Zero/DGK Fresh 'Til Death Demo Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Zero/DGK Fresh 'Til Death Demo

Posted on Thursday, August 11, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Joe Pelhma's Footage

Did the frontside pop shuv ever get made? I don't know, but the attempts looked good.
Keegan Sauder came in hot with an early grab roast beef over the pyramid. Thanks for the entertainment!
John Rattray flicked it for the warm up.
This dude put in the work for the frontside 5-0 around the elbow. Even after hard concrete to ass crack, he still got back up and made a clean one, complete with rollaway with hands on the head. I love seeing that kind of determination. Hell yeah.
Tommy Sandoval flipped it both ways. First frontside.
And then backside.
Is there anything better than a full grown ass man skate nerd? Shop staff was there to get the John Hancocks.
I was fanning out myself and hounding the chiefs of the fresh and death for photos. Stevie Williams and Jamie Thomas, thanks for coming again to our hot, crusty skateboard hut.
Dane Burman, 360 flip from down under.
Haven't seen Tony Cervantes in years. I hope you're back on the travel schedule, Tony.
How does Chris Cole come out of this frontside 180 switch feeble to forward with no soggy ground pivot at all?
John Fitzgerald's 5-0 on the rail is neither frontside nor backside. It's straight on over.
Damn, I don't know this dude, but he was killing it. This back smith on the rail is just one of many things he put down. Update: it's Kyle Fredrick.
Tommy Sandoval - nollie frontside feeble.
Lenny Rivas - nollie frontside nosegrind.
Damn, Chris Cole, varial heel out of that long 5-0?
Rodrigo Tx - nollie frontside nosegrind.
The best looking stunt of the night was Lenny Rivas' nollie inward heel.
At every demo I've ever seen Jamie Thomas at, he's skating the longest. This back smith was after a couple hours of skating when he was far from done.
Jack Curtin always has the good looking tech. That's a backside 180 fakie 5-0.
There was a decent sized crowd for this demo. That's not quite the norm.
John Fitzgerald jumped that thing into the bank.
Jack Curtin - backside 180 heelflip nosegrind.
Dane Burman - frontside 180 fakie 5-0 shuv.
Josiah Gatlyn - front blunt up.
Chris Cole - backside noseblunt up. Thanks ya'll for an amazing demonstration of ripping skateboarding.


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