etnies and Plan B Digital Product Toss Results Article at Skatepark of Tampa

etnies and Plan B Digital Product Toss Results

Posted on Monday, July 2, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "vanjennette" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Vanjennette. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

vanjen: Ryan Sheckler..killin it since 8 years...thats the living legend right there! 06/29/12 10:47 PM
Rjhall: Bro.....sheckler! 06/29/12 06:44 PM
spotsk: Yes! This is sick! 07/01/12 02:24 AM
arpell: need shoes 06/30/12 02:33 PM
wetwil: sheckler call me maybe? 06/30/12 11:56 AM
gather: 06/29/12 11:43 PM
cortez: PLEASE LET ME WIN I NEED THE SHOES BAD , AND THE BOARD !!!!! 06/30/12 01:14 AM
ed.sla: I never had a pair of etnies growing up. 06/29/12 06:57 PM
visual: i hope i win so i can make some kids day by hooking em up with some sheckler sheep. 06/30/12 03:22 AM
Nathan: How much does a polar bear weigh enough to break the ice hi Im Nathan 06/29/12 11:36 PM
tranqu: yeayea! 06/29/12 09:11 PM
chocal: sheckler is sick 06/30/12 01:03 AM
dawson: Friendship is like peeing on yourself,every one can see it but only you can feel the warm feeling it brings. 07/01/12 01:26 AM
skateo: Orgasm in a box. 07/01/12 01:57 AM
heredi: x games is terrible. tampa pro is the best 06/29/12 02:06 PM
mikedn: xgames silver scheckler dude! 07/01/12 08:34 PM
bicboi: What did the apple say to the pear? Nothing fruiits cant talk 06/29/12 12:37 PM
FFM39F: PICK ME, PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!! 06/29/12 03:43 PM
godsen: Lets get it! 07/01/12 01:44 AM
tampab: carlos pena 06/29/12 07:22 PM
ultima: Do you need someone to cheer you up. 06/30/12 08:14 AM
Conraj: 06/29/12 09:06 PM
brycer: I saw this on Twitter and just thought, "Why not?" Ryan Sheckler is a cool guy that I and many other people look up to in life and skating. 06/29/12 11:20 AM
garlit: Your not gonna believe what happened the other day. Well lats be honest, you probably dont give a damn. 06/29/12 03:36 PM
jbell1: 06/29/12 06:27 PM
freepa: I happen to know a guy in need of that stuff 06/30/12 01:21 AM
jakepf: What do you say you and I lose this dead weight and hit the strip clubs? 06/29/12 11:04 AM
Str8ch: You dont even know! 06/29/12 11:27 PM
stanjd: cant wait to get this for my 6 yr old son. he loves skateboarding! 06/29/12 11:38 AM
sk8sta: Shecks is a BOSS. Nothing else to say 06/29/12 09:17 PM
tjsidg: shecks 06/30/12 04:40 PM
thatsk: i wear short sleeved shirts under long sleeved shirts under short sleeved shirts 06/29/12 02:34 PM
kanese: I will win one of these times dammit 07/01/12 11:27 PM
jamesb: OOOh it red! 06/29/12 05:42 PM
donnel: I thought it said cookie at first 06/29/12 01:40 PM
jjullu: 7 07/01/12 01:00 PM
Nchls_: Well ...Im black for starters and just need a new board 06/30/12 11:37 AM
michae: Great package, SPot is the BEST 06/29/12 11:41 AM
boatin: Cant wait to skate this. ;) 07/01/12 12:58 PM
reigns: Shecks is my favorite skateboarder and itd be tight to win some of his gear.. oh yeah and SPoT for life !! 06/29/12 11:00 AM
jeremy: What do you call a golfish when it runs out of money?............... A bronze fish! Pick me! SPOT rocks! Peace 07/01/12 12:38 PM
teejay: Sheck, getting more gnarly with age. Kill it. 06/30/12 10:39 AM
meando: been working on my sheckler landing (: 06/30/12 10:36 PM
forres: sheck-les :D 06/30/12 01:08 PM
ms.pac: What more could you ask for? 07/01/12 02:39 AM
trolle: Am I gay if it was just the once? 07/01/12 02:12 AM
mcmaho: Do you skate it or hang it on the wall?!?! 06/30/12 11:29 AM
mass.v: This is enough product to put me in heaven for a few months! 07/01/12 03:43 PM
