01:59 PM
ghalda: habitats the best 05/05/11 06:39 AM
matthe: I dont know how to make you laugh while including ping pong. But I can call the store and fart in the phone if you want 05/04/11 10:23 PM
pingsk: Actually, if you want to get technical, its a table tennis cruiser. 05/05/11 03:01 PM
troysk: not about ping pong, but thats an alien workshop, not a habitat 05/04/11 10:50 PM
kendal: Why dont women wear watches?? Cause there's a clock on the stove! 05/09/11 11:36 AM
idrath: My filmer board got stolen yesterday along with my camera. This would help out. And habitat is sick but not as sick as SPOT! 05/04/11 10:17 PM
bailey: This is so sweet. If I got this I would use it to cruise obviously, but also for ping pong tricks. 05/11/11 10:01 PM
jaymey: totally need this... 05/04/11 10:32 PM
nagleb: I need dis sheet for college... 05/05/11 10:53 AM
gamema: skate without shoes wont hert like hell 05/05/11 02:03 PM
csarte: ping pong pussy 05/04/11 11:08 PM
codysh: Who needs a paddle? i could use my cruiser/filmer board instead!!! if i win... 05/04/11 11:45 PM
t.hub@: Wonder if you can play beer pong on it? 05/04/11 11:11 PM
jpenic: SICK! 05/05/11 10:40 AM
www.ep: ive been needing a cruiser 05/05/11 11:25 AM
Kingal: Yo son! Ive been pushn pong for years, 3 fo 10, 7 fo 20! Dont knock my hustle! 05/10/11 06:13 PM
M.FELU: Are these truly random? If so I think its my turn! 05/04/11 10:36 PM
risepu: Cruisin USA 05/08/11 02:29 AM
dl985@: Ill finally be able to beat the japanese in ping pong with the aliens on my side! PLEASE! SPoT I NEED YOUR HELP WITH THIS ONE! 05/04/11 10:37 PM
rbrenn: Ping Pong was invented to solve domestic disputes in Ding Dang 05/09/11 12:03 PM
thielb: PICK ME! I love ping pong. And skateboarding! Amazing. 05/05/11 06:35 AM
timoth: ive only played ping pong once and i sucked, im asain 05/04/11 11:16 PM
bob5@l: I hate ping pong, but when its combined with skateboarding i might give it a shot! 05/06/11 05:09 AM
rtgodw: Paddle popper beer ponger. 05/08/11 11:48 PM
kwhitl: I LOVE PING PONG! and i would really like this board! 05/11/11 10:00 PM
Auburn: I absolutely love girl!!! 05/10/11 08:26 PM
sau103: chicken bone nowispong 05/04/11 10:40 PM
bfrizz: I played ping-pong even when I didnt have anyone to play ping-pong with. 05/05/11 12:45 AM
shane@: Ping Ponggggg 05/10/11 06:54 PM
joelmv: i really need that thing, i just got the ping pong table 05/10/11 06:44 PM
micqb1: Forest Gump was the best thing to happen to ping-pong. 05/08/11 01:18 AM
ajolic: dong pusher 05/08/11 10:07 AM
ianska: cruising fo daaayys 05/05/11 09:33 PM
dylwie: pleaseeeeeeeeeee 05/05/11 07:56 AM
tomsle: What does Artie know? 05/05/11 01:59 PM
sambop: designated drunk skateboardr 05/06/11 02:34 PM
callou: bananarama 05/09/11 11:44 AM
Lutti3: I aint afraid to cruise this bitch in my Umbro's... 05/09/11 10:34 AM
florid: Ping Pong or as the Chinese say: "Ping Pong" - balls of fury 05/05/11 02:57 PM
pounce: ping pong playa! best movie ever! hahaha 05/06/11 03:42 AM
willow: In China they must call it a pong ping cruiser 05/05/11 04:06 PM
ntorre: looks perfect for barefoot hippies 05/05/11 12:14 PM
enjoid: SPoT please swag me the fork out! 05/05/11 03:41 PM
rachl2: Sorry, Im not funny. 05/08/11 09:42 PM
