Digital Product Toss Results: Birdhouse Team Deck Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Digital Product Toss Results: Birdhouse Team Deck

Posted on Monday, June 20, 2011 by Rob

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "alex78" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Alex. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing. Watch for another DPT real soon.

alex78: The bird is the word. 06/17/11 03:52 PM
Keithn: Thats fly like a bird and would look great in my house! Gimmie gimmie gimmie? 06/17/11 03:41 PM
Afbeni: Texas; what you got on your scholarship, I spent on my necklace, Im already mean-muggin by breakfast, yes, bitch. - Z-Ro 06/20/11 01:11 PM
pizzle: So tight! 06/19/11 10:02 PM
grueli: jaws would be psyched if u gave it to me :B 06/17/11 03:46 PM
brando: digital digital everything digital shawty look at this board this board b lookin digital lol no rlly its a digital product toss where pple? 06/17/11 03:33 PM
chanth: jaws is my hero! 06/17/11 03:44 PM
rnschr: Pick me. 06/17/11 05:37 PM
underw: The only 900 Im doin is doin donuts in my cul de sac 06/18/11 01:22 AM
mc6553: any chance this deck is at least 8" wide? 06/18/11 02:42 PM
threek: Bird man needs to give a ninja a board...... 06/17/11 04:39 PM
legits: Birdman soo woo 06/17/11 03:46 PM
blitzk: Fat people are fat. 06/19/11 07:16 PM
csarte: bird man 06/17/11 05:04 PM
slmize: I will sacrifice a magical creature with a Monkeys head, reindeer antlers, and a porcupine body 06/17/11 04:38 PM
manuel: i feel like ive entered in to many of these and had no luck 06/18/11 01:51 PM
blak40: the hawk man with the board hook-up. Tight 06/19/11 11:36 AM
fzatar: Skateboarder for Life! 06/17/11 04:27 PM
dld115: I would love this for my grandson.. He is 3. 06/17/11 07:30 PM
willow: I love Birdhouse for being home to Jaws Homoki and David Loy! 06/17/11 11:36 PM
lowlif: Ba Ba Ba bird bird bird birdmans the word 06/17/11 09:41 PM
Otioli: I havnt seen a birdhouse deck since Tony Hawk Pro sk8r 4 came out!lol.i guess theyve maintained the same artists since the get go..skeletal 06/17/11 04:04 PM
anndwi: riley hawk for the win 06/18/11 09:17 PM
pounce: bird is the word! 06/19/11 06:13 AM
frinob: my fortune cookie said good things will come if i wait 06/17/11 04:07 PM
xavier: SPoT...Tampa is for haters...dope 06/17/11 03:39 PM
shadow: i jstu started skating been wanting a bird house deck but were i live nobody has them in stock 06/17/11 05:00 PM
ntbren: Can I live inside this birdhouse? 06/19/11 03:57 PM
grant9: please let me get this deck so i can ollie like JAWS 06/17/11 11:06 PM
josh19: Birdhouse is making a comeback 06/17/11 09:02 PM
Elemen: In the future, you will have already given me a birdhouse deck. 06/17/11 04:02 PM
Outlaw: Trying to win for my 7 year old who loves Tony hawk. Tony Hawk is his hero. 06/17/11 05:42 PM
cycleh: so cool 06/17/11 04:28 PM
rungal: I would love to have this for my 3 year old nephew who will start skateboarding soon. 06/17/11 07:41 PM
steve.: you should def throww in a pair of hawk shoes........ 06/18/11 03:28 PM
frodri: Tony 'The Bird'' Hawk is coming to the SPoT to make us fly like him! -_-' Ups it sounds a little bit gay! 06/18/11 08:28 AM
hfaz13: jaws! 06/17/11 05:16 PM
ijusts: Jaws deserves a deck. 06/17/11 10:13 PM
adeen@: I would love this for my grandson who will start skateboarding soon! 06/17/11 07:38 PM
chardw: Is a "bird in the hand" better than a "wiener out of office"? I think so! 06/17/11 07:17 PM
jordan: I really like this graphic. Looks like an 8, I ride an 8. 06/17/11 05:51 PM
fueled: how many women does it take to build a house? none, theyre too busy in the kitchen! 06/17/11 03:51 PM
camden: Hooded Demons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 06/17/11 09:25 PM
jpenic: sweet! 06/20/11 09:00 AM
hb3208: Tweet deck! New to Tampa 06/19/11 09:54 AM
lukewa: gRob, I just got a job a Chinesse Restraunt. Im the only white guy and they have me working in the ASS unloading food. 06/17/11 04:31 PM
surfer: Id love to catch this deck I havent been to the SPOT in a long time. I miss it when I could go there everyday. now I'm in Ms. PLEEEASSSSSE! 06/19/11 09:38 AM
Oldver: Theyre still in business? 06/17/11 03:47 PM
