Maloof Money Cup DC 2011: Photos and Tourist Mission Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Maloof Money Cup DC 2011: Photos and Tourist Mission

Posted on Wednesday, September 7, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

We did get to street skate for a bit the first night we got there. After that, it was all work. Just pushing through DC is so amazing.
You have to be really good to skate this baby ledge into that scary bank.
DC is now one of my favorite American cities. Everything from the architecture to the history to the simple things like the street signs make this place amazing.
The cab system seems as complicated as a tax return. You get separate charges if you use the trunk space or have extra people with you.
Andrew Reynolds, thanks for making this Contest the best it could be.
Theotis was one of the first few on the course before the dust was cleared.
The Capitol Building was just down the street from where we stayed. Everything around it is super dark with the dome lit like a stadium.
It's glowing white like new porcelain or something.
They love their reflective bodies of water here.
Back at the Maloof site, the opening ceremony is going on with Joe Maloof and some important city people.
Andrew Reynolds with his mom and family. I like how The Boss has no stickers on his board. He doesn't need to market your busted products.
Brandon Westgate, kickflip up to hang and pitch.
Is that the Head of State in Marine One? This helipcopter flew over several times.
The Editor accepted Andrew Reynolds' $160k bribe to be on the cover of The Mag.
When Andrew kickflips the can, you can just insert another one on top of it and he will still clear it.
Dennis Busenitz, worn and tired after an intense jam.
Doug E. Fresh and his lady on lurk before the show.
Doug E. Fresh had the whole crowd moving right before the Finals.
Manny Santiago had all the ladies moving.
These babies have all the hot dance moves.
Which one of ya'll stole all our banners?
Schaefer always gets a winning photo like this.
The Pitcrew Skate Shop dudes were the most entertaining in the crowd. Bobby Worrest back smiths up while his cheering section shouts in the back.
The cheering section quickly turned salty once a skater they were not a fan of got on the course.
The media frency as seen from the podium.
Congrats, Andrew Reynolds.
Cheers, Andrew Reynolds.
We went on crazy tourist mission the next day. First stop was the Air and Space Museum with our guide here, Mr. Turkey Neck.
What a fascinating story it is with the Wright Brothers. They dared to think something as absurd as making humans fly. Imagine the heckling they must have gotten. Despite that, they made it happen. Amazing that this was all less than a century ago, too.
The child-like wonder I have about all things related to space and the universe is never going to go away.
The child-like behavior is also never going to go away. Thanks Brittany for accepting my child-likeness and running with it.
A giant poop spider art sculpture. Wow, anything can be art if the right person calls it that.
Why does the Internal Revenue Service building have to be so boring looking? It's one of the most important pieces to the gub'ment puzzle.
We're at the Smithsonian now, but the building across the street looks way cooler.
History and English were my hardest subjects growing up. I literally could not stay focused on any of that. Math came easy so the A's I got there balanced out the C's and D's I got in the rest of my classes, which kept me floating all the way through junior high, high school, and college. One thing I do remember from those years is that there is something about the Smithsonian and the artifacts that are in there. If it's something cool or important ranging anywhere from a rare coin to an old movie prop, it goes in the Smithsonian. Even as a little kid, I realized it was the museum of all museums. I didn't even know it was in Washington, DC until about six months ago when someone from there emailed me asking about using a photo for this Tony Hawk display they were creating. Today I stopped by to visit and found my photo with Tony Hawk's board. I will never feel like I know enough to be calling myself a legit photographer, but today, I'm feeling pretty legit. I got a photo in the Smithsonian. Wow.


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