Hawk Lands at SPoT Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Hawk Lands at SPoT

Posted on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 by Rob

Photos by Joe Pelham
Video by Josh Wilson
Words by Ryan Clements

It’s been a long time since Tony Hawk has skated in a demo at Skatepark of Tampa. I’m talking 90’s here. Big thanks to Tony and the entire Birdhouse crew for swinging by SPoT on their MIA to NYC Tour. It started to rain and we thought for a minute that we wouldn’t be getting a vert demo, but Birdman, Staab, and friends waited it out and everyone got what they wanted to see. Thanks to everyone for coming out on a weekday in that outrageous August heat.

The newest am on Birdhouse, Clive Dixon, smith grinds the wrong way.
Jaws not only ollies off the biggest drops in the world, but he can frontside flip, too.
Old but not forgotten: Willy Santos keeping up with the young guns with his own frontside flip.
This was Dirty, Clint Walker’s homie from Oklahoma.
Willy Santos – bs smith on the hubba.
It’s not often we get a vert demo at SPoT. The place was packed. Thanks to everyone for coming out!
As colorful and cool as ever, Kevin Staab is still making it happen. He’s seriously one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet and he’s due for a cover of Frontside Grind Magazine. Editor's note: he's an alumni.
Jaws is a true ATV, and he shows us with this frontside stalefish on the vert ramp.
Inverts are always crowd pleasers and Tony Hawk never bails them.
Oh yeah...Birdman with an airwalk to fakie. Classic!
Josiah is proof that wishes do come true. The Make-A-Wish Foundation arranged for him to meet Tony Hawk and after that he was amped to skate, so the SPoT Crew stepped in for a private session in The Dungeon.
There was plenty to do besides watch the Birdhouse Team skate, like compete in the Tech Deck Fingerboard Qualifiers. Not joking...
Thanks to our friends at the Yo Yo Factory for the promo.
Yeah, so what, it rained. It rains everyday in the summer in Tampa. But the vert guys waited it out and still shredded.
True American Worker Frosty is always making it happen. Support companies like Birdhouse that support skate parks like SPoT!
Jared works with Tony Hawk, Inc. This is not a Quiksilver ad.
Birdman makes sure that every kid that meets him walks away with a smile.
Kevin Staab demonstrates that you’re never too old to dye your hair pink.
If you were there, you know that the line was really long. Not every single person got an autograph. Thanks for your patience and sorry if you didn’t get what you came out for…it was hectic.
Let's see you ollie off a building and do that at the same time, Jaws.
Multiple tents means that you get free stuff everywhere you turn.
Scotty asked, “Clem, can I please be in the Fingerboard Contest?” Of course I said yeah…wouldn’t want to upset the bear.
Oh, you thought that Tony Hawk couldn’t boardslide a handrail? Think again. Yeah Tony!
Kickflip melon body jar! Jaws can do those within a few tries every single time.
Tony Hawk - tail drop.

Footage from Birdhouse


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