Little: O.O SPoT this is super generous of you guys! 06/29/12 09:37 PM
hollow: All I want to do is skate; but I have two problems. Im always breaking something important, and my parents won't give me any cash. 06/29/12 11:56 PM
christ: son loves ryan, and tuis would be a great gift for him, hope i get picked! 06/30/12 08:39 AM
jessej: bacon nipple/armadillos are in the back 06/29/12 09:09 PM
sanche: This is why Spot is the best skatepark ever and has the best skate contest in the world,Can i win this as a Birthday gift, its on august 5 07/01/12 01:45 AM
jeff_h: the only thing better than winning this prize pack, is that i got laid last night, she was 3 times my age 06/29/12 04:04 PM
leeway: Etnies and Plan B are ROCKIN THE CASBAH 06/29/12 07:12 PM
kedoua: This is for my baby :) we gotta go pro 06/29/12 06:26 PM
thuant: I like turkeys and my etnies. 06/30/12 03:58 PM
milan@: ive always wanted to look like shecky-pooh! 06/30/12 05:32 PM
halo95: Etnies is ducking sick ROB 06/29/12 09:19 PM
Shaqui: DPT of the year! 07/01/12 01:53 AM
andypa: SPoT is gnarly 06/29/12 11:33 AM
Mcleme: Why do people think Ryan Shecklers such a dick. I met him at Boards for Bros and he's legit the nicest guy ever. Sorry this wasn't funny. 06/29/12 03:10 PM
affili: 2 iphones walk into a bar, i forget the rest 06/29/12 04:03 PM
jshg62: Plan b is the Raddest!!! Great team 06/29/12 10:44 PM
bryan.: I HEART sheckler !! 06/29/12 12:16 PM
j.bell: I need this man, last deck broke "new" one chipped 06/29/12 05:39 PM
curtis: the young and the restless is a terrible show 06/29/12 01:27 PM
travis: Muahahahahahaha 06/29/12 01:07 PM
jpenic: Sheckle Air! RIP Jaya 06/29/12 01:02 PM
jeffwo: ryan sheckler 06/29/12 10:12 PM
jcphan: Shecklerrr swaggggg 06/30/12 04:35 AM
dflesc: My twin 8 yr olds would looovvvee this!!!! Mamma could use a deal!! 06/30/12 10:25 AM
gustav: the 2009 bloody moat man sends his best regards and wishes everyone a good weekend. 06/29/12 09:56 PM
jamesb: Hello awesome giveaway!! 06/29/12 05:41 PM
artich: my shoes are still wet from the tropical storm that passed through, it would be nice not to stink at work.... 06/30/12 06:20 PM
brian.: Why is it not an Almost Deck? 06/29/12 11:27 AM
Phill.: You know that crazy mike mo guy was right, he was right after all this years...... 06/29/12 09:34 PM
camero: this would help me get laid forsure! 06/30/12 01:04 PM
eljara: free stuff is awesome 06/29/12 03:17 PM
stephe: SPoT rules 06/30/12 04:19 PM
tgrugg: Hey. 07/01/12 12:26 PM
TimDre: Stay rad, have fun! 07/01/12 08:29 PM
Skater: Why did the girl fall of the swings? She had no arms 06/29/12 12:42 PM
the_as: im gona rub my dick on that skateboard. then do front feebles 07/01/12 10:58 PM
Mikege: I need some new gear for summer; This would be perfect 07/01/12 04:32 PM
xskate: The shoes alone are more than enough. And since im not 11teen, i could care less who's name is on the bottom of my board. 06/30/12 08:51 PM
dvsmzr: something funny 06/29/12 02:18 PM
chriss: buck nasty biznitch 06/30/12 04:23 PM
samuel: coozie for my beer would be a nice replacement for the paper bag i usually use... 06/30/12 06:22 PM
alejan: dog spelled backwards is lion. just sayin cuh! 07/01/12 12:56 PM
brand0: skateboarding is like crack.... addictive as hell, 06/30/12 03:42 PM
curse-: hmmmm..... let me play the song of my people 07/01/12 02:44 AM
pimpbo: Shecks!!! 06/29/12 05:40 PM
iam4g1: bring back the dead! 06/30/12 09:22 PM
sjhurl: 07/01/12 04:26 AM
tylerd: Shecks! hell yeah! 06/30/12 01:23 AM
persui: You down with OPP? 07/01/12 02:16 PM
src321: Why dont chickens wear pants? Their pecker is on their face 06/29/12 01:31 PM
OG_Gen: Yall like pop tarts? 06/29/12 04:18 PM
joseph: i love sheckz 06/29/12 12:40 PM
