Corey Duffel Foundation Deck Digital Product Toss Results Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Corey Duffel Foundation Deck Digital Product Toss Results

Posted on Friday, June 8, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "MrLegoMan" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. LegoMan. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing. Watch for another DPT real soon.

MrLego: Dont think my e-mail is weird, I was in elementary school when I came up with it. Okay, go ahead, it's pretty weird 06/07/12 03:11 PM
jeshra: hey hey hey, put you deck away, everyone can see it. 06/08/12 02:52 PM
kahner: Foundation Rocks my socks off!!! 06/07/12 09:11 PM
Lloyd.: My trouser snake is Cory duffel!! 06/08/12 11:51 AM
coloss: Eh, hes alright, I guess... 06/08/12 01:14 PM
dare2s: Because "based god" plucked my bitch and Yolo? 06/08/12 11:09 AM
timoth: Duffman barges hard 06/07/12 11:58 AM
Skate1: Duffel records nothing but punky love. 06/08/12 11:27 AM
reigns: he likes to wear short shorts at times 06/07/12 10:29 AM
wrxtre: Shake your booty, dont stop, don't miss. Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it now. Do it good, just, just like you should. 06/07/12 07:27 PM
bakers: corey duffels got that unique style, wen he does a trick my jaw drops 06/07/12 11:24 AM
swifte: my comment is still pending processing. if i win, corey is the best, if not, he can go suck on a spoiled banana 06/08/12 01:51 PM
laserp: Duffel!, that crazy ass mofo! 06/08/12 11:43 AM
tony_s: corey makes every thing look so smooth 06/07/12 02:37 PM
michae: hes awesome 06/07/12 08:17 PM
Andrew: Corey was buff as pluck before his beard. 06/08/12 01:35 AM
ryanr2: corey duffel is awsome and he F$$ks dolphins :DDDD 06/07/12 01:31 PM
osrgui: Corey Duffel used to dress like a teenage punk. Now look at him! What a man! Hes like a damn grizzly bear! 06/08/12 12:54 PM
babyds: lemme get up in dat digital product toss! i need me a new board! 06/08/12 11:07 AM
sneath: duffman enterprises 06/07/12 02:53 PM
cs2521: This lard lacks foundation 06/07/12 09:18 PM
donnel: 12 06/07/12 08:27 PM
steveo: damn the board is dope, gimme it 06/07/12 10:19 AM
djfan2: This man could punch me in the balls and I wouldnt care 06/07/12 10:24 AM
Skate-: Corey duffel is the dopest skater out there, sick flow and amazing bag of trick.. Deffinatley one of Those narley dude, I want to skate with 06/07/12 06:39 PM
casey.: I want his hair and wardrobe. 06/08/12 11:20 AM
vperez: Corey Duffel isnt only original with his old school skating, but has crazy hammers! Mad respect for the Duffel! Hook me up brothers! 06/08/12 11:06 AM
melisb: how about a psychedelic part *"thats life" face plant 06/07/12 03:20 PM
henrya: corey is beast. 06/07/12 04:52 PM
davewa: dude loves burgers!!!! miss the 88 dayz 06/07/12 08:35 PM
wishoa: skateboarding extremo 06/07/12 03:48 PM
lepote: corey duffel for life 06/07/12 07:13 PM
saulos: DUFFELMANRULES!!!! 06/08/12 11:09 AM
Ianb@b: Corey Duffel is my daddy. 06/07/12 11:38 AM
mrktwa: is this a cool spot reference? 06/07/12 10:21 AM
deadsk: you know i already won please give me my deck back 06/08/12 11:06 AM
Mewile: Dj Duffman spinning jams 06/07/12 10:39 AM
toolso: THe front Crooked on Thrasher Mag was sick. 06/07/12 06:37 PM
jakepf: I wonder whats in Corey's duffel bag... 06/07/12 10:29 AM
