Digital Product Toss Results: Plan B Torey Pudwill Deck Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Digital Product Toss Results: Plan B Torey Pudwill Deck

Posted on Thursday, July 14, 2011 by Rob

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "zacchris" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Zac. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing. Watch for another DPT real soon.

zacchr: Watching TPud kill it in street league made me jizz in my pants. Now I could use some Plan B. 07/13/11 04:09 AM
o9nams: nollie flip nollie varial heelsack boardslide 07/12/11 02:28 PM
pingsk: I hear T-Puds does coke. In that case, I need this board. 07/13/11 11:32 PM
bfrizz: Shoveling a big dig, huddle in a tunnel of big dreams, I think big things. Ima burn with this little light of mine and a prime concern to e 07/13/11 05:10 PM
bernar: Rasta is all the craze now! 07/12/11 09:18 PM
gomezc: Amazing no doubt about it!!! 07/13/11 10:39 PM
mark.a: switch shaka grind to 180 middle finger revert to point away from the camera 07/12/11 06:47 PM
bmzhen: sweet deck! 07/12/11 07:26 PM
youngj: hahahaha da dude looks like he has masive diaria. why is called big bang cuz in da pik he looks like his getting banged in da ass no offense 07/12/11 07:13 PM
mattoc: i wonna see a kickflip backlip/backtail/back to backlip to grizzly flip out .... please 07/12/11 05:53 PM
Oldver: Pud 07/12/11 06:30 PM
alex78: Whatever it is I want a late shuvit out. 07/12/11 02:01 PM
mhirsc: ..just think of the naked asian dude jumping out of the trunk with a tire iron in the movie hangover... makes me laugh 07/12/11 03:06 PM
enjoid: big bang theory 07/12/11 04:08 PM
tmurph: this is how we chill from 93 till! 07/12/11 02:18 PM
holden: My ledge combo request is a back tail bigspin.I should get this board cuz i broke all 3 of mine the same way within an hour of each other :P 07/12/11 07:47 PM
hipp@n: my mom thinks im retarded cause i keep trying to win, and i dont, please help me prove her wrong, and rub it in her face. thanks bro 07/12/11 07:10 PM
dennis: Quite fitting that his arms are on his deck graphic. 07/12/11 02:15 PM
legits: Get a ticket after you slam! 07/13/11 02:15 PM
plumbu: Toreys so sick so we need to give him a challenge. I say back smith to bluntslide double flip out 07/12/11 02:12 PM
rtw291: that board is ugly, the creator is biting (not inspired by) Roy lichtenstein...and put some more creature in the shop too GAWDDAMMIT. 07/13/11 02:20 PM
bradle: Nollie benihana to back tail to fatty spliff toke to cough to get off to fakie big spin. 07/12/11 02:49 PM
davybo: diamond life , Grizzly Grip Life ,that nigga t-puds killed it give that nigga SoTY 07/13/11 10:47 PM
blakes: the video was amazing!!! to the skating and to the crazy black guy it was all great made me laugh and got me hyped to skate,keep it up torey 07/13/11 02:58 PM
jehski: first timer in the Digital Product Tosses 07/12/11 02:40 PM
greeze: I just finished watching the promo video and neeed a new board cuz my 35yr old WQS (wont quit skating) ass snaped my board monday morning 07/13/11 01:27 PM
supboy: dude why the hell did u throw ur board there is no plucking reason to do that 07/12/11 08:02 PM
matthe: Can I win? 07/12/11 02:03 PM
moonwa: Torey, do a backside tail to 3 shuv out because... IM ALL OUT OF BUTTER 07/13/11 11:50 PM
natura: nollie flip to a backside tailslide and big spin out ride away hop off your board and eat a creamy vanilla waffer like the bad dude you are! 07/13/11 05:13 PM
theygo: ols skool st8r from the early 90s tired of payin out my ass for reproductions 07/12/11 04:33 PM
bianca: gotta love em. 07/12/11 02:01 PM
teaff@: 3 Facts-1.Your reading my comment 2.Youre realizing? that's a stupid fact 4.You didn't? notice I skipped three 5.You forgot;i said 3 facts 07/12/11 02:15 PM
Mgjerv: Do a switch triple flip back tail bigger spin out while licking chris haslams sweaty ads ball sack 07/12/11 10:03 PM
bobbyh: Ledge combo? I live in massachusetts, a backside lipslide is tech enough. 07/13/11 01:32 PM
