Digital Product Toss Results: Blind Sunday Fundays Deck Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Digital Product Toss Results: Blind Sunday Fundays Deck

Posted on Monday, May 23, 2011 by Rob

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "k_winja" came out on top. Check your email, winja. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

k_winj: lemme get this rob i need it literally or a board for bros send one my way anything to skate i need somethin 05/17/11 11:06 AM
dabbi_: thats sick and if you can watch it blind its really sick!! 05/17/11 09:29 AM
Tresha: So what your saying is Ill be able to do naked 540 with this board? 05/17/11 11:15 PM
eastco: I want dat short and shred 4 life brah 05/17/11 07:07 AM
Randal: Fat ass long titty no nipple having bitch broke my deck 05/17/11 07:44 AM
johnf@: the new bin laden drink. two shots and a splash of water. 05/17/11 08:19 AM
odbfor: comment 05/18/11 09:12 PM
jeffwo: who needs a helmet when you got kevin romars fro? 05/17/11 10:01 AM
Timoth: DPT my niggy 05/18/11 10:54 PM
ijusts: 05/17/11 12:22 PM
blane5: never play leap frog with a unicorn 05/17/11 11:25 AM
Erleic: I wanna be a winner..... 05/17/11 09:09 PM
blue6s: Hats are good. 05/18/11 06:43 PM
Deathj: Dude blinds awesome! Keep up the good work and hope you guys stick around for many years to come :D 05/18/11 01:37 AM
pglock: my black friends always wonder why white people find farting amuzing. 05/17/11 08:19 AM
artich: “I’ll trade you my dookie brown Fuct pants and mustard yellow Plan B Sean Sheffey “Jungle Book” shirt for those purple Blind jeans…” 05/17/11 01:36 PM
tomsle: I can go to the bathroom? 05/18/11 11:48 AM
ryanho: video looks so sick cant wait to see it,kevin romars afro is so perfect 05/17/11 09:48 PM
lucas.: Sketchy video, blind really out did themeselves. ironic how the naked' guy uses a blind skateboard :P 05/17/11 08:16 AM
matt.s: Good lord, there are a lot of stairs in that preview. 05/17/11 09:36 AM
stefan: I need this!!! 05/18/11 10:15 PM
chanth: El toro what!!!!! and felipe gustavo is a straight shredder! 05/17/11 10:38 PM
haloce: sick ! 05/19/11 10:45 AM
t.hub@: No war for Heavy Metal!!!! 05/18/11 05:36 PM
trevor: Im tryna see some blind ass motherforkers get BUCKED by El Toro and you know that Romar is throwing that crazy nollie 3 down Hollywood High 05/19/11 11:02 AM
thegur: Cant wait to see This is not a test! Felipe Ortiz! 05/18/11 08:31 PM
jeffnj: Im blind in one eye and cant see out of the other 05/17/11 07:03 AM
gage_a: this is not a test looks sick. kevin romar<3 05/18/11 10:41 PM
Gbohne: i did not enjoy the music. 05/17/11 08:41 AM
almost: blinds the short 05/17/11 02:14 PM
dnamas: FROSTYS BALL SACK BURRRRR 05/18/11 02:19 PM
lpress: weiss is a zepplin man 05/18/11 11:09 AM
rbradl: trailer gave me the chills. that was not a test at all 05/18/11 09:42 AM
chisox: Shouts to big Sheffy 05/18/11 07:58 PM
ghalda: i want it 05/18/11 08:52 PM
tronk4: Romar daaaaaaaannnnnnmmmmm 05/17/11 07:13 AM
Auburn: I love blind and Im a girl who skates;) 05/17/11 07:02 AM
plutos: willsmith 05/17/11 07:12 PM
all52w: Very nice!! 05/17/11 10:14 AM
Jeabzn: My nigga Piro Sierra for 2011!!! I had to forking do this since hes b at the spot with the 1st 05/17/11 07:03 AM
hjeman: RepnILLStyle 05/17/11 04:26 PM
Marson: This video contains C4 05/17/11 11:07 AM
merkin: I love that naked guy 05/17/11 02:59 PM
Tredon: I couldnt get the trailer so I'm just gunna leave a coment about blind boards: i live, skate, and bleed blind boards. They have good pop :P 05/17/11 08:15 PM
jaymey: winner 05/17/11 10:42 AM
debist: For my son who really needs a new deck... 05/17/11 12:40 PM
brianu: UPAPONGPONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 05/17/11 10:26 AM
