Cigar City Dunk Release at SPoT Skate Shop Ybor City Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Cigar City Dunk Release at SPoT Skate Shop Ybor City

Posted on Tuesday, September 20, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek
Footage by Joe Pelham

I remember getting my first pair of high tops and thinking I was the coolest kid out. This was when I was super young, even before I started skating. I was already very attentive to how the bottom of my pants met with the tops of my shoes and how that had to look a certain way. Next came hip-hop and finally came skateboarding. I still can’t believe how lucky I got being able to be part of the culture and lifestyle of all of these amazing things well into the ripe old age I’m at now. Sneakers aren’t number one on the short list of things I love, but they’re definitely on the list and near the top. For everyone in line at the Cigar City Dunk Release, I’d say their list starts with shoes and everything about them. What a weekend. People were in line 24 hours prior to the release time. At just a couple hours before the door opened, everyone was still live, hyped, super cool, excited, and just having a damn good time being around the homies that are just like you. Joe Pelham and Ryan Clements went through the line to chat with a few people in the footage below. I have a few photos I shot below that. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and thanks for working with us on such a limited release and high demand. From the looks of everything, it went pretty smooth. We will do our best to make sure all future releases operate the same way.

Joe Pelham Footage of the Cigar City Dunk Release

Through Twitter, Facebook, emails, phone calls, and in person, we got all kinds of nice words and thanks after the release, like this person who posted on our Facebook wall. Thanks everyone for being so damn cool and orderly with all this madness going on.
I heard a story about some dude about 20th in line that was going into The Bricks for a drink on the regular the night before. He got so hammered he left his chair, cooler, and spot in line at like midnight. Damn, maybe we should have put the coffee and doughnuts out the night before.
That's Jae on the left with all his homies at the front of the line. Sounds like they kept everyone entertained and had a damn good time doing it. I do not support sweatpants in public. Not for a long flight, not for a walk to the mailbox, not even for an overnight campout for bangin' kicks. Well, I guess you have to keep it comfy up there somehow - ha.
Red Bull girls kept the line fueled.
Thanks to Wit E Beats who had a hand in getting the list started in the middle of the night so things wouldn't get too out of hand.
The view from the back of the line in the morning wasn't looking too promising.
Pause for a foot fetish on some old SB's.
Meanwhile, nextdoor SPoT shop employee Gib is getting ready for the rush at 11am.
A very crowded foot fetish with some damn good ones in there.
Clements and Jae. I have those same Dre headphones. I got a free pair of the $300 Sony ones from Delta for flying so much. These Dre ones blow away the Sonys.
Serious representation on the ink.
Gib's ready to dismantle the box fort.
Porpe made it a point to skate by the line the night before with his early pair that he got. What a dick - ha. Then he made up for it by giving his pair to someone in line, but not before tagging them up with dolphin and Twitter name. Geez, Porpe. I guess this is where he'd say, "Follow me, bro!"
I've been talking to Asad here and there on the SPoT Facebook Page. Just noticed his name is number 113 on the list. Glad you got a pair, Asad!
The first few people in line got Nike SB stickers.
Thank you all again for your patience in this crazy situation.
Sweatpants in public are totally worth it when the day ends like this.
Even after the doors opened, it took the line a while to die down. Maybe next time we'll have an extra register to make it quicker. Have I said thanks enough? I don't think so. Thanks AGAIN everyone of you.

Footage from a Local Review: Zaya X, RetrO_oKicks, and MrJones904


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