Digital Product Toss Results: Blind James Craig Deck Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Digital Product Toss Results: Blind James Craig Deck

Posted on Friday, December 23, 2011 by Rob

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "rhdixon79" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. rhdixon79. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing. Watch for another DPT real soon.

rhdixo: Digital product toss?! Now Ive seen almost everything. I 12/22/11 12:56 AM
Tony.n: SPoT or die! 12/21/11 12:29 PM
ftkmed: what is the difference between jelly and jam? you cant jelly it down a girl's throat 12/22/11 01:49 AM
Stephe: Mm, I love Scotch. I love Scotch. Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly, Mmmmmm. 12/22/11 12:21 PM
Oldver: Who dat? 12/21/11 11:05 AM
ianb@b: Always remember youre unique, just like everyone else. 12/21/11 09:50 AM
skatec: boobs go good with beer but corona goes good til your blind... 12/21/11 10:15 AM
picket: fat sweaty women 12/21/11 12:43 PM
cwr222: Snoop DO double G 12/21/11 09:12 PM
chrise: stoopssssss 12/21/11 03:01 PM
omikel: Love Love Love SPot!!!! 12/21/11 09:51 AM
veroan: Things are always switch stance with you 12/21/11 10:44 AM
boardr: want some peanus 12/21/11 07:46 PM
tyrai.: Must be nice to have a cool Blind dog! 12/21/11 10:17 AM
sambop: IM BROKE BITCH 12/21/11 11:54 AM
Jeremy: If you dont pay a hooker, is it considerd stealing? If women wernt made to cook, why do they have milk and eggs in there bodies? 12/21/11 10:48 AM
logant: I went to buy some camoflague pants yesterday but i couldnt find any 12/21/11 10:12 AM
jsupre: my first skateboard was a blind - toss this my way 12/21/11 09:47 AM
colten: damnnnnnnnnnn sooooon thats one forking happy dog 12/23/11 12:11 AM
enjoid: Fap 12/21/11 09:23 PM
grantg: thats a lot if lemonade bottles 12/21/11 12:11 PM
almost: that decks dope 12/21/11 10:42 AM
perry.: 8=======nineincher===============D <---> (0) 12/21/11 11:04 AM
sean.b: blinded by the lights! 12/21/11 02:07 PM
mike.s: Why did the tomato turn red? Because he saw the salad dressing 12/21/11 09:49 AM
enjoij: bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yay 12/21/11 10:34 AM
petegl: What do you call a gay man in a wheel chair? Rollaids 12/21/11 10:50 AM
jorge6: just give me a christmas present rob 12/21/11 09:45 PM
zakp03: sure glad the nba lockout is over but lakers still suck. 12/21/11 09:51 AM
tymard: 92 snooop dogg inspired 12/21/11 08:00 PM
legits: Snoopy does it! 12/21/11 03:36 PM
bright: just want to win one of these already 12/21/11 05:31 PM
sbowes: Im blind! 12/21/11 10:23 AM
Celery: Id use this deck in my nativity scene 12/21/11 01:19 PM
jdunn1: An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. 12/22/11 07:23 AM
wetwil: spot is cool, i skate pools, spot is the best and poop on my chest 12/22/11 07:29 PM
jpenic: yeah, james 12/21/11 02:43 PM
freelo: Papa needs a good resin' hit! Pass it over!! 12/21/11 09:57 AM
btw117: what kind of resin is in that resin8? 12/21/11 03:53 PM How is eating pussy similar to being in the mafia? One small slip of the tongue and youre in deep sheet. 12/21/11 12:07 PM
crawfo: jiggle my balls 12/21/11 12:50 PM
black_: Small wheels, big pants. 12/21/11 01:28 PM
jeffwo: cliff is the man 12/21/11 10:10 AM
master: I remember the Blind Demo when Gideon Choi broke his arm doing a nose slide down the hubba box 12/21/11 04:04 PM