sk8er-: I dont know how they managed to incorporate ping pong with skateboarding but whatever it turned out hella sick. 05/05/11 09:54 PM
franke: Gotta have it man, I'm having some crazy withdrawals. Unfortunately, this is the only anti-drug. 05/05/11 04:50 PM
ramone: LETS GO LIGHTNING! Dun dun dundundun 05/05/11 01:11 AM
Halo95: The first time i played ping pong was on a cruise ! Me and some girl started getting serious and i slapped the ball of the whole cruise ship 05/06/11 10:00 PM
stephe: Forrest Gump Pro Cruiser! 05/05/11 09:47 AM
pandam: ...because Table Tennis pusher isnt as snappy. 05/10/11 12:39 PM
skater: Im going to disneyland...-Balls of Fury 05/07/11 11:07 PM
rajeev: i think my 20% think expired before i noticed that new justin eldridge deck. that sheet is rad. i need that. and this rubber joint too 05/10/11 12:26 PM
Skate1: A.K.A. Ping pong ball trick 05/04/11 11:23 PM
spyyk@: It should come with a ping pong table that works for a beer cooler/grind box. 05/04/11 10:31 PM
locbre: nock Knock Whos there ! Ping Pong ! Ping Pong who ? Ping Pong the witch is dead.... ! 05/07/11 09:28 PM
master: some funny words dat end wit -ong: ping pong,chimy chong...a!,billy bong,sill song,sam wong,ding dong...dicthing(get ur hed outa the gutter! 05/11/11 12:35 AM
yellow: if If you watch Osama bin Ladens life backwards, its about an ocean zombie that builds skyscrapers out of airplanes. 05/06/11 12:44 AM
jakesm: dude i love the look of that board i want it sooo bad please let me win! ps. i suck at ping pong 05/10/11 02:32 PM
tetron: barefoot bruce lee dragon flips 05/08/11 11:22 AM
mexica: Im going to play wine pong on this ish. 05/06/11 07:29 PM
kthugh: cruisin on my pong board after a game of beer pong! 05/05/11 02:13 PM
leeway: If I win this Ill have to grow a mullet 05/05/11 10:26 PM
jopc81: wowzer 05/09/11 07:18 PM
djk520: Pong Pusher, this is way better then that time Atari and Activision got together for the last Tony Hawk game, no more joy stick tre bombs! 05/11/11 10:58 AM
catera: If you skate, you should play ping pong. Then youre awesomer. 05/08/11 07:42 PM
oaikue: Valdosta State University Ping Pong Team ALL DAY!!! 05/05/11 01:21 AM
b_pars: barefoot cruizin 05/06/11 02:37 PM
kevine: hey rob, just on the site checking it out couldnt skate today cause i had diaharea so let me win the dpt for all the people with diahereaa!! 05/06/11 10:40 PM
sean.b: I WANT POON PUSHER!!!! 05/05/11 10:31 AM
hunter: egyptian sea creatures are awesome 05/10/11 08:50 PM
morgan: OHHHMMMJJJEEEE looks more like a person pusher. 05/04/11 10:21 PM
plutos: Thou shall laugh. 05/05/11 05:07 PM
yonate: fork it! Chuck it! Ping Pong! 05/05/11 02:42 AM
rawrth: Bing-Bong. 05/05/11 12:41 AM
j_ferr: smack some pong balls into a girls black hole 05/07/11 12:23 PM
ovrxpo: i would love to play some ping pong with this 05/05/11 02:25 PM
benkei: One tooth wonder :D 05/10/11 06:18 PM
cason.: coll deck,pingpong rocks 05/09/11 10:45 AM
joecru: whoa, college student, turning 20 May 16th. Swag. 05/04/11 10:38 PM
toymac: eye wanna use this as a ping pong paddle 05/04/11 10:34 PM
Timbur: ill put a ping in your pong for this crusier! 05/05/11 07:36 AM
chris@: Why do ping pong players all look like 80s pornstars? The tight shorts, long handlebar moustache and a headband! 05/06/11 05:31 PM
