AmsterDamn Am 2011 Sequences

Posted on Wednesday, July 6, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Alec Majerus - 360 flip
Alec Majerus - frontside feeble across and down. Look how that front toe keeps it in check.
Damn, forgot who this backside 360 is.
Hermann Stene - bigflip.
Douwe Macare - switch flip.
Eniz Fazliov - backside nosegrind.
Ishod Wair - frontside 270 switch front board.
Jean-Marc Johannes - big spin.
Freddy Krueger - lipslide.
Steven Webb - alley oop nosegrind.
Daan vd Linden aka Turtle Boy - one foot hang-up.
Daan vd Linden - backside 360 nosegrab. He ended up being the Zumiez Destroyer for the weekend.

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AmsterDamn Am 2011 Presented by Volcom

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