kwb505: Do0d Torey lets see a lazerflip back tail, iv never seen you lazerflip or back tail in my life 07/14/11 02:36 AM
dl985@: How many Mexicans does it take to screw in a light bulb? ................ Juan 07/13/11 11:31 PM
Btw117: If His walet hit the ground it would make a big bang 07/13/11 10:53 PM
Tresha: Ill big bang your mom... 07/12/11 09:50 PM
lorne.: Rebecca Black is my favorite is my favorite artist!.....not! 07/13/11 08:14 PM
Uknoww: do a stanky legged front 50 50 and ride away sketchy you and everyone your with starts screaming OHHHHHHHH!! and act like it was really big! 07/13/11 05:24 PM
alilso: backside lipslide front bigspin to fakie out, nothin funny bout that, but id like to see it 07/13/11 03:28 PM
Shoppi: Dont you hate when you think you have to fart but end up sharting? Story of my life.... 07/12/11 02:22 PM
stevei: yeeeeehaw, hardflip back tail 07/13/11 08:02 AM
michae: pop over a midget to back smith. YES. 07/14/11 01:31 AM
kennet: i really need a new board i went for a front lip and my board snaped in half...and i landed streight on my Ba...and dats a nice board.. 07/12/11 11:48 PM
artich: torey in purple blind jeans and 2x plan b shirt doing a slappy noseslide to nosegrind switch pressure flip out...... 07/13/11 09:23 AM
chance: yeee tpuds!!!! thats how you roll with a great skater and great board niceee! 07/12/11 02:07 PM
dartma: Maybe I will finally win something! lol I would love to hook this up and donate it to Boards For Bros. 07/12/11 03:54 PM
xtxrad: 07/13/11 01:08 PM
steven: Id hate for this box of kitten on my window sill to fall if Torey doesn't do an Inward Heel Crooked Grind... 07/12/11 05:43 PM
z9jvel: yo!! well i need a deck after my fat exgirlfriend broke my PRod deck !! B**** 07/12/11 02:23 PM
brand0: YO TPUD massive ass pop 07/13/11 01:16 AM
wtimmy: nollie inward heelslip frontside noseslide backside big spin out. 07/13/11 05:01 PM
joehea: Thrasher and Plan B teaming up for a free video part is almost as good a combo as a t-pud smith/tail/smith. 07/12/11 02:15 PM
einste: i would die to have this 07/12/11 03:04 PM
tony.n: SPOT or die 07/12/11 02:56 PM
consta: back tail kickflip back noseblunt. Torey said he wants that trick, and heres his motivation 07/13/11 03:35 PM
robmer: eat dinner during your next back lip 07/12/11 01:47 PM
jaysol: 07/12/11 02:40 PM
reigns: torey is bangin!! 07/13/11 08:33 AM
dbthum: switch half cab flip to crooked grind to nollie 360 flip out, Chinese style! 07/13/11 08:51 AM
rferre: Welcome back to the sweaty nutsack, i mean Tampa!! 07/12/11 02:16 PM
colton: Hey ive never rode a plan b deck but i broke my creature board and havent had a deck in 3 months so pick me so i can go skate again! Thanks! 07/12/11 10:46 PM
marvel: Nice board, I put it to good use. 07/12/11 02:17 PM
mc6553: Torey request bstshffsnskfbs270out 07/13/11 12:09 AM
Kmotlh: Took me 16 months to ollie properly 07/14/11 09:12 AM
ted@tr: I love you 07/12/11 07:10 PM
ghetto: Do a backside flip to backside lip to backside tail to backside 270 out .PushPush.Now backside 360 kickflip to backside 5-0 on a curb >:P 07/13/11 06:55 AM
felixp: skatepark of tampa best park/skateshop out in florida, hands down. 07/13/11 12:01 AM
anndwi: ledge dancing 07/12/11 03:15 PM
jmyers: pluck 07/12/11 11:51 PM
sk8er-: kickflip to BS overcrooks to BS smith tre flip out and when he lands it his board turns into a spaceship and he flies away. 07/12/11 09:17 PM
xxperf: I just watched battle commander of torey pudwill will that board. his part in the berrics was amazing. i want that board bad. 07/14/11 12:49 AM
fissio: 07/13/11 10:49 AM
keenan: BUTT pluck A SPARROWS shoop 07/14/11 05:49 AM
lifefo: a slappy smith flip tail 270 curbs ftw! 07/12/11 02:09 PM
zac.fa: sickest part ever but he could of picked better music 07/12/11 02:05 PM
fueled: there is an earth inside our earth, 800 miles below the surface, it has its own sun, and native population. two ways to enter, N/S poles. 07/12/11 05:50 PM
