Road Trip to NYC Street League 2011 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Road Trip to NYC Street League 2011

Posted on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 by Ryan

Words and Photos by: Ryan Clements

In Part 1 of my bike ride up the east coast I went from Tampa to NYC to watch Street League. Here’s Part 2, which was NYC to Tampa, with a few pit stops along the way. I zig-zagged through NJ, had dinner in Philly, spent a couple days in DE, spent five nights in DC working at the Maloof Money Cup, and ultimately rode home that Monday, rounding out a 12 day motorcycle trip with a fair amount of work sprinkled in. Other than feeling a little road worn, the experience of having put over 2,500 miles on my bike and seeing the sights along the way made this one of the more memorable trips.

This was the same afternoon the “hurricane” blew through NYC. By about 4pm it was pretty clear and Justin and I were checking out the City.
Monday morning came quick and it was time to start making my way down towards DC for the Maloof Money Cup on Wednesday. I won’t miss the chaos of riding through NYC.
I went through one of the tunnels and ended up passing by what I think was Jersey City.
It must have been Jersey City, because before I knew it there was the Welcome to Jersey sign again.
I took the Turnpike down to Brick to visit my lifelong friend Kim and her husband Trevor. We were just slightly north of where they film Jersey Shore.
By mid-afternoon on Monday I was riding straight through Jersey on a two lane road, heading for Philadelphia.
By sunset I was just about to Philly.
And there was just enough time to cruise through Center City to check out some of the famous spots before it got dark. Where was Ricky Oyola?
The next day I was in Wilmington, DE visiting family. I asked my cousin for the closest Starbucks, and she directed me to the one near the University campus. I know the college girls thought I was a dirty old man.
Riding through the back roads of Delaware was awesome...perfect temperature and there are no helmet laws there either, just like Florida.
The next day Cousin Sarah saw me off so I could make my way down to DC for Maloof. My companion Scoop joined me for the rest of the trip.
Before I knew it I was in Maryland. It was only a couple of hours to DC.
I got a little lost, but once I saw RFK Stadium I knew I was close.
The entire time we spent in DC was work-oriented, but having my bike up there did have advantages. One morning I got up early and visited some of the monuments.
I’ve been to the Vietnam War Memorial probably six or seven times in the past 20 years and it always leaves me speechless. You’ve got to check that one out someday.
The event came and went and next thing you know it was Labor Day and I was riding home.
I left DC at 5:30am and was making pretty good time.
Hurricane Irene apparently did some damage in North Cacka.
Ride or die.
I felt like I was dodging the rain constantly all morning. Despite the forecast I avoided anything more than a drizzle…until later.
By early afternoon I was already feeling a bit fatigued. I have no idea how I got such a clear picture riding 75mph and randomly pointing and shooting behind me.
Just when I was hauling ass and making great time, this is what I ran into…pretty much a dead stop on Southbound 95.
I missed the picture of the car on the flatbed tow truck, but this is what was left of it on the ground. There was no way anyone survived.
All the way to Georgia. I was determined to be home that evening.
Just as I passed the Welcome to Florida sign, I could see this storm approaching. I pulled over and put on all my gear to stay as dry as possible and had to pack the camera away to keep it dry. The rain only lasted just under an hour.
About five hours later I was in my garage in Ybor City feeling like I got my ass kicked. 900 miles in one day isn’t so bad. Scoop made it in one piece, too,


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