Thursday at Tampa Pro 2012 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Thursday at Tampa Pro 2012

Posted on Thursday, March 22, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I spent the entire day up front doing registration and serving up a lot of high fives and handshakes, but I did manage to break out every now and then shoot some photos here and there. I can't wait for this weekend to be in full swing. I'm ready to work hard and lurk hard.

Ishod Wair might win it? He's got these backside nosegrind pop outs up the escalator on lock.
Beats by Dre redid the Snack Bar and it's amazing. Even the felt on the pool table was replaced. It's a bangin' bachelor pad now.
Tomorrow is Tampa Am Vert. Clay Kreiner is bringin his 540.
It's hot and humid here in Florida.
Kyle Berard is killing it out there. That's a switch smith grind down. You can't even tell.
Chris Troy with the frontside Florida hurricane to go with this humidity.
The calm before The Moat.
Ron Deily and Chris Nieratko were fishing champs today.
Shuriken Shannon now on Santa Cruz, Black Label chief John Lucero, Thrasher photographer Rhino, former Florida pro Lance Conklin, skateboard bid'nissman Keith Wilson, and Chris Troy at The Bricks ready for a fish fry from today's catch.
Today's catch is on the grill out back.
Justin Strubing! Okay, I have to get out of here before the sauce flows too hard to my liver and wrecks me. Welcome to town. Tampa Pro is on!!!


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