danny@: Follow Corey on Instagram! @wcoreyduffel 06/07/12 11:39 AM
Ifdifd: 06/08/12 12:53 PM
dscott: I met Corey twice, hes a cool, down to earth person, Corey is awesome. 06/07/12 10:19 AM
aaa_st: Duffman went from Blink 182 to Motorhead, OH YEAAH! 06/07/12 12:49 PM
jeanr2: Fast times..Fast women and... Fast skating. 06/07/12 07:42 PM
ohmygo: Corey Duffel is a vinyl record. Loud and reckless and still listened(seen) as the inspiration to keep wearing my skinny jeans when I skate. 06/07/12 02:54 PM
tue516: Corey Duffel pluckin rips, dude. 06/08/12 11:26 AM
sbanks: gimmie dat 06/07/12 01:48 PM
dennis: stupid sexy flanders 06/07/12 12:10 PM
browni: I need a new board 06/07/12 12:33 PM
justch: Corey duff sucked on my girls muff.... seriously 06/08/12 11:46 AM
mjbibo: THATS LIFE 06/08/12 10:48 AM
jason.: Im not certain, but I think I like new badass Duffel with a manly beard better than skinny pants wearing 70's punk rock Duffel. 06/07/12 10:55 AM
mauric: bearded Duffel looks like Slash... 06/08/12 12:46 AM
christ: You plucking destroyed Miami spots, it sick that you have skated here. You are gnarly dude!!! 06/07/12 10:18 AM
joshgr: wood for skater in da hood! 06/07/12 01:34 PM
collin: Skate or die! 06/07/12 05:31 PM
kpanks: Duff Man is the best! i mean the one from the simpsons... 06/07/12 05:49 PM
FFM39F: Gotta love his hair!! 06/08/12 09:38 AM
miha.l: Corey Duffel has been my inspiration for 8 years now. 06/07/12 07:11 PM
ishbu1: Highly Favored! Amen! 06/07/12 07:55 PM
liltre: when the man got you down somtimes you gotta say nuthin and just go skate!! 06/07/12 10:21 AM
bryan.: Corey duffel rides a motorcycle. Hes obvisly a badass. 06/08/12 11:18 AM
Brilla: Spot life!!!!!!!!!:) 06/08/12 11:22 AM
zerosk: duff man cant breathe, ohhhhh no 06/08/12 03:27 AM
sarluc: Shred the gnar, bro. 06/08/12 11:05 AM
igordo: Weve seen him go from looking like a skinny punk, to Freddy Kruger, to a biker who crawled out from under a bridge, but he still shreds. 06/07/12 10:34 AM
purple: Apocalypse doesnt exactly mean the end of the world in a sense 06/07/12 03:09 PM
iguoda: Corey Duffel is the kewlest dwd!!! 06/07/12 05:43 PM
cashhe: Hook me up! 06/07/12 10:49 AM
Stloui: I love skateboarding. Skateboarding saves lives. 06/07/12 10:24 AM
jonath: can i have my board back 06/08/12 11:07 AM
spudz1: sick deck 06/07/12 10:22 AM
grueli: redneck punk 06/07/12 04:58 PM
skate1: Corey Duffel 06/08/12 11:08 AM
jmoken: grip the handle bars and shred the gnar 06/08/12 01:21 PM
daniel: For Corey Duffel all I can show is my face of impression \8O 06/07/12 11:44 AM
Alexan: This Duffel board hits the spot! 06/07/12 05:25 PM
toyfig: Look down, the laugh is in your shorts! 06/08/12 11:07 AM
ganjag: SPOT LIFE! 06/08/12 11:23 AM
thielb: Duffel: The new "steezy" 06/07/12 10:21 AM
incsk8: When Duffel came to Chile I was busting my ass @work, so this would be a dope thing 06/07/12 10:41 AM
alexus: sick 06/08/12 12:12 PM
alex78: Kid shreds. 06/07/12 12:14 PM
mniebo: dudes cool, i'm not gonna hate 06/07/12 02:10 PM
ckyrob: Still to this day, I cannot watch the intro to Thats Life without cringing. Your a boss Mr. Duffel!! 06/07/12 02:38 PM
shackl: Duffel is a straight boss! Love his hesher style brooooo 06/07/12 05:50 PM
mattze: duffman, oh yeah! 06/07/12 04:49 PM