lukewa: pushing barefoot down the beach feet burnt like cheech lost count of how many drinks ive had but i want this board really bad 05/04/11 10:24 PM
giorgi: ill kill you if i dont win. fork 05/05/11 11:56 AM
jpokor: If I hold this while playing beer pong, it will make me good, correct? 05/05/11 12:01 AM
sk8myw: ping pong the only sport where smackin balls is aloud 05/05/11 11:08 AM
jbraul: skate or die!!!! 05/05/11 12:09 AM
franky: How creative, If i won i could to the beer store in style! 05/10/11 07:33 PM
black_: I feel asian; eating hot dogs, ping pong deck, math homework... 05/06/11 05:34 AM
pedroh: I would ride the habitat pong pusher while hitting the bong like king kong then playing a round of beer pong till i feel im from hong kong 05/10/11 06:03 PM
gage_a: Dude, I was going to write a totally awesome comment about ping pong, but damn, skateboardings way forking cooler. 05/08/11 11:06 PM
mrscum: chin chong me play ping pong 05/05/11 10:48 AM
legits: BALLS OF FURY!!!!!!!!! 05/04/11 11:06 PM
jasonk: Id like a bucket of mayonnaise and a straw! 05/05/11 09:38 PM
sickbo: ping pong is way cooler than jock ass beer pong. 05/09/11 10:37 AM
cactus: ping pong ping pong ping pong! I wat this board so bad it makes me wanna be a international ping pong champion. 05/05/11 09:57 AM
jalba1: that board is legit i think i will cruise down at the beach with a beer in my hand if i win....(; 05/05/11 12:13 PM
cr00kd: 05/07/11 02:22 AM
mewile: Forest Gump style!... 05/05/11 10:45 AM
gmoney: i dont know about ping pong but id use it to paddle my girl friend 05/05/11 10:03 AM
ram4ly: im forest gump. 05/07/11 02:00 PM
luisk8: can i play beer pong with it? 05/09/11 10:41 AM
Deejay: Why did Gucci Mane go to rehab?.........To get soBURR! 05/04/11 10:46 PM
kev424: Would using this for a competitive ping pong tournament count as cheating? 05/05/11 08:56 PM
tampaa: When i was in china on the all american ping pong team, i loved playing ping pong with my flexolite ping pong paddle... 05/09/11 01:11 PM
andrew: how do you get a virgin pregnant? you fork her. 05/04/11 10:18 PM
ryanr2: 05/05/11 01:08 AM
Jshiu9: OMG i am asian and i love Ping Pong and Skateboarding! This would just make my life complete If i got this O_o!! 05/05/11 11:51 PM
gjkozi: my table tennis skills are already amazing this will just make them that much greater. 05/08/11 02:50 AM
kate.c: Yet another worthless sport the chinese dominate. 05/09/11 04:28 PM
Monika: smile again for me 05/05/11 01:10 AM
jttcol: i need this so i can cruise around my town with some shorts and no shirt that sounds like lots of fun!!!!!! 05/09/11 11:08 AM
leohod: 05/07/11 01:58 PM
matthe: pick me please i can cruise on this to parties especially with these gas prices, why waste my gas with this board!!! 05/10/11 02:47 AM
hjeman: 05/05/11 05:03 PM
l.giac: Cant wait to feel the tiny nub rubbin during the butt naked coffins I plan on doing with this thing. 05/09/11 11:45 AM
bziege: yo just lemme get one 05/08/11 01:45 AM
pipe-n: Itd be nice to get this deck. thanks rob your the best!! no literally your the best you can walk on water 05/05/11 08:39 PM
sbanks: please man 05/05/11 05:51 AM
jason.: Something just changed in my pants.... POOOOONNGGGG. 05/05/11 12:31 PM
