Getting Ready for Black Friday Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Getting Ready for Black Friday

Posted on Thursday, November 24, 2011 by Rob

On Thanksgiving morning, Justin, Alex B, Alex S, Tom, Ryan, Frosty, and Porpe are all getting ready for Black Friday tomorrow at 7am.
This is what your cart should look like on Black Friday.
This blanket has been here covering up the door since day one. Skatepark of Tampa crusty blanket: '93 'till Infinity.
The course is being hand painted all week, too. They're even working on Thanksgiving morning.
The proper planning is preventing poor performance.
Outside, Frosty's getting started on the American dream: A white picket fence.
We've got plenty of decks for $25. These special deals are in-store only. Online, everything is 15% off with everything Vans at 25% off.
There's also a long list of completes for $50 for in-store only.
Hopefully the $20-$30 shoe table doesn't look this empty by the time you get here. We are about to stack this thing.
We're using up our red pen like your grade school teacher on your papers.
Oh, and don't forget it's free skating all day on Black Friday. Snap that fat turkey off the belly right here.
Frosty's corral.
Single file please.
See you at this door at 7am tomorrow.
Stacking the $5 shirt table.
Porpe prepping the $15 jeans rack.
There's an entire section of sweatshirts and button-ups that are $10. Clem is folding them up exaclty how he does at home. His closet is like an army of t-shirt soldiers perfectly folded and stacked evenly like a fresh ream of paper.
These $5 t-shirts will greet you at 7am.
We'll have free breakfast and coffee for you also.
After all the free skating and bargain skateboard gear, the griptape ball is going to be huge. See you bright and early on Black Friday.
Our Black Friday Weekend Sale presented by Vans begins at midnight EST online and 7am at the Skatepark of Tampa Shop. All Vans shoes and apparel are 25% off. The entire store is 15% off, even things that are already on sale. This goes on through Sunday at midnight. In the Shop only, we've got a limited amount of $50 complete skateboards, $25 decks, shoes under $30, $10 sweatshirts and button-ups, $5 t-shirts, and $5 hats. The doors open at 7am Friday with free food and free skating.


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