A Tour of the Chicken Coop Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Tour of the Chicken Coop

Posted on Friday, April 27, 2012 by Porpe

Photos and Words by Porpe

Here is an overview of Atlanta's newest DIY spot called the Chicken Coop.
Here is a closer shot of what obstacles are in the center of this foundation.
I also hear this place is constantly evolving. Yonnie Cruz mentioned that the red up and down ledge was not there two weeks prior.
Looks like a new obstacle is already in the works.
When we rolled up people were hanging out, drinking beers, and grilling out. Nothing but good vibes in the Chicken Coop.
I want to see Grant Taylor transfer from one end of this obstacle to the other.
These moguls are so steep, that when trying to ride over them you end up grinding it. I happened to be on the top of the hill shooting photos of the overall perspective of this spot, and got lucky with this capture of Jereme Knibbs doing an ollie from one mogul into the other.
Grant Taylor has made this thing famous with an ollie photo that will never be forgotten.
When I first saw the photo of Grant Taylor's ollie I couldn't comprehend how he landed back on it due to how skinny it is. It isn't saying much, but it took me a couple tries just to roll over this thing.
It only took Scotty one try to get this pole jam.
This pole jam is a bit steeper and thinner. Piro Sierra has it first try as well.
After this back smith by Piro, we called it a night.


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