April3: Trying to win this for my son, he would LOVE it. 06/17/11 08:48 PM
russel: jodie fosters army 06/18/11 01:03 PM
ogfhan: hmmmm 06/17/11 03:40 PM
crawfo: i love birdhouse 06/17/11 03:50 PM
andrew: 06/17/11 10:31 PM
chanth: JAWS IS AWESOME 06/17/11 03:45 PM
deenmo: I would like this for my 3 year old grandson! 06/17/11 07:31 PM
ajdx08: my granpa always said dont watch your money watch your health one day i watched my health someone stole my was my grandfather... 06/17/11 03:58 PM
da_bur: Birdhouse, dude! Thats a blast from the past! 06/17/11 04:41 PM
brooke: Would love to win this for my son! 06/17/11 07:17 PM
crosso: Birdhouse deck sure would be SWEET! 06/20/11 08:30 AM
hawkha: Boards look good. Am-team is crazy 06/17/11 04:27 PM
Bravor: I ripped my hymen on a 20 set hand rail. And I want to do it again with this birdhouse deck. Thanks 06/18/11 12:22 PM
david.: damn i could use that to ride to class, or at least to the bus stop. 06/17/11 04:41 PM
ed.sla: Birdhouse, I hardly knew ya! 06/20/11 09:28 AM
enjoid: unicorn dick and pizzza hut sauce 06/17/11 04:53 PM
wyattm: why did the chicken cross the road?to call his 52 year old mother and ask her what she thought of his clothes.-wyatt mrozkowski 06/17/11 03:43 PM
dylant: my very first board was a birdhouse and i loved it. you rock birdhouse skateboards. 06/20/11 07:56 AM
rosemk: im thinking..umm.."nice shoes" 06/19/11 12:10 PM
jrj071: tony hawk ftw 06/17/11 09:35 PM
ishbu1: I could really use this board; alms for the poor , guvnah 06/17/11 11:18 PM
onetwo: is it funny enough to say that you giving out digital birdhouses?? haha 06/17/11 04:33 PM
jakob@: mahna-mahna? 06/17/11 05:36 PM
ghetto: Caw Caww 06/18/11 07:44 PM
Rdesan: Very nice, clean look a future classic 06/18/11 06:51 AM
chanth: Birdhouse is legit 06/17/11 03:42 PM
black_: 06/18/11 02:38 AM
johndi: i should house my bird 06/18/11 12:07 PM
jamiek: excellent, i need one of those so i can watch my boyfriend break his ankle again and stay home with me.... 06/17/11 04:45 PM
jurij.: Gonna need this one for my Leap of Faith attempt. 06/18/11 02:32 AM
sk8fol: where does a one legged waitress work? IHOP. 06/17/11 03:31 PM
Nathan: 06/17/11 04:19 PM
christ: I would like this for my 3 year old nephew who will start skateboarding soon! 06/17/11 07:40 PM
Marson: I need a new board 06/17/11 04:00 PM
Bgamar: Yea Birdhouse!! 06/17/11 04:31 PM
ryande: Would be great for my kid! He will be ready to start learning here in about another 6 months or so! 06/17/11 06:41 PM
Skateb: Hi 06/17/11 03:29 PM
jacob.: This looks so boring and skateable. Normally I rape the graphics, but Birdhouse already did that for me! Thanks Tony. 06/17/11 03:47 PM
missre: I <3 Birdhouse 06/17/11 03:47 PM
kdesan: For the kids 06/18/11 12:26 PM
Sniper: Hell yea 06/18/11 07:39 PM
fragth: I do miss Jeremy Kleins skating. 06/17/11 03:29 PM
skatea: JAWS 06/19/11 12:58 AM
bbr1@r: That deck looks so hot, I would do naughty things with it (noseblunts, etc.) 06/20/11 09:20 AM
overth: that jaws kid is really something he has BIG things going on haha 06/17/11 04:13 PM
chibue: so two dolphins and a bee walk into the bar and...yep thats it 06/18/11 09:44 AM
mrober: 06/17/11 05:06 PM
einste: my dad lmoat got aponsered by birghouse...the he had me :) 06/18/11 11:27 AM
Buzy28: Let it fly Ill grab it like a hawk 06/19/11 11:46 PM
sscarb: Squawk, Squawk I want to fly with the bird. 06/17/11 08:53 PM
dement: I didnt win last time and I cried about. That should have made you laugh. (My son's current deck is d-e-a-d and he'd kill this one, too!) 06/17/11 03:31 PM
artich: if i won this maybe i could skate like aaron homoki, though i seriously doubt it..... 06/17/11 03:55 PM
blue6s: 23 Skidoo! 06/19/11 10:31 PM
paulfe: 06/18/11 11:15 AM
shanej: GTFO FGGTZ, I WANT THAT BOARD 06/17/11 03:30 PM
sean.b: HANGIN IN A BIRDHOUSE ! 06/18/11 11:47 AM
gibbs.: daamn, your face is sorta plucked up in this picture 06/17/11 04:05 PM
kristi: Board looks sick, hope i can win it! :) 06/18/11 11:51 PM
bdeen@: I would love this for my son who will start skateboarding soon! 06/17/11 07:38 PM
rjost0: This is my comment... its lame, I know. 06/17/11 04:31 PM
skater: skate from fate is what id do and plus tear it up at spot with my free session pass from skate camp... 06/18/11 06:54 PM