theygo: 36 year old skater tired of paying out the ass for reproductions in need of help 07/12/11 05:24 PM
oaikue: Did anyone really nice just how high Torey popping ollies of the ground? Hid was doing smiths on like 4 feet high ledges!!! 07/12/11 02:24 PM
Bravor: I like tpud 07/12/11 02:20 PM
pingsk: He should of chosen a better ender. I want to see a Nollie Inward Front Feeble. Ohhh, that would be so SICK! 07/13/11 11:38 PM
goodma: go to google and look up Brian Peppers, my friends and I laughed for 5 mins straight 07/12/11 02:30 PM
andybu: Please 07/13/11 10:00 AM
jpenic: back tail switch front k blunt inward heel out 07/12/11 03:37 PM
sebast: your a sick skater......... and i neeed a board im broke ass fucck 07/13/11 11:07 AM
solita: I need a board for my 7 yr old son!(Im broke due to to divorce :) make it happen? We live in sarasota..Love to YOU 07/12/11 10:18 PM
Elemen: I wish this is how earth started 07/13/11 04:06 AM
Cstolb: Approximately 13.7 billion years ago Torey pudwill made the big bang in skate boarding history 07/13/11 08:53 PM
michae: sick deck ! 07/13/11 06:56 PM
Marson: The plan b team is stacked 07/12/11 10:52 PM
Manuel: Hook it up!!!! I went to tampa pro this year all the way from rhode island 07/12/11 04:53 PM
Timbur: I heard the universe started off with toreys big bang 07/12/11 02:12 PM
franky: pole jam lien to tail early pull out. no homo? 07/13/11 10:57 AM
sean.b: banginnnnnnnnnnn 07/13/11 09:54 AM
smit.m: i hope this comments makes you laugh or even giggle or even smile 07/12/11 02:10 PM
blue6s: The kids still got it. Also, hey pluck yuh. 07/13/11 10:34 PM
simmon: biggest backside tailslide ever! 07/12/11 04:54 PM
cchris: Dear Mr.Torey, The ledge combo i request you to do is kickflip into bs lip then pogo jumps then back to lip then scorpion out. 07/13/11 12:42 AM
godspe: what the Masnick? 07/12/11 08:28 PM
ftkmed: full booze flip into a fakie 180 chicken wing grind to bounce check barstool huck nose manual landing (at the tampa pro) 07/12/11 10:48 PM
Sk8sta: Torey Pudwill is songood we have to freeze him and thaw him out in 2015 so people have a chance of being that good. 07/12/11 02:47 PM
asylum: well it would definatly be a big banger to see a nollie cab flip to bs smith grind cause we all know you got some massive nollie flip powers 07/13/11 03:11 PM
ghazzu: dope board!!! 07/12/11 04:12 PM
nikees: thatssoo niiic3 07/13/11 06:37 PM
rbates: Theres something gratifying about paying for your drinks with sweaty dollars ! 07/13/11 08:31 PM
jair.h: T-Pudz is my favorite skater. 07/13/11 01:04 AM
ishbu1: Please do a lip to smith grind with an "oweeee" at the end for good measure 07/12/11 03:51 PM
rubena: FS Flip to Switch Moonwalk 5-0 07/12/11 11:54 PM
eamata: Id like to see a 3 shove underflip. shoop spins like a plucking lawnmower. 07/12/11 08:53 PM
wyattm: why did the elephant fly home?there was traffic. 07/12/11 05:11 PM
oldbit: live by the board die by the board 07/14/11 01:23 AM
shredm: Ive had the same board for 4 years. cracked it last night. Jobless. My chick just got fired. Im writing a country song. Tell Durke Hi 07/12/11 02:06 PM
egomez: Front lip to a peanutbuttery nosegrind to grizzly creamy 5-0 with a dorito crispy tre-flip out =] 07/12/11 02:21 PM
bill.l: I will take it. 07/12/11 02:01 PM
jdunn1: switch crailslide switch lazerflip out 07/12/11 04:04 PM
Wigspl: throw dwn a backtail kickflip out back into backtail, get what im sayin? and shout out too jake the snake and tell him i want my 20$ large. 07/13/11 04:29 AM
frodri: Big Torey Bang PudWill Video! The deck says everything! 07/12/11 02:00 PM
grantg: hey torey, your girlfriends hot...can i have the board? 07/12/11 02:04 PM
twalke: nollie heelflip backside noseblunt backside bigspin out. 07/13/11 04:48 PM
bancam: Torey uses cheat codes to pop 07/12/11 02:03 PM
pennie: nollie back side crooke nollie frontside flip out ride away and scream pluck steve harvey and drink some strawberry milk 07/13/11 05:32 PM
