Maloof Line Challenge Vegas 2011 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Maloof Line Challenge Vegas 2011

Posted on Sunday, September 18, 2011 by Rob

By Porpe

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Usually at Surf Expo in Orlando you see Jeeps or some other types of all terrain vehicles. When you are at MAGIC in Las Vegas you get Lambos.
Vern Laird said, "If I had a body like this dude I would be walking around half-naked, too."
This is just some of what MAGIC has to offer.
DC was present doing business throughout the Show.
Yes, that is Torey Pudwill as one of the judges for the Maloof Best Line Challenge. It was only appropriate, due to the fact that he's a past winner of a similar contest called Lord of the Lines.
There were some high caliber pros who showed up to skate in the Contest. You could say this is the beginning of Ronnie Creager's contest assault.
Chase Webb was one of the few ams that participated in this open Contest. He squeezed into the Finals with this feeble grind to back lip.
Jack Curtin is no stranger to the Maloof Contests. Look at the poise on this switch backside tailslide.
It was a pleasure seeing Rob G skate. He popped two feet early to make sure this noseblunt slid the entire box.
Jimmy Carlin with a kickflip over the box. I saw him do this at least 10 times in a row.
Julian Christianson was another am who squeezed into the Finals by doing tricks like this nollie 270 to tailslide.
What is Matt Bennett going to do? His signature Bennett grind to switch back tail!
Kenny Anderson with a backside noseblunt.
Morgan Smith has been on a roll after winning Battle at the Berrics. He makes tricks like this fakie 5-0 fakie flip out look easy.
Ronnie Creager put down the most three-trick lines and all of them were amazing. This half cab noseslide 270 heelflip out was a small sample of what helped him win the Contest.
Congratulations Ronnie on winning 10 large in the Maloof Best Line Challenge Presented by MAGIC.


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