Gratitude Art Show at The Bricks Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Gratitude Art Show at The Bricks

Posted on Monday, March 12, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

If you were out for the Gratitude Art Show opening at The Bricks, thanks for stopping by. Here's a portion of the work and some lurk. It will be up all month long and through Tampa Pro.

If you're chilling there are plenty of "bored" games at The Bricks and stuff like Jenga. What's going on here? Double team Instagram post?
Kyle Randall, famous for his Frontside Grind Magazine appearance, had one of the best pieces in the show.
SPoT OG Chris Deacon's piece was a good one, too.
Thanks to Chad Cardoza and Kickstart My Art for putting another show together. This is Chad's work. Catch this and all the others all month long at The Bricks.
Green room.
Glowsticks are always a hit.
Serious wax.
Chad Cardoza, Chris Deacon, Brian Schaefer, and Porpe.
Pause for a long overdue foot fetish.
I jumped on the grenade to save the liver for the four people that were with me about to take these tequila and something mixer that Seamus is making. It was really fun at the time, really un-fun the next morning.
HiDefJoe and Porpe have been in the streets with camera gear lately. We'll hopefully be seeing some of their work soon.
The neighbors at G Bar go shirtless with their funny looking skateboards.
After The Bricks, there's Taco Bus downtown which is open 24 hours on weekends. You can find some strange characters there past 3am.
Wow, Dan Mele is in the mix of strange characters at Taco Bus with a furry tiara to match his bro shorts. I wonder what kind of sloshed out banter we exchanged. Good night!


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