Maloof Money Cup DC Am Jams and Live Webcast Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Maloof Money Cup DC Am Jams and Live Webcast

Posted on Saturday, September 3, 2011 by Rob

Check out the live webcast and jams below.

It's looking like most of you think Lutzka is going to win. Make your top 12 picks in the SPoT Maloof Money Cup Pro Finals Betting Pool and you can win a trip to Maloof Orange County later this year. The picks that closest match to the Final 12 results wins. You get 50 points for getting first right, 40 points for getting second right, 30 points for getting third right, etc. The person with the most points goes to Orange County with us. You have until 4pm today to get your picks in.

Am Jams

Jam 1

Corey Huber
Waynesboro PA
Pit Crew
Filipe Ortiz
Curitiba Brazil
Volcom, DC, Blind, Tensor
Matt Berger
BC Canada
Matix Clothing, Tensor (flow), Almost (flow), B&B Boardshop, Bones Wheels (flow), Monster
Yoshi Tanenbaum
Silver Spring MD
Nike SB (flow), Palace 5, Elite Boardshop, Red Bull

Jam 2

Connor Champion
Raleigh NC
Spitfire, Thunder, Vertical Urge Skate Shop, Nike SB, Super, Skate Mental
Daniel Lutheran
Albuquerque NM
Toy Machine, Insight, Vans, Pig, Ashbury, Beach Zone, Stance Socks, Indy
Jon Dickson
Antioch IL
Deathwish, Fallen, Altamont, OJ Wheels
Kevin Romar
Cypress CA
KR3W, Blind, Supra, Shake Junt, Venture, Bones

Jam 3

Andrew Langi
Redwood City CA
Flip Skateboards, LRG, Vans, Indy, Dakine, Bones Wheels, Mob Grip, Diamond Supply Co., Momentum Ride Shop, Meiste Watches
Curren Caples
Ventura CA
Flip Skateboards, Hurley, Indy, Vans, Ricta Wheels, Mob Grip, Red Bull, Momentum Ride Shop, Bones Swiss
Ishod Wair
Hamilton NJ
Nike SB, Real, Thunder, Spitfire, Fourstar, Reign Skate Shop, Anthony's Cookies, Stance Socks, Monster Energy Drink
Scott DeCenzo
Delta BC Canada
Plan B, Circa, Indy, CCS, RDS Clothing, Arnette

Jam 4

Alec Majerus
Rochester MN
3rd Lair, Volcom, Vans, Alien Workshop, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder Trucks
Kyle Walker
Oklahoma City OK
Volcom, Thunder, Spitfire, Real, Adidas, Active
Louie Lopez
Hawthorne CA
Flip Skateboards, Volcom, Globe, Indy, Ricta, Mob Grip, Vitamin Water, Momentum Ride Shop, Bones Swiss
Sebo Walker
Salem OR
Stacks, Lakai (flow), Autobahn, Exit Real World, Altamont
Trevor Colden
Virginia Beach VA
Rein Skate Shop, Omit, Emerica, Altamont, Mystery


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