Make-A-Wish Road Trip 2003 Day 2 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Make-A-Wish Road Trip 2003 Day 2

Posted on Saturday, November 15, 2003 by Ryan

Make-A-Wish Road Trip 2003
By Ryan Clements
Friday the 14th
    Rob decided to just participate in the fun on Friday, so you’re not going to see any photos, but you’ll still have to listen to my rhetoric.

    The drive from Hammond to Houston was rather entertaining. Most memorable for me was the cruising over the Mississippi. Is it necessary to make bridges that tall? I wish I could have seen what type of boats go under that thing. In addition, the amount of oil refineries…duh, we were in Texas – what did I expect? Rob mentioned how important all of that stuff is to the economy of our country; just one of those things that you don’t really think about, I guess.

    At one point on I-10, just as you’re leaving Louisiana, the road goes really close to the water. It’s your ‘last chance’ to gamble at a legitimate casino. It’s all-colorful and done up like a Vegas style, but only a miniature version. Rob and I agreed to save as much cash as possible to and to hit it on the way back. I’m feeling lucky already...

    We arrived at the hotel right on time, about 4pm. We’re in one of those suite-type hotels, so accommodations are really comfortable for the entire crew. Upon check-in, we were informed that not only is the skateboarding industry staying at the hotel, but there is a Catholic Youth Convention...perfect!

    After getting settled, the crew headed to Southside Skatepark to get our skate on. It was already getting packed and the moves were getting thrown down. I already saw some kids that I’ve never seen before and was like, “What?” You’ll just wait until Rob pulls out the camera.

    The early evening was spent at the bar next door to the Skatepark, Better Times. Schaefer rolled up and we sat and dissected the purpose of life for a while, but that got boring real quick, so I watched him skate the bowl at Southside. It’s amazing to have a bar right next store to a skate park. Imagine the Marine Max boat place next door to Skatepark of Tampa being a bar…that’s what I’m talking about.

    The rest of the evening was spent at some busted strip bar. The only part that was cool was that you bring in your own alcohol. Other than that, they are bigger in Texas!


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