slindg: i got a collection of cruisers, help me put this under my feet, cruising to the next bar. 05/05/11 11:16 PM
skatet: or as the chinese call panggg 05/07/11 04:35 AM
jmyers: ALIENHOUSE 05/04/11 11:30 PM
rwb090: Forrest Gump. 05/05/11 06:51 PM
dmccla: ping pong has pretty much taken over my local skatepark and i ndont play so i need this so i can beat all of my friends 05/10/11 11:37 PM
tub741: pong thong schlong me down the wrong bong 05/06/11 07:16 PM
kevin.: ping pong? is that some new version of beer pong? if so, when do you drink? 05/05/11 12:39 PM
renero: pong pushing for life 05/08/11 07:53 PM
matt.s: Its like the mat in the bottom of grandma's bathtub! 05/04/11 10:25 PM
Dmovre: maybe i can actually beat my uncle at ping pong with this deck. 05/10/11 12:27 PM
camden: ping pong, ping pong, king kongs long dong 05/04/11 10:32 PM
fred.f: i need something to cruise the streets with hook it up 05/04/11 10:53 PM
surfer: just give me the forking board 05/04/11 10:17 PM
fletch: ping pong is good! a ping pong board, thats too good! 05/09/11 10:48 AM
u-shk-: im the forrest gump of ping pong 05/05/11 11:02 PM
engelt: Gotta love some ping pong! 05/08/11 06:47 PM
rswill: The Forest Gump Pro Model finally debuts 05/05/11 11:19 AM
Folt73: Loved see all you at "The Edge" skatepark in Naples this weekend! Got Bryan Herman and Fred Galls autograph had a BLAST!! THX 05/04/11 10:21 PM
lbb899: Table Tennis for the motherforking win. 05/05/11 12:18 PM
mckaym: Charlie Sheen is a ping pong master. 05/05/11 03:05 PM
sk8rki: this is for my skate team pizza partay! 05/05/11 11:21 PM
stylem: I love skatin my staffy round but sick of usin my normal board coz he bites and slobers on the grip,this would b gold,,help a man n his dog 05/09/11 10:35 PM
joequi: damnnn son i need this sheet!!! thizz sheet dooooooope!!! 05/04/11 10:31 PM
matthe: I need this. That is all I have to say. 05/09/11 11:15 AM
tester: hell yeahh. 05/06/11 07:50 PM
Ericha: YES!!! 05/05/11 12:20 AM
paulca: i was never any good at ping pong...then again , im not asian 05/10/11 09:27 PM
paulco: Castrucci is probably the most relevant designer in skateboarding, good ol friend of mine... 05/10/11 05:43 PM
Highli: Spot rocks been reppin since 2003 when i first started skating. plant city haha 05/04/11 10:16 PM
Jsian@: 05/05/11 06:11 AM
Manuel: This is perfect. Ive been asking for one of these for a while and it would be perfect for the summer here in rhode island. 05/05/11 01:23 PM
clayto: one of the rawest boards iv eveeer seen 05/09/11 07:29 PM
reigns: butthole 05/07/11 11:32 AM
moises: beer ping pong ftw give it to me in charlie sheens honer 05/04/11 11:15 PM
gnargn: what did the grape say when the elephant steped on him? nothing he let out a little whine. 05/06/11 12:27 PM
timmy1: there is nuthing like ping pong just a couple of guys waking there balls back and forth together...awww what a game! 05/09/11 04:50 PM
tmurph: he did dat doe 05/09/11 02:42 PM
sbowes: What did one ping pong ball say to the other ping pong ball? ”See you round.” 05/04/11 11:00 PM
paulse: hey you trying to play some ping pong? *picks up skateboard* 05/06/11 08:22 PM
tntknc: Sweet Ride 05/05/11 09:12 PM
chrism: hollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllla! 05/05/11 03:31 PM
