Tampa Am Semi-Finals Skater List

Posted on Saturday, December 3, 2011 by Rob

Top 10 from the Semi-Finals skaters below make the cut to the Finals to join Shawn Hale and Evan Smith who both qualified first on Friday and Saturday and get to skip the Semi-Finals. Watch it all right here at noon EST on Sunday live.

Heat One

Oklahoma City OK, Age: 17
Volcom, Thunder, Spitfire, Real, Adidas, Active. Music choice: Juicy J
Netherlands, Age: 19
Burnside Skate Shop, Analog, Alien Workshop, Etnies, Monster, Thunder, Spitfire. Music choice:
Whitby Ontario, Age: 20
Circa, Venture, Blind, Diamond, Bones, Red Bull, Scotties Skateshop, Krew, The Rail Skatepark. Music choice: Hip Hop
Cornwall Ontario, Canada, Age: 18
Oakley, DC, Element Canada, Spitfire, Top of the World. Music choice: Hip Hop
Rochester MN, Age: 16
3rd Lair, Volcom, Vans, Flip Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder Trucks . Music choice: Hip Hop
Virginia Beach VA, Age: 17
Rein Skate Shop, Omit, Emerica, Mystery, Thunder, Bones. Music choice: Anything
Hamilton NJ, Age: 20
Nike SB, Real, Thunder, Spitfire, Fourstar, Reign Skate Shop, Anthony's Cookies, Stance Socks, Monster Energy Drink. Music choice: Hip Hop
Richvield MN, Age: 16
Lee Greenwich Clothing, Circa. Music choice: Biggie
Murrieta CA, Age: 16
Element, Active, DVS, Autobahn, Diamond. Music choice: Hip Hop
Gerroa Australia, Age: 17
Brooklyn Projects. Music choice: Anything
Huntington Beach CA, Age: 22
DC, Expedition, United Board Shop, Venture, Gold. Music choice: Hip Hop/ Cam'Rom/ Je
Oceanside CA, Age: 23
DGK (flow), Gold (flow), DC (flow), Venture (flow), Grandeur. Music choice: Hip Hop
BC Canada, Age: 18
Matix Clothing, Thunder, Flip Skateboards, B and B Boardshop, Bones Wheels, Monster. Music choice: Hip Hop
Douglassville PA, Age: 17
Birdhouse (flow), Silver (flow), Ambler Skate Shop. Music choice: Hip Hop
Naples FL, Age: 19
Brotherhood Skateshop. Music choice: Anything
Las Vegas NV, Age: 22
Pharmacy, Mystery, Fallen (Flow). Music choice: Cam'Ron
Tampa FL, Age: 19
Skatepark of Tampa, Altamont (flow), eS Footwear (flow), Pig, Toy Machine (flow). Music choice: Hip Hop
Clearwater FL, Age: 16
ERGO (flow), Tampa (flow). Music choice: Hip Hop
Oslo Norway, Age: 21
Element, Neff. Music choice:

Heat Two

Dallas TX, Age: 22
Nike SB (flow), Index Skateboard Supply, Baker (flow). Music choice: Hip Hop
Naples Florida, Age: 19
Stacks, SUPERbrand, Etnies, Usko, Pharmacy. Music choice: Dr. Octagon
Belgium , Age: 20
Nike SB, Switch Skate Shop, Almost, Venture . Music choice: Hip Hop
Carlsbad CA, Age: 17
Vans, Independent, Foundation, Spitfire. Music choice: Rock
Morehead MN, Age: 22
Red Bull, Prophecy Skateboards, Bones. Music choice: Anything
Santa Ana CA, Age: 15
Active, Autobahn (flow), Destructo (flow), Krochet Kids, Kogi BBQ, Element, Element Clothing. Music choice: Rock
Hawthorne CA, Age: 17
Flip Skateboards, Volcom, Globe, Indy, Ricta, Mob Grip, Vitamin Water, Momentum Ride Shop, Bones Swiss. Music choice: Hip Hop
Parana Brazil, Age: 16
Blind, Nike (Flow), Spitfire, Independent, LB Skate Shop. Music choice: Hip Hop
Portland OR, Age: 21
Nike (flow), Indy (flow), CCS, Diamond (flow), Birdhouse. Music choice: Hip Hop Mac Dre
Huntington Beach CA, Age: 20
etnies (flow), United Boardshop, Plan B, Matix, Bones, Venture. Music choice: Hip Hop
Atlanta GA, Age: 24
Given, IPATH (flow), Oakley, Theeve Trucks, Progressive Skatepark, ERGO, SkullCandy. Music choice: Anything
Cypress CA, Age: 23
KR3W, Blind, Supra, Shake Junt, Venture, Bones, Produce, Furnace. Music choice: Hip Hop
Raleigh NC, Age: 22
Spitfire, Indy, Endless Grind Skate Shop, Nike SB, Skate Mental, Mighty Healthy. Music choice: Hip Hop
Brisbane Australia, Age: 23
Matix Clothing, Stereo, Lakai, Picture Wheel Company, Modus bearings, Ashbury, The Bay Skate. Music choice: Rick Ross
North Hollywood CA, Age: 20
Chocolate, Lakai, Spitfire, Thunder, Val Surf, Diamond. Music choice: Hip Hop
Salt Lake UT, Age: 17
Osiris, BC Surf and Sport, Darkstar, Monster, Bones. Music choice: Metal
American Fork UT, Age: 21
Enties (flow), Mystery (flow), Altamont. Music choice: Hip Hop
Costa Mesa CA, Age: 19
Skatepark of Tampa, Converse, Billabong, SK8Mafia. Music choice: Hip Hop

Footage: Friday at Tampa Am

Footage: Saturday at Tampa Am

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