isaacs: the board looks awesome but i like how they made the hand look so realistic!!!! 05/17/11 07:06 AM
chirii: The difference between being a girls BF and a girl's BFF is whether or not you get to F her 05/17/11 08:45 AM
overth: never had a blind could be fun 05/17/11 03:11 PM
camden: zzdeeeaaamnnnnn 05/21/11 05:24 AM
tntknc: looks like a bitchin video 05/19/11 03:56 PM
crawfo: turn naked 540 guy pro 05/17/11 03:01 PM
Kendal: Blind is so awesome!! And Im a girl who skates;) 05/17/11 07:02 AM
kaycsc: Cant help but turn a Blind eye to it today ;) 05/17/11 12:01 PM
sean.b: BLINDED BY THE LIGHTS! 05/17/11 12:00 PM
ricky4: yesuh 05/19/11 03:42 PM
franci: S.P.o.T. is amazing! I hope I win time, Im kinda getting tired of my old deck. 05/17/11 06:48 PM
Sam.ha: TIGERBLOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!! 05/17/11 08:01 AM
slindg: Thanks for another dPt but i was better at winning at "This or That" 05/18/11 04:27 PM
ishbu1: May Chashem be Merciful and direct this board towards my humble home 05/18/11 12:29 PM
andybu: Its my b=day on the 19th so come on slide it my way. Austin needs a new board for woodward. I will drive up from Naples on Saturday. 05/17/11 12:35 PM
twalke: by the light.. 05/19/11 08:04 AM
russel: This cosmic dance of bursting decadence and withheld permissions twists all our arms collectively. 05/19/11 03:34 PM
lordgo: this video was filmed so well! 05/17/11 08:48 AM
nelson: i want to see this is not a test really bad 05/19/11 09:17 AM
gage19: this is not a test looks sickckkckckkckk! 05/18/11 10:38 PM
Timbur: 05/17/11 11:43 AM
gmmcga: since video days Ive been a fan 05/17/11 01:27 PM
enjoid: Swag chicken and pussy 05/22/11 10:43 AM
kevin_: heelflip over that big street gap is abd 05/18/11 11:03 AM
housha: dope vid ! need a new board btw lol 05/19/11 01:45 AM
jpenic: Dont let 'em fool ya, Weiss has known about NC spots for 20 years 05/17/11 08:22 AM
ChiefL: I just trimmed the bushes around my deck, but I still need a new one. 05/18/11 01:49 PM
skatea: 05/18/11 10:35 PM
gamema: its sick sundays fundays 05/17/11 01:33 PM
coachc: ill be supporting blind and getting this on itunes for sure! the AM team is sick! and new el toro footage always makes me sh*t my pants.... 05/18/11 02:16 PM
sjeanl: that was dope! 05/17/11 11:32 AM
irizar: oh so you want me to make you laugh , ok , heres one , i think i need a new bu mine has a crack on it , hahaha , i know its lame :~( 05/17/11 07:06 PM
petegl: 05/17/11 08:16 AM
ram4ly: wtf does that nigga think... trying to break the laws of nature and short... 05/17/11 10:13 PM
Chrism: Halo 05/23/11 10:18 AM
z-wide: Make your forking self laugh. please. 05/18/11 10:42 PM
O9nams: This is not a test...... Because they aced it! shorts A 05/17/11 09:17 AM
gallow: another iTunes vid 05/17/11 09:36 AM
proswa: you cant skate if your blind 05/17/11 10:53 AM
matthe: cool board 05/17/11 07:50 AM
mullet: jizz in me 05/17/11 03:01 PM
leeway: Ill go blind without this 05/18/11 09:16 PM
goldfi: im not funny 05/17/11 09:21 AM
Btw117: Looks like another great blind video. 05/17/11 10:14 AM
okherm: i cant see im blindddddddddd 05/18/11 12:51 PM
tony.n: Bin Laden is dead - have a nice day! 05/19/11 06:48 PM
Joehea: The old Blind team would be proud of the new Blind team. Its good naked 540 guy skates vert...he could literally sack a rail. 05/17/11 09:35 AM
mewile: Fromar and Zep. Awesome. 05/17/11 01:45 PM
sasser: Blind to the fact of who you are, caue youre watching that garbage 05/17/11 07:06 PM
cadela: hope I can still see if I win this board! 05/17/11 08:17 AM
picket: steez all day 05/17/11 10:04 AM
Wade71: Impossible 50s... Happening on this board 05/17/11 03:36 PM
pallar: the vid is crazy, cant wait to get it. 05/17/11 10:07 AM