einste: ping pong and skateboarding two sports that are easy to learn but hard to master 05/08/11 11:18 AM
sk8ton: ping pong is the only class i got an a in in high school. sad but true. 05/05/11 07:36 PM
nunezd: If I win you guys rock! If I dont win you guys still rock! Keep up the good work guys. 05/05/11 12:25 PM
Scotti: Alrite I love habitat and Im always sad because every Thursday night my mom is Eatin by a tiger so I have to eat at the dinner table. Thx 05/10/11 06:00 PM
jason7: PONG!!! 05/05/11 09:18 PM
stefan: Hell yeah! 05/10/11 06:10 PM
chanth: GIRL ALL DAY EVERYDAY 05/04/11 10:36 PM
rremsi: do you even read these? 05/05/11 09:57 AM
tmanfi: thats amazing what brands come up with theys days 05/04/11 10:28 PM
gilber: bp? 05/06/11 02:49 AM
longbo: pong hits!!!yes... 05/05/11 07:58 AM
adoga8: I dont know what i'd do if somebody shoved a ping pong paddle up my ass. Oh it wasnt the handle, i've been sheetting pancakes ever since... 05/05/11 07:52 PM
jennyj: Would love to win this for my husband Andy Psait. 05/10/11 06:54 PM
Almost: sheets ill 05/04/11 10:21 PM
driska: i might use tht to cheat if im playin ping pong 05/05/11 02:51 AM
j_coop: i am not sure whose to put in here but i guess his will do. (thats whhat she said). 05/04/11 10:21 PM
gbohne: Ping pong was banned in the Soviet Union from 1930-1950 because it was harmful to the eyes 05/04/11 10:20 PM
leohod: gimmie gimmie gimmie 05/05/11 06:00 PM
cyi062: Ping. Pong. Board. $W?G. 05/09/11 09:47 AM
kickst: looks big enough for some beer pong too 05/06/11 10:38 AM
carmod: MOTHAforkIN pong master 05/09/11 10:58 AM
conio_: This is my 100th comment on DPTs including the ones on Facebook before and never win anything. :( 05/10/11 10:03 PM
boylan: fork pong, I Renegade. 05/07/11 10:29 PM
chirii: Im pretty sure the whole "ladies first" thing was created by a guy just to check out ass. 05/09/11 11:03 PM
tylers: GIMME THIS MUTHF***** BOARD CUZZ! -__- 05/07/11 10:51 PM
cheese: ping pong balls shlong 05/05/11 03:38 AM
marson: 2 weeks ago i slid two car lengths and a gap bombing a hill in the bronx scard up my elbow still bombing hills. 05/05/11 11:21 AM
mass.v: This deck matches my ethnicity well. I must have it! 05/05/11 05:26 AM
shinig: hey this pong board is like so awesome i should really get this :) 05/10/11 05:52 PM
looees: I wanna ride this board 05/10/11 10:40 AM
kamlto: Susan Sarandon isn’t just an actress: She’s also a ping-pong enthusiast, with her own ping-pong club and upcoming ping-pong reality show. 05/09/11 10:36 AM
dlxpla: If only they made ping pong ball wheels... 05/04/11 10:25 PM
shakej: oh Ping Pong.... Got a table on my back porch and after shreddin with the homies we go to my crib chill n play pong! this boards my dream!!! 05/05/11 09:23 AM
bill.l: Sidewalk sufing dude! Just kidding... 05/10/11 09:23 PM
Davidg: Imma name my son pong pong but first I gottta cruise down the street in my 64 pong cruza and find an Asian to make pong pong with 05/05/11 12:11 AM
btw117: Barefoot Dog board yes please! 05/05/11 12:21 AM
syobck: Wholetime I already know if I stand on this board while playing, Ill win every game of beer pong I play. Every. Last. One. 05/10/11 08:27 PM
fragth: If I cant skate, i can definitely play ping pong. It's a win win! 05/04/11 11:57 PM