catimo: Sheckler is so dope! 06/29/12 05:40 PM
blue6s: Koston Berrics is a great skater. 06/29/12 08:03 PM
buffba: Spongebob rules. 07/01/12 12:55 PM
chrisd: I want this! 06/29/12 01:38 PM
collin: skate skate skate skate skate skate 06/29/12 09:51 PM
reigns: gotta get that sheep! 06/29/12 01:09 PM
sbanks: please 07/01/12 02:07 PM
erickl: Crayons taste the best. 07/01/12 12:39 PM
cs2521: This, me want big time 06/29/12 11:24 PM
gatork: Derp 07/01/12 12:28 PM
mniebo: omg sheckler is soo dreamy 06/29/12 11:36 AM
joseda: Shecks is tiiight yo 06/29/12 03:11 PM
reggie: ROB MERONEKKKKKKKKKKKK 06/29/12 11:32 AM
love.d: Nice. 06/29/12 11:13 AM
matthe: The "Be Like Ryan" Package. 06/29/12 11:01 AM
ishbu1: Highly Favored...this one is coming to me. 06/29/12 08:16 PM
americ: knock knock 06/30/12 06:16 PM
Matted: Holy this is the best dpt ever 06/29/12 09:13 PM
losowa: your like the ends of a loaf of bread every body touchs you but nobody wants you.... 06/29/12 05:50 PM
tjbsk8: Sheckler killed X games 07/01/12 07:17 PM
andrew: i just want a chill girl.. hopefully with all this sheckler gear i could find her 06/29/12 12:08 PM
sean.b: wooo score me some shecky goods! 06/29/12 11:56 PM
timoth: If welfare is cancelled, my current board, along with shoes will get snatched right up skating home in North Philadelphia. 06/29/12 09:07 PM
Richbo: Im gonna tounge punch your mothers fart box 07/01/12 07:13 PM
alex78: Sheckles. 06/29/12 10:55 AM
briano: Need it! 07/01/12 12:46 PM
zekeov: Thats sick 06/29/12 11:10 AM
Buzy28: Ooooo meeeeeeeeee!!!!!! 06/29/12 10:35 PM
matt.s: Jump in the Sheck-coozie! 06/29/12 11:00 AM
Kylie_: My brother needs some new skate stuff; He lost his job and it would cheer him up 06/29/12 02:06 PM
dtr010: im so fast i catch pidgeons for a hobby 06/30/12 12:44 AM
mikeso: I need this kit so I look better when I do my Caballerial Kickflips 06/29/12 12:16 PM
markan: Im the one who screams Ryan Sheckler's name on the shower. 07/01/12 03:52 AM
jsmene: I feel your pain. Nobody has a sense of humor these days... 06/29/12 09:12 PM
hawaii: jameson 2 in size 9 06/30/12 04:04 AM
xtreme: Sheckler = The ducking best! 06/29/12 10:44 PM
spitin: Help a brothers mother out! 06/30/12 05:08 AM
joelmv: Sheckler and SPOT giving back big time!! Some tv show stuff right there! 06/30/12 01:30 AM
chadra: im a 34 yr old sk8er and sometimes the old farts should win sheep too! the little terds win everything!!! 06/29/12 08:19 PM
rachl2: Its about time you picked me 06/29/12 02:07 PM
costam: 06/30/12 12:21 AM
Geo_69: I eat ass thank you based god 06/29/12 12:52 PM
Jrj071: i like the shorts dude 06/30/12 07:57 PM
howdyp: what do you call a deer with no eyes?.. i have no i deer 06/30/12 04:20 PM
bzarit: woo hoo 06/30/12 09:44 PM
Flysoc: AssJello 06/29/12 11:02 AM
sk8er-: That signed shirt would go perfectly with my other signed Plan B shirt and Poster. Plan B and Etnies are the sheep. Id be so stoked to win. 06/30/12 02:23 AM
sleepy: was there for Tampa Pro 2012 and cant wait for 2013 06/30/12 11:56 PM
jhelln: KILLER! 06/29/12 12:32 PM
tony.n: SPOT or die! 06/29/12 12:22 PM
Bernar: This looks perfect, definitely wanna win this lol 06/29/12 10:10 PM
thesto: Soo pumped! 07/01/12 12:33 PM
sstarr: goofy comment. please laugh. 06/29/12 09:14 PM
smitty: Yus! 07/01/12 12:43 PM
jeshra: when plan A fails, go to plan B 06/29/12 11:50 AM
sabaru: Woo! 07/01/12 01:04 PM
Livefr: I need thissss! 07/01/12 01:32 AM
wrxtre: What does a nosey pepper like to do? Get jalapeno business! 06/30/12 02:35 PM
sdaqwa: 06/29/12 11:42 PM
bmored: new boards ..always makes me a better skater 06/30/12 09:13 AM
Geeeoh: Woman rights 06/29/12 12:40 PM