rand_0: rip buddy, gonna miss you 06/07/12 04:03 PM
wizard: Why did the boy drop his ice cream? Because he was hit by a bus. 06/08/12 12:49 PM
Koolbo: Corey duffel dresses like a cross dresser biker ass hillbilly but its whatever dude is plucking gnarly! 06/08/12 11:20 AM
nuclea: Digital Elbows Flyin!! 06/08/12 11:56 AM
iBeJer: What do you call an alligator in a vest? An "Investigator" 06/07/12 10:41 AM
daniel: Clean and a bit retro.. awsome ! 06/07/12 10:32 AM
christ: 06/07/12 11:00 AM
josiah: Nut huggers to full beard! Great transition. 06/07/12 03:46 PM
robmer: Does it come with a motorcycle? 06/07/12 09:57 AM
xskate: Ive been following the Duffman since he was getting beaten up for dressing like a girl. 06/07/12 06:24 PM
drhyme: whats the difference between corey duffel and a elevator? ..... a elevator can raise a child. oh well thats life. hah see what i did there 06/08/12 11:22 AM
Absolu: I cant seem to eat peanut butter alone. 06/07/12 03:00 PM
anthon: Tight pants, tight shirts, and "tight" skaten! 06/07/12 03:27 PM
camero: Whats black and hangs from trees in my backyard? Blackberries. ;) 06/07/12 02:39 PM
marino: Duffel is the truth he was one of first skaters i eve saw barge some sheep no matter how his body would feel, my 06/08/12 11:10 AM
rodney: This is much easier than trying fight 200 kids for board in a product toss. Corey Duffel in one word "SICK" 06/07/12 11:21 AM
volcom: corey duffel the commander over at foundation 06/08/12 04:08 PM
mrstuf: Designing concept longboards and skateboards is fun...not gunna lie... 06/07/12 03:03 PM
Dyland: Corys got another pro model in his duffel bag of boards. 06/07/12 02:42 PM
Flipmi: hella tight! ((F)) duffel rules 06/07/12 10:19 AM
freepa: Remember when Koston dressed up as him? 06/07/12 10:23 AM
jongon: Corey has been my favorite skater since I started skating. So stoked that hes still going at it. 06/08/12 12:55 PM
jshg62: Duffel is an original 06/07/12 10:03 PM
petegl: destroyer of handrails 06/07/12 10:31 AM
benjam: Duffman never dies! 06/08/12 11:49 AM
bwscas: hook me up 06/07/12 10:25 AM
volcom: SPOT rocks 06/08/12 11:05 AM
Harold: Corey duffles WTF part made me sheep bricks!!!!!!..... It made me like foundation a little bit more. 06/07/12 03:46 PM
kaycsc: Youre my SPoT of sunshine on yet another gloomy Tampa day!! 06/07/12 10:17 AM
Npena8: Big dummy goin for the win ! 06/08/12 11:31 AM
btw117: It only took one guy to ruin that stash. Is internet guy/model bring it back? 06/07/12 11:26 AM
jdunn1: of course Duffman is a rockstar! 06/07/12 02:02 PM
sbowes: nanananannana DUFFMAN duffman DUFFMAN duffman 06/08/12 12:46 PM
kerm12: Duffel is super rad! Live fast skate faster! 06/08/12 12:51 PM
Maszak: Today I woke up naked Only to find myself covered in the works of condiments and a $100 dolla bill lodged in the crack of my ass. How wierd! 06/08/12 12:34 PM
luis.g: gnarly!!!! 06/08/12 11:46 AM
Tyler_: is that the guy jumping in the air on a skateboard in the paul mitchell commercial? hes really good 06/07/12 10:59 AM
salern: Will post nudes for board. Corey Duffel is the man! 06/07/12 10:40 AM
dvsmzr: Corey Duffel is a pluckin ninja!! 06/08/12 01:13 AM
Swit90: The ruffel, the tuffel, the Mr. Corey Duffel. Fear the Beard queers! 06/07/12 01:14 PM
