A Roll Through Downtown Tampa and Turtle Ditch Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Roll Through Downtown Tampa and Turtle Ditch

Posted on Saturday, February 4, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I just rolled through University of Tampa and downtown Tampa, including a stop at my favorite little crusty skate spot, Turtle Ditch. These were all shot with the Nikon D3S. Pardon my rant about the jock art. One day I'm going to add some of my own to the mix.

This dude is here visiting from up north and just randomly found Turtle Ditch. Damn, forgot his name. He must be loving this weather right now. Update: this rail was put in by Ben Baird and the skater is Stephen Timms from Virginia.
The bump, fun for all ages.
I'm just pushing around town by myself now. You know the bumfort bathroom aka Amphitheatre in Curtis Hixon.
The rich white kid "artwork" around University of Tampa is tolerated. Probably because it looks so tight and it's definitely original and totally creative and not jock ass at all.
I have the privilege of living right there in the middle of downtown.
One day I'm getting a boat and I'm going to sit here and tag up this wall until cops come and try to stop me, just to mess with them, film it, and put it on the internet for a laugh.
The Tampa Museum of Art is looking pretty dull without the light show on the front.
Moonset on the Bank of America building. Remember the kid who flew the prop plane into this thing?
All the white kid vandalism seems to be about boat rowing or something. What if I did a whole piece on this wall about my oriental ancestors coming over here in a boat? Yeah, I'd be in jail, but at least I'd have amazing video of it that I could put on the internet for a good laugh.
And that's it for this downtown tour. Thanks for digitally coming with me!


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