davism: who wants clam chowder? cause i sure do 06/29/12 02:27 PM
Jshiu9: They told me to go big or go home! I told them to duck off :) 06/29/12 12:59 PM
Galaxy: If I win this, Ill skate it naked and film it. 07/01/12 02:02 AM
nickbr: i think this is cool. that you guys do this good luck to every one 06/30/12 02:46 PM
Weenjo: Beers x skateboarding over everything 06/29/12 11:38 PM
cycleh: sheckler rocks! 06/29/12 10:56 AM
Sk8rbo: Ima hop on Sheckler's mom like a kangaroo, bounce her on my dick like she's an animal in da zoo! 06/29/12 11:42 AM
mauric: heeeeeeeeeeeeybattabattabatta!!! 06/29/12 11:43 PM
lbb899: How do you get a nun pregnant? You dress her up as an alter boy. 06/30/12 10:38 PM
mkconk: I loce Ryan Sheckler. Hes my favorite skater and i was in there the other day trying to pick between a Plan B deck or habitat. Wish got PB 06/29/12 11:01 AM
jeremy: Hook it up prease 06/29/12 11:45 AM
Krissy: 06/30/12 11:21 PM
marlon: Oops.. I just jizz my shoes and its hard to remove the jizz stain, I need a new pair of shoe!! :D 07/01/12 03:46 AM
george: I need a pair of shoes so that I dont have to skate barefoot anymore. 07/01/12 02:17 AM
jairo5: Sunday monday mikey days! :D 06/30/12 12:44 AM
davism: who wants clam chowder? cause i sure do 06/29/12 02:29 PM
Kurz11: Sheckler sessions 06/29/12 10:56 AM
renard: Make me laugh, thanks. 06/30/12 02:29 AM
whipla: Aint nothin' like a gangsta party. 06/30/12 04:39 PM
crayon: These DPTs are sick! You guys are the best. 07/01/12 01:15 PM
robmer: dreamy, bro 06/29/12 10:49 AM
Bubste: This deck looks so sick, that would be sick to win it 06/30/12 05:10 PM
Troyki: Damn!!!gettin in on this toss 07/01/12 12:46 AM
thegre: Plan B all day! 07/01/12 12:24 PM
skillz: this is my rap, to win this pack, because when it comes to skating its a wrap! ohhhh 06/29/12 09:07 PM
mmanni: just begging for a new board 06/29/12 10:58 AM
sk8r4l: !!!!! 06/29/12 01:42 PM
Cody_H: Id be cool to have something to look forward to on a Monday haha 06/29/12 11:05 AM
Claudi: I pimp hoes 69 06/29/12 12:47 PM
Lilyou: Shecks is my favorite skater 06/30/12 01:13 PM
ruiz1.: Im a guy. I pee sitting down. 06/29/12 03:15 PM
ghetto: all around best park for the location is sick and the course is designed by pros 06/30/12 08:53 AM
benjam: I love SPoT <3 06/29/12 06:33 PM
jay077: SPOT Represent 06/29/12 03:56 PM
Briano: If I win this I can spend my monthly skateboard money on ramen and cheap hookers. Help a brother out. 06/30/12 02:25 AM
csayal: better ingredients, better pizza, Papa Johns 06/29/12 09:15 PM
Xdance: 140 character limit? What is this, Twitter? Okay, Lets see... I could talk about how much I want this or I could try to be funny. I'll just 07/01/12 01:24 AM
brycec: Shecks be swaggin on hoes, with this fresh ass gear ! Soo swag me out....wolfgang. 06/30/12 01:36 AM
salvat: Shecks Wax. Hehe. 06/29/12 10:59 AM
Skatin: Throw in Gretchen Sheckler and its a deal! 06/29/12 03:52 PM
rootbe: If I dont win this I'll rage quit my life. 07/01/12 02:28 AM
fragth: Hey its free product. 06/29/12 12:40 PM
willia: im a etnies skater for life 07/01/12 03:45 AM
jdunn@: I love Sheckler because of the haters. 06/29/12 08:37 PM
mewile: Kingsize. Now thats a word I haven't heard in a fast-food joint in a long, long time. The glory days are over. 06/29/12 01:11 PM
killer: Damnnnn! 07/01/12 08:14 PM
buggyc: lets go shecks 06/30/12 02:29 AM
thielb: Brorack Brobama 06/29/12 03:07 PM
karlho: Sheckler is a boss. 06/30/12 10:25 AM
jlee55: man i need this. havent had a board in month due to tight finances and wife in school 06/29/12 05:47 PM
jbkr10: lemme get it! 06/29/12 02:48 PM
matthe: I win! 07/01/12 11:11 PM


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