How Trevor Colden Won Tampa Am 2011 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

How Trevor Colden Won Tampa Am 2011

Posted on Monday, December 5, 2011 by Rob

We'll have more coverage after we wrap up the Damn Am Awards tonight at The Bricks during the Tampa Am After-Party. It was real close between Luke Hampton and Trevor Colden, but when the dust settled, it was Trevor in first by less than a point. Check the full Final results of Tampa Am here. Independent Best Trick Results are here.

Saturday at Tampa Am 2011

Saturday's footage from Tampa Am includes moms getting SPoT tats, ripping gingers, plus another 121 skaters in the Qualifiers on Saturday were cut down to 16 for the Semi-Finals that will be broadcast live right here.

Friday at Tampa Am 2011

While you're waiting for the webcast on Sunday at noon EST, get a taste of the ripping already going on from Friday.

Friday Night at Dr. Octagon's Show: SPoT 19-Year Anniversary Party

Wow, Chet Childress got naked, Kool Keith got shoved off stage, we danced, we lost our voices, and @HiDefJoe logged it all for you.

Thursday at Tampa Am 2011: Welcome to Town

@HiDefJoe has an edit from the 5 Spot Art Show and Welcome to Tampa Party last night. There was a raging bowl jam, free sauce, all the homies, and work from over 100 participating artists to buy at very fair prices with all the proceeds going to Boards for Bros. Welcome to town, Tampa Am is on!


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