rachae: Momma need a house, baby need some shoes. Forget all that.....I need a deck!! Merry X-mas to me! 12/21/11 10:08 AM
Skatem: Brother: Is it worse to have a drinkin problem or a smokin problem? Dad: Depends on what youre drinkin. Me: "Depends on what youre SMOKIN!" 12/22/11 01:09 PM
camden: kit kat pat wack 12/21/11 02:18 PM
emanth: i just like having fun with my skateboard 12/21/11 04:01 PM
woodru: Boogers. 12/21/11 10:26 AM
trayfo: Im really drawing a blank right now :( 12/21/11 09:59 AM
little: Awesome! 12/21/11 09:22 PM
reigns: buttplug 12/21/11 02:10 PM
Auburn: I would seriously go blind for this deck!!! 12/21/11 09:45 AM
twalke: you aint got to lie craig! 12/22/11 11:23 AM
geesun: i think that you guys at tampa should make q crazy bowl and call it obamas ear 12/21/11 03:29 PM
Matted: So is the dog laughing and the naked dummy in the background or what 12/21/11 10:17 PM
kyleva: I like to drink enough on Christmas morning that I get to enjoy the revelation of my presents again once I regain consciousness. 12/22/11 03:25 PM
grueli: the ladies at hooters may be hot but the ladies at subways are real wife material :D haha 12/21/11 10:19 AM
joehea: Its so good when it hits your lips! 12/21/11 10:51 AM
dewayn: my skate board is my date to prom oh how i love her 12/21/11 09:46 AM
budarr: is that BLIND seeing-eye dog? 12/21/11 09:55 AM
Blakec: Ive seen stalker Steve's sponser me tape from high school. Now that sheets funny. Y'all spot dudes would of loved that sheet. 12/21/11 11:28 AM
sirpap: Im cooler than an AC unit, so give me the board. ;) 12/21/11 11:40 AM
karam.: he most of stoll my joint caz he looks high as hell also 42 is how many hoes he will be getting tonight 12/22/11 12:29 AM
dracof: Them Damn Doggs 12/21/11 01:50 PM
vdavid: I just want to know who the hell buys bottles to pour into a funnel? 12/21/11 09:43 AM
jrj071: this is not a test. fork yeah 12/21/11 10:37 PM
Tyboy1: I like turtles.. Bugers? Pudding? 12/21/11 10:41 AM
bbcook: AwEsOmENeSs! 12/21/11 04:25 PM
Skateb: Chuck Norris can nose manual kickflip out 12/21/11 02:45 PM
anguye: cabs are hereeee ohhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 12/21/11 09:58 AM
alex78: Why Blind? Because its the opposite of Vision. 12/21/11 10:17 AM
bmzhen: Cool Deck! Ill skate it! 12/21/11 09:54 AM
Ireact: Monkey fart 12/21/11 10:37 AM
kai.i.: once upon a time i stepped on a skateboard..... the end 12/21/11 10:51 AM
mandmm: I LOVE THE SPOT! PROUD TO HAVE 1ST SPOT LIFE TAT! THANKS FOR 15 YRS! CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT 15! Sorry not funny but from the heart! 12/21/11 09:48 AM
o9nams: james craig the og booze hound! 12/22/11 11:15 AM
martin: I would really appreciate this board. 12/21/11 05:13 PM
dbetz@: i hope i win 12/21/11 02:35 PM
blane5: My pet unicorn ate my noodles. Now im out of noodles. :/ 12/21/11 10:15 AM
mattze: i would be proud to ride this james craig deck 12/22/11 10:13 AM
ghetto: Stop jerking off to skate videos or youll go blind!!! 12/21/11 11:22 AM
Browni: It would be a real blessing to win this deck! I havent been able to skate for some time now due to no deck. You guys are awesome! 12/22/11 01:06 AM
tspada: i need to get back into skating 12/21/11 11:55 AM
ruben@: I think we all know they need to hire a new artist. 12/22/11 07:23 AM
mattru: funny pick up line to say to a girl: why dont you sit on my lap and will talk about the first thing that pops up.......... i hope i win!!! 12/21/11 10:27 PM


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