jake12: jereme rogers and david hassolhoff just done a song together. called neck tats and biceps... sheets raw 05/11/11 12:21 PM
jdunn1: How about a Bong Pusher with a safety glass top? 05/06/11 05:10 PM
mullet: suck one 05/05/11 02:22 AM
julian: has anyone else seen that ping pong celebration video on youtube? 05/06/11 11:34 PM
monica: pong ong pong pongie ;0 05/09/11 07:25 PM
Kylesb: 50 rubbers a day 05/05/11 12:14 PM
jhelln: ping pong requires more skill than any other sport. 05/05/11 01:25 PM
dbo313: I had a ping-pong paddle shoved up my ass a couple years ago. Ive been sheetting pancakes ever since! 05/09/11 10:12 PM
cs2521: Pong on my Schlong!! 05/05/11 09:39 PM
omikel: I heard on the news in China someone called it “the national sport of China.” So it’s now officially their favorite sport. 05/09/11 12:19 PM
shrosp: Ive already got my celluloid spitfires and plastic solo silvers, all i needs this paddle! 05/05/11 01:53 PM
mils01: make you laught? ok, jereme rodgers 05/10/11 06:07 PM
blane5: i won our highschool ping-pong yep. A ping-pong deck is my life long dream! 05/05/11 03:09 PM
iac5@a: Have you seen the ads for the $100,000 ping pong tournament that theyre having in Vegas? 05/05/11 12:20 AM
ed.sla: If you have phone sex, do you get a phoner? 05/04/11 11:20 PM
ijusts: 05/05/11 03:22 PM
browni: I want it. 05/05/11 02:12 PM
highgu: ping pong 05/04/11 10:24 PM
sasser: Ping Pong lived with my family from 1985 until 1991. He smelled of rich mahogany 05/04/11 11:19 PM
Jonmar: I hope I win so I can test how well my balls bounce off of it.. 05/06/11 12:41 PM
jaquan: 05/05/11 02:26 PM
Lloyd.: RIP Osama bin laden the worlds best Hide and seek champion (2001-2011)!! Lol 05/04/11 11:36 PM
quillb: ahh, i remember a fad of rubber grip in 97 05/05/11 01:17 AM
chrisg: f*c bro i just had my 26th bday need to step into the cruiser world hook my old ass up 05/04/11 10:31 PM
evaa11: ping pong is wild 05/07/11 01:27 PM
frodri: Ping pong for long ;) 05/05/11 01:31 PM
blitzk: ching chong ping pong. 05/10/11 04:36 PM
genoty: Id love to put a backspin on my kickflip. 05/05/11 09:47 PM
Jerrod: PingaDaPOOONNG 05/06/11 07:08 PM
Mike.s: Ping pong all day long! 05/10/11 06:06 PM
quarto: When I was in China on the All-American Ping Pong team, I just loved playing ping-pong with my Flexolite ping pong paddle. 05/06/11 09:50 AM
tleffe: woogity woogity woogity 05/04/11 10:18 PM
bradle: forrest has switch ping pong skills without even trying. switch. without trying. dont even need your running shoes for this one right here 05/09/11 02:16 PM
jrj071: gas is too expensive. cars are out and cruiser boards are in :D 05/04/11 11:22 PM
suprem: Whatttttttttttttt!! This is gnarly jusst slap on the sector 9s and make this bad boy into a cruiser ;) 05/09/11 10:36 AM
thespo: Wonder what advantages wrecking a chick on this has??? Can you tell me? 05/06/11 10:20 AM
dnamas: frostys nutsack 05/05/11 11:33 AM
gzak@j: I need a Deck like Ping needs Pong 05/05/11 11:13 AM
aaront: SHAKKA BRA!!! I can totally cruise this bad boy to the cove for the next big surf that comes through bra! 05/05/11 08:39 PM
gallow: this might be the best cruiser yet 05/05/11 02:47 AM
piefol: A comment about ping pong? Or a funny comment about ping pong? What the fork spaces count as a character now? Bullsheet man, anyway i hope i 05/05/11 06:01 PM