koke_s: when corey comes to chile, a fan say to im if he can give something, he gives a ring...and now i need that board! pd:corey get balls 06/07/12 02:39 PM
quarto: corey duffel. man. mystery. mannequin? 06/07/12 12:10 PM
jmsscr: corey duffel is dufferrific 06/08/12 12:04 AM
dmlesk: foundation rules 06/07/12 11:37 AM
coloss: I would rather not win this deck, for obvious reasons... but the main one being... its probably not an 8.5" 06/08/12 11:13 AM
nchls_: duffel thrash or fry!! 06/07/12 12:39 PM
justin: Hell yeah!! Hype give away 06/07/12 02:12 PM
mike.j: death beat 06/07/12 07:13 PM
tjacob: that board is dope! 06/07/12 01:31 PM
christ: I love Corey Duffel! 06/07/12 08:02 PM
greenc: i never seem to play video games anymore because of skating. I see that as a good thing 06/07/12 03:07 PM
buggyc: corey duffel for prz bruh 06/07/12 03:59 PM
kyleko: Duffel is the raddest dude on a board! He will always be a legend! Lovin his hesher vibe right now also! 06/07/12 05:47 PM
cason.: duffel rocks, I have a pair of his shoes!!! 06/07/12 10:22 AM
blane5: Corey Duffel rocks the skinnies like no other. 06/08/12 09:17 AM
sbigdo: corey duffel is one of the gnarliest pros and has the best ollies ive ever seen 06/07/12 11:13 AM
magnum: Just snapped my deck, can really use a fresh one. 06/08/12 03:46 PM
gainey: wow just found out me and duffel have the same bday 4-11/ still cant get over his hair style (0.o) 06/07/12 09:20 PM
elskat: DUFFELS RECORDS FTW 06/07/12 07:14 PM
cycleh: awesome, just got his shoes!! 06/07/12 10:20 AM for such a Grizzley Hipster, Mr.Duff skates harder then most pros... 06/08/12 11:20 AM
dschle: duffman says alotta things. 06/07/12 10:33 PM
LostPu: Narf! 06/08/12 11:14 AM
Benj97: My first deck was a Corey duffel deck, I much prefer this graphic better than my old one, it was pluck ugly! 06/07/12 10:25 AM
nickwo: Let me get some bro dome Corey 06/07/12 03:35 PM
bpmars: you should give free beer too bruhhhh 06/08/12 11:33 AM
Bernar: Sweet! Im about to need a new deck too~ 06/07/12 08:44 PM
Zemmi_: Dude eats hammers for breakfast 06/08/12 11:25 AM
jpenic: uh, nevermind 06/07/12 01:47 PM
cole99: All hail the Duffman 06/07/12 10:17 AM
harrys: Corey Duffel is a good skateboarder. He hucks. 06/08/12 11:09 AM
abskat: corey duffel rips always does some gnarly stuff! 06/07/12 10:55 AM
steven: This board is way too sick and my board is just a piece of sheep i really need a new board so pick me! :D 06/08/12 11:07 AM
CSZ199: HEll Yeah duff mans the sheep!... 06/07/12 03:40 PM
skate.: The skating Justin Bieber. 06/08/12 11:19 AM
jakebo: His Feed the Need part got me back into skating way back when. 06/07/12 12:04 PM
cudiga: That mannequins 'stache. 06/07/12 03:09 PM
Matted: Cory you are looking kinda pale and the molestash... Yikes 06/07/12 09:24 PM
nojman: rap: haha this brotha needa board cause he on his grind...FEEble by corey DUFFEL in this board prize SHUFFLEFree wood is good wood 06/07/12 12:50 PM
sheepm: tampa n fanta 06/08/12 11:58 AM
fialak: yuck fou. 06/07/12 10:44 AM
simon_: spot life, skate life, shred life ;) 06/07/12 10:26 AM
chocal: corey is so gnarly 06/07/12 02:30 PM
thatsu: all i du iss hustle thats y like coreys last name ikeep my money in a duffels hahah pick met 06/08/12 01:48 PM
jiahao: wewe I needa ze skataboarda, I ama mr.fwench 06/08/12 11:10 AM


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