crawfo: Torey, kickflip backlip to kickflip backlip to front shuv 5-0 back 180...chill out man its not project 8 07/12/11 11:41 PM
callaw: nollie flip front crook nollie bigspin out to somebody elses iphone smash 07/12/11 02:19 PM
joeyaf: Im gonna rip out your Grandmamas ass pubes, roll it up into a joint, and make you smoke it. 07/13/11 11:52 PM
ryanpe: i better plucking win 07/12/11 05:56 PM
mydads: do a tight ass nollie crook to a buttery ass heelflip 07/12/11 08:34 PM
makaya: nollie out to ledge to primo slide to 50-50 nollie late backfoot kickflip 180 out to beer in cooler:) 07/13/11 09:43 AM
sk8r4l: how many quit can a quit nut quit if a quit nut could not quit 07/12/11 08:06 PM
Thisiz: Torey is one of the cleanest tech skaters out there, but he can still throw bangers down big shoop! 07/13/11 03:05 AM
cole99: Torey making a big bang like it aint no thang 07/12/11 02:09 PM
Devant: Yo Son Yo Son Whts Good Wid Dat Board I Need Dat Shii I Wna B Jus Lik Da Bigg Homie Torey Wid All Da Pow n Bangin Tricks Son 07/12/11 02:04 PM
tlbrow: That vid is so sick! Wicked pop 07/13/11 09:40 PM
ChiefL: Toreys Big Bang part was frackin' sick. He is the dopestest skater on the planet YO. I want a new Torey board bad. Know Future 11/11/11! 07/13/11 02:28 AM
kodibr: Torey Pubwill kills it pick me plz i need a new one. (: 07/12/11 09:40 PM
shuffl: Torey Pudwill is grizzly as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck 07/12/11 07:45 PM
Matted: I think he is covering his eyes at my last attempt a mere lipslide.. :-( 07/12/11 10:12 PM
imtina: Our grandson would love this. 07/12/11 02:42 PM
skater: I need this to get my brother back into skating! He just quit for BMX! Joke right? Im about to smack this SOB and get him to grow a pair!!! 07/12/11 02:05 PM
sthawl: chuck norris could of done a back tail backside flip off the ledge you backed tail in your big bang part 07/14/11 02:31 AM
zackck: sickest free video part, ever. 07/13/11 11:27 AM
dhornb: Todd will stop eating all of your cheese if I win... 07/12/11 02:20 PM
hjeman: Need Wood! 07/12/11 05:30 PM
skatea: kickflip back tail, kickflip again to back tail, kickflip out all in one combo. 07/12/11 06:24 PM
scoopz: i stuck up for you the other day, someone said you ate shoop sandwiches, i told them you didnt like bread... 07/12/11 04:11 PM
Sean_M: You guys always have the best prices on shoes! 07/13/11 12:55 PM
jrj071: TORRY! 07/13/11 05:54 AM
dazoha: Paln B is Sick 07/13/11 02:24 PM
pizzle: T-Puds for SOTY! 07/13/11 02:35 PM
rdb201: hey girl wanna suck on my tooth? 07/12/11 02:39 PM
garlit: torey pudwill is the man. nobody skates like he does 07/13/11 05:09 PM
xskate: That video blew my fuggin mind. 07/12/11 02:01 PM
toyhay: This deck looks so sick, It would mean the world to win this. 07/13/11 03:47 PM
consta: back lip kickflip back noseblunt. Torey said in an inrterview that he wants to do that trick, so heres his motivation. 07/13/11 03:32 PM
mestew: do a 900 to a darkslide then backflip 540 07/13/11 10:20 PM
joshua: B/S 50.50 backside 180 to switch 50.50. Always wanted to see someone pull that and Torey would be the one who could make it happen! 07/12/11 02:18 PM
Sagako: SPoT is the SPOT! 07/12/11 02:11 PM
halo95: Sw flip, sw fs lip for like 2 hours , Sw 3 shuv out then say f*** you!!!! 07/12/11 07:13 PM
moises: i need a new deck and toreys retarded ass is one of my faves.:D 07/12/11 02:07 PM
payton: no need for bathroom when you just can eat it 07/13/11 10:58 PM
jorge6: backside lipslide to moonwalk to the robot nollie flip out 07/12/11 02:33 PM
chris9: big bang theory god who?// 07/13/11 09:30 AM
ernest: if your left leg is christmas and your right is new years, can i come between the holidays? 07/12/11 02:32 PM
jmboyl: varial heel nosegrind nollie frontside flip out to turn off EA Skate 3 07/13/11 12:19 AM
kaisto: i need a board 07/13/11 08:34 PM
easter: he should do a tre flip back tail to bigger flip cause i did it in skate 2. 07/12/11 02:15 PM


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