franci: I never win these things but I really need a new deck so I might as well give it a try. :D haha 06/18/11 03:51 AM
ryan8c: skatepark of tampa ! 06/17/11 06:03 PM
garry.: I like turtles. And Skateboarding. And I like free things though. Can I have that deck? kthxbai. 06/17/11 04:42 PM
tdesan: Im little but bad@ss on a skateboard 06/18/11 12:27 PM
all52w: Those are pretty dang nice decks! 06/18/11 01:05 PM
makaya: who let the birds out, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet....... 06/17/11 03:51 PM
nivade: mokelife!!!! 06/19/11 07:09 AM
skate4: awesome 06/17/11 05:06 PM
sbowes: greco says bony cock 06/17/11 04:23 PM
cason.: awesome! 06/17/11 04:29 PM
hhea_t: I want one of those decks. Please. 06/20/11 11:13 AM
mpopow: Birdhouse Deck Me=Yes Please. 06/17/11 03:36 PM
secomp: I would love to have this for my son who will start skateboarding in like 6 months! 06/17/11 07:30 PM
pirate: i could really use a new birdhouse for these chicken feet i got 06/17/11 03:32 PM
tredon: cheeseballs. do i really have to make you laugh? pickleweasel :P 06/17/11 03:32 PM
myrace: ...Bill Clinton. 06/17/11 04:38 PM
dbthum: Nice thumb! 06/17/11 05:37 PM
deetru: Whats green and goes camping? A boy sprout or what dod you call two spiders that have just got married? Newly Webs ...c/o my niece 06/20/11 09:11 AM
robmer: I can hah dat? 06/17/11 05:39 PM
nesaba: my favorite brand and colors i must have! 06/17/11 08:17 PM
evanht: I need a 8.0 to take to alaska with me. 06/17/11 03:30 PM
jeffwo: sweet birdhouse 06/18/11 09:46 AM
collin: please! i need a new deck so bad! my griptape i shredded and my board is cracked!!!!!! please! i need a new one for go skate day! please 06/17/11 03:30 PM
jbanks: THPS 06/17/11 04:53 PM
xskate: havent ridden a BH deck since 'The End' came out. 06/17/11 05:35 PM
sk8er-: Hm I wonder how good Birdhouse decks are. 06/18/11 12:50 AM
Joehea: If i win this deck I will attempt my gnarliest Jaws impression down the craziest thing I can find. 06/17/11 03:45 PM
iwishi: Winning would be cool. 06/17/11 03:30 PM
callie: my bros got nothing on me 06/18/11 12:29 PM
Damon@: Can I get a free decks and shoes dc shirts hats i say and ever theg 06/18/11 05:55 PM
Erleic: I hope im dumb enough to be randumbly picked. 06/18/11 07:54 PM
rob@me: Jaws. 06/17/11 03:38 PM
slim_d: b house? so you want me to be a house? does hawk live in tree house? because a half pipe tree house would be dope. 06/17/11 04:38 PM
jonath: :] 06/17/11 09:21 PM
chisox: Jaws is makin me want a birdhouse! 06/17/11 08:04 PM
ldesan: I will shred this deck 06/18/11 12:24 PM
mullet: winning! 06/18/11 07:09 PM
gbohne: Im gonna make it into a squirrel house 06/17/11 03:30 PM
twalke: what up 06/19/11 03:21 PM
tlight: I need that deck to fly the coop! 06/17/11 03:29 PM
bryant: sick board 06/17/11 03:58 PM
jonath: love tampa! 06/20/11 08:54 AM
leeway: i need a new birdhouse for my backyard 06/18/11 07:50 AM
skatyr: Im 44 still sk8tin got back into it cause of tony hawks video games 06/17/11 06:37 PM
jmyers: 06/19/11 03:33 AM
slim_d: im about to e bash somebody in the face over this digital product toss. 06/17/11 04:50 PM
Matted: Tweety would be pissed at those colors 06/19/11 08:37 PM
chirii: winning :) 06/18/11 08:27 PM
msende: FLY BIRDIE FLY 06/17/11 06:30 PM
Cantsk: WTF!!!!!! What happened to the days of graphics??? I dont even want it... Just kidding, ill take 2 please!!!! RED DRAGONS!!!!!!! 06/17/11 03:49 PM
tresha: . 06/19/11 02:34 PM
jamesn: i dont know wat to say 06/20/11 11:05 AM
jessbi: My vaginas got lots of extra skin,They took my outtie 06/18/11 01:13 PM
cs2521: This deck, me , good times 06/17/11 04:18 PM
matthe: I havent skated a Birdhouse deck since "The End". I loved that board, and would love to try this one! 06/17/11 03:54 PM
wdesan: I will shred harder then my brother with this board 06/18/11 12:25 PM
fancy1: Please sir master sir I would like to win. 06/18/11 08:54 PM
jp22j@: Would love to see Birdhouse team back at the top being sick again. 06/17/11 03:42 PM
shaun.: whats monkeys and acid rain got in common.?. they both f**k up trees. hope you laughed because i would really like the shiny deck 06/17/11 04:39 PM


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