Foltz7: Loved last week in Naples with Bryan Herman 05/04/11 10:23 PM
antspr: ping pong, the only sport named after its inventor. norm mcdonald 05/05/11 02:08 PM
maltob: i have no car, love pong n beer, help me cruise to partys n such by giving me this cruiser. 05/05/11 09:53 PM
tomach: makes me wanna go play strip beer pong lmao 05/09/11 01:27 PM
cc6209: I LIKE PING PONG. AND BEER. 05/05/11 01:30 AM
kcalde: HESH! 05/06/11 06:50 PM
fueled: PUSSY JUICE 05/04/11 10:36 PM
toyfig: Ping pong cruiser, way better than Beer pong! 05/04/11 10:17 PM
Tresha: I push thongs. 05/05/11 11:25 PM
skatea: ping pong is cool. 05/08/11 12:43 PM
nocomp: Cheech 05/05/11 08:27 AM
blue6s: ping pong is dog balls. 05/05/11 06:17 PM
shuffl: I should win this because I won the pingpong contest at my high school a few years back and I never got a trophy 05/05/11 02:26 PM
mike.w: When I was in China on the All-American Ping Pong team, I just loved playing ping-pong with my Flexolite ping pong paddle. 05/09/11 10:57 AM
letsma: Ping Pong originated in England 05/04/11 10:19 PM
tylers: GIMME THIS MUTHAF***** PONG PLANK! 05/07/11 10:56 PM
costaa: To quote Team America World Police: "PING PONG PING! PING PONG, PING PANG PONG!!!" 05/05/11 01:28 PM
Lakai1: When I was in China on the All-American Ping Pong team, I just loved playing ping-pong with my Flexolite ping pong paddle. 05/05/11 12:10 AM
mc6553: Now theres some free stuff I could use! 05/06/11 07:40 AM
maxeus: dooppppppe 05/05/11 04:19 PM
mrsanf: sick idea, i really cant think of any good jokes about it though. 05/08/11 04:32 PM
NoDesi: Cops took my skateboard, I need this to put my oldschool wheels and trucks on to go get my board back 05/10/11 05:48 PM
crawfo: I keep getting my pong filled with someones shlong 05/05/11 02:21 AM
dandam: Ping Pong is the sheettt 05/05/11 04:09 PM
mcgizz: push yo pong mother forkaa 05/08/11 05:29 PM
barons: The pong pusher? This is also the name of my penis 05/04/11 11:14 PM
bernar: I want to cruise around in style! Cruise control! 05/05/11 08:58 PM
rob@me: Some oriental better win this ping pong game. 05/04/11 10:25 PM
glenny: I need a new paddle to punish my kids with. 05/07/11 10:02 PM
underw: Ping Pong Dong Bong Kong Gong Long! 05/04/11 11:41 PM
russel: derp 05/05/11 09:16 AM
codysf: 05/05/11 12:08 AM
dtigla: im so hyped on this cause the ping pong grip 05/05/11 05:35 PM
najeeb: i once injected egg yolk into a ping pong ball and tried to hard boil it. the ball melted and my mom yelled at me. 05/09/11 06:26 PM
johnf@: wow a pong board. Now thats sweet. 05/09/11 10:46 AM
fisher: Ping pong and skateboarding are my LIFE. 05/09/11 10:38 AM
tjbsk8: Ping!!! 05/05/11 04:41 PM
bzarit: ping pong is my favorite sport and im not even asain 05/05/11 02:48 PM
myname: Hey i play ping pong.. 05/06/11 12:15 AM
jorge6: just pick me already jerk 05/06/11 05:10 PM
andrew: I done played ping pong back in nam with bubba. I miss jennay. 05/09/11 10:54 AM
hdiaz8: i could use it as a paddle for my Ping Pong class at sjsu 05/07/11 05:14 AM
kenkwo: I am the Andy Roddork of Ping Pong. I can serve 100MPH and my wife is way too hot for me. 05/05/11 09:28 AM
venom1: ping pong accuracy 05/07/11 01:24 PM
