Street League Kansas City 2011 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Street League Kansas City 2011

Posted on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 by Rob

By Ryan Clements

I took a short trip to Kansas City for Street League. I really enjoyed my time there since I didn’t officially have to work, but there was still plenty of work-related socializing to be done. I’ll tell you, I truly felt like I was in the middle of America, and it was a great feeling. I’m totally a fan of KC and the skate scene there. If there’s a reason to return, I’ll be there.

It was a little rainy when I landed on Friday morning. Like many cities in the Midwest, there’s a river running right through it.
I headed right over to the arena and immediately ran into Rob Dyrdek. As he and I were talking, he was eating a Subway sandwich. When mustard came out the end of it and landed all over Rob’s brand new, white Street League shirt, it was that very moment that I realized that he’s not perfect.
Skater Profile: Rob Dyrdek
I’ve been seeing Appleyard around for at least 10 years. It’s okay that he doesn’t know my name because now he just calls me Silverfox.
Skater Profile: Mark Appleyard
Luan Oliveira is not permitted to drink underage at The Bricks, but we’re not the Drinking Police in KC. He and David Gonzalez were having a good time at the open bar the night before Qualifiers.
Skater Profile: Luan Oliveira
“Oh, it’s open bar? I hope I don’t drink too much,” said Shane O’Neill. It happens.
Skater Profile: Shane O'Neill
After drinking too much myself, I woke up and had breakfast with Reda. Then he and I went shopping together. Not really, but I can definitely see him in this shirt. There are hippies in KC?
Skater Profile: Giovanni Reda
Jeff Pang and Andy Beaumarchais from DC were entertaining the kids out front of the arena.
Skater Profile: Jefferson Pang
Shecky blasting a fs flip during practice.
Skater Profile: Ryan Sheckler
Rob just can’t get enough photos of Dylan Rieder.
Skater Profile: Dylan Rieder
Mickey Reyes looks over all of Peter Ramondetta’s back-up set-ups. That’s preparation!
Skater Profile: Mic-e Reyes
I think we need coasters like this for Tampa Pro.
The amazing view from the DC Suite. Thanks fellas!
After Saturday’s Qualifiers we headed to Gates Bar B.Q. for some proper grub and I ran into none other than Dave Duncan out front!
Skater Profile: Dave Duncan
When Sean Malto asks, “Would you like to come over to my place?” you don’t decline the invitation. The King of KC has done damn well for himself.
Skater Profile: Sean Malto
As if Malto couldn’t get any more perfect, he even has great taste in artwork.
The morning of the Finals I was hanging in the Crowne Plaza lobby and got to see a lot of heads. Mike Mo is old buds with DVS/Matix TM Gabe Clement.
Skater Profile: Mike Mo Capaldi
Crowne Plaza was crawling with agents! You might recognize this guy from “Life of Ryan.” It’s Steve Astephen, Sheckler’s and Pudwill’s representative.
Nick Dompierre was in line looking for some morning coffee.
Skater Profile: Nick Dompierre
I headed over to the arena and gravitated towards Black Box GM, Chad Foreman. He and I talk a lot of crap together.
Back up in the DC Suite, Pang took our dollars. We were betting on ever single trick by yelling the scores out before they were posted. Whoever was closest gets $1 from everyone and an exact guess yields $2 from the entire crew. Good times...
Skater Profile: Jefferson Pang
There is a press conference after every Street League. That may have been the most entertaining time of the weekend!
Skater Profile: Nyjah Huston
Plan B Team Manager and ripping skateboarder Ryan Denman had his hands full with his pros’ boards.
Skater Profile: Ryan Denman
Immediately following the event, California Skateparks started the demolition process.
The line out front for autographs went on forever. Bye KC.


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