ryan8g: sick board i want a new deck!! 05/18/11 06:29 PM
srober: def 05/17/11 11:37 AM
ghetto: god bless me with a board. Amen 05/17/11 02:57 PM
cs2521: Blind, I put that sh*t on everything! 05/17/11 09:45 AM
cyi062: Hello there kind sir, I mustache you a question, but I think Ill shave it for later. 05/18/11 10:14 AM
sbowes: I MUST BE BLIND 05/17/11 12:10 PM
kindsk: It would be cool if I could see that deck but I am blind. 05/17/11 10:17 AM
bmrsnr: is the graphic painted on? or screen printed, if not forkit 05/17/11 12:24 PM
lostin: .RAP VERSE-Blind blind,so easily defined. the resin7ply has me flyin thru the sky. soarin like a bird, here it comes, watch out. MAY 23rd! 05/17/11 01:02 PM
escapi: Kevin Romars afro could be better than Gonz's afro back then. Afro's the new skate trend? please happen! 05/17/11 04:54 PM
bmzhen: i can see, i can see, im going blind 05/17/11 06:48 PM
xrt777: Is that a Vision? 05/17/11 07:25 AM
Skateb: If anything is possible try slamming a revolving door 05/17/11 07:04 AM
black_: Put me on BASEDGOD!!! 05/19/11 12:03 AM
forres: thats an awesome board an i could really us a new one :) please...? 05/18/11 09:32 PM
tash4t: Rad clip! stoked for the full vid it defs has some crazy stuff in it. sk8 4 life! 05/17/11 11:40 AM
mc6553: Does he do naked 540 chair spins at the office too.(please no footage if answer is yes) 05/18/11 04:02 PM
tmurph: so sick 05/17/11 03:53 PM
outoft: that looks amazinly buttery steezy 05/17/11 04:34 PM
alex78: I went with Blind because it was the opposite of Vision. 05/18/11 06:08 PM
jake12: my girlfriend asked me if i believe in puppy love. i said i tried once but the assholes too small 05/18/11 09:28 AM
Dane_i: I once saw a blind man walking down the street. Though I dont think he noticed me. 05/17/11 10:04 AM
Kimmie: 05/17/11 07:01 AM
jdunn1: The editing can only get better. 05/17/11 03:08 PM
chrisg: you have to let me get that so i can have afresh blind deck for the fresh blind video drop 05/17/11 09:46 AM
j_coop: looks like blind is making a come back. thats whats up!!!! 05/17/11 07:02 AM
quillb: what about naked sexchanges? 05/17/11 11:37 AM
jrj071: anything even related to kevin romar and im interested !!! 05/17/11 10:45 PM
tetris: Yet again blind, flying below the radar, is putting out a proper vid to blow minds cant wait to see duncombe and romar's parts. 05/17/11 11:29 AM
sk8eri: Osama bin jackin so much he went BLIND! OHH SNAP! 05/18/11 09:52 PM
Buzy28: Rad dude super sick 05/18/11 01:25 AM
Davidg: This is not school so please do not test this! :) let me get it Robby doo !!!!!!!!!! 05/17/11 02:52 PM
Kimmie: 05/17/11 07:02 AM
Kneupa: So this dyslexic guy walks into a bra.... 05/17/11 12:35 PM
nico77: Ronnie Creager = swagggg 05/17/11 10:10 PM
ed.sla: 540 Meat Spin makes one go BLIND. 05/18/11 09:02 PM
Nycgoo: Since my Homie Piro is on blind and hes on his grind!! I know i gotta chance to win 05/17/11 07:06 AM
frodri: This is not a test. This is a blind skateboarding video 05/18/11 09:42 AM
bryant: how many DPTs are you doing? would you mind emailing us or something when you guys do it? 05/17/11 09:40 PM
jakeci: words can not describe on how bad that i want this. 05/17/11 07:29 AM
sk8gon: Yes!!! Cant wait until this video comes out.... 05/17/11 07:14 AM
lloyd.: Wax=1$.... Wheels=30$.... Blind board=49.95$.... Kevin Romar Ninja Jump Down Hollywood High set... PRICELESS!!! 05/17/11 07:09 AM
Nesaba: lol @ 58 Fireman Hose! 05/17/11 10:00 AM
joecru: Winning the DPT is hard, like a midget trying to jump over me. 05/17/11 12:36 PM
crosso: I see they came up with a new trick, the fire hydrent to the crotch! Props for using Zepplin too! 05/17/11 08:06 AM
jonmar: I need more Blind decks in my life. 05/18/11 08:56 AM


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