O9nams: Damn i want this so I can rip ping pong style like forest gumpingtons 05/04/11 10:18 PM
mniebo: beer pong cruiser! 05/05/11 10:07 AM
zackdg: fork 05/10/11 06:33 PM
nelson: dude this is so cool 05/05/11 01:47 PM
brianu: ayyyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooooo 05/08/11 01:40 PM
C_Arre: Oh my god Habitat, you can make my cruiser board anytime. 05/07/11 01:49 PM
ac9194: fork you! 05/08/11 07:16 PM
larkin: word? 05/08/11 12:55 PM
mathew: i can fit all my fat girls on it and help them lose weight by playing ping pong while there riding. KOTR footage right there... 05/05/11 08:12 AM
Andyps: Love it! 05/10/11 06:51 PM
bman23: omg stamp me wit dis ping pong paddle 05/05/11 10:21 PM
mikeon: ping on my pong 05/05/11 10:08 PM
paulfe: 05/10/11 10:24 PM
flstra: hope i win, i could use this deck my crusier board for filming. plus its really cool! 05/09/11 10:40 AM
Chase5: You are the greatest ping player I have ever seen. Besides my self, practicing in front of a mirror.. which I do.. everyday.. in the nude. 05/06/11 03:20 PM
vajdab: I cannot wait to ride this thing naked so my balls of furry can swing in the wind 05/05/11 12:06 PM
cole99: i beat forest gump in a game of ping pong 05/04/11 10:23 PM
calico: damn broskii that will be fancy to have 05/05/11 08:29 PM
andybu: I got nothing but that board looks nice and I want it so please. 05/04/11 10:32 PM
Erleic: I wanna rip on the pong... Then just cruise with that feelin after and if that didnt work then pickle weasel 05/09/11 01:02 PM
Jasond: There should be a Girl deck with Osama Bin laden on it. 05/07/11 04:12 PM
iazl12: ping pongs ping pongs 05/08/11 05:21 PM
veroan: Oh, it says pong pusher. Sorry my mind was somewhere else. Still looks fun too. 05/09/11 10:35 AM
eastco: GO SHRED SMOKE BEER 05/04/11 10:57 PM
mitsub: day to day swag 05/05/11 02:35 PM
noah.m: I would legit use this as a paddle. 05/04/11 10:34 PM
khari_: gimme this board so i can tickle my balls with the griptape! 05/04/11 10:17 PM
chksne: please pick me 05/04/11 11:36 PM
natura: few things are as enjoyable as getting all kinds of polluted, bombing a hill barefoot and belting out that one song from pocahontas 05/08/11 01:02 AM
cheste: Fits me. I am Asian. 05/05/11 02:58 PM
nivade: herro 05/05/11 06:22 AM
picket: Nigga what is juice?! Apple drink! Its green! 05/09/11 10:30 AM
artich: what better way to prove your not a real skater...... 05/10/11 02:11 PM
karenw: forest gump does it so it must be cool 05/07/11 06:17 PM
benwil: maybe if you guys send me this board i can impress the ultimate ping-pong pumping hipster couger Susan Sarandon, making poor ol Tim Robbins 05/08/11 10:04 PM
franky: longboards are killing skateboarding 05/06/11 10:56 AM
gibbs.: i wear a thong when i play ping pong. cuhs it gets me hard and long, so strong ;) 05/08/11 01:56 PM
bright: my friend bob sacamano used to ride one of these to work for a couple years 05/05/11 06:18 PM
connor: if i had this i might be as good as this guy 05/05/11 10:40 PM
thinsi: this is gonna be big in china 05/06/11 02:55 PM
skateb: Actually, going to the mall to play ping pong, my cruiser was stolen. This is actually ironic. Well living in NJ, its just forking dumb-luck 05/04/11 11:21 PM


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