Arrival in Town for Copenhagen Pro 2012 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Arrival in Town for Copenhagen Pro 2012

Posted on Wednesday, July 25, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

We’re in Copenhagen right now to run Copenhagen Pro. We came out a few days early to help with an am contest they set up out here for the locals. Here’s a small sample of some of our day today after being up for 35 or so hours so far. It's an overnight redeye flight here landing in the morning and then straight to "work." "Work" being all this fun ass stuff we get to do. Stay tuned all weekend at for more coverage from Copenhagen. If you're here, get the weekend schedule here.

We're here early to do give the Copenhagen locals a helping hand with running an am contest they want to do. After landing and checking in at the hotel, we went straight to these ledges across the street for the little bit of free time we had. Jorge has a crooks to fakie.
HiDefJoe has a nice leveled out tailslide.
Another one from HiDefJoe - a lipslide.
What's this? Oh just a random basket of unattended children on the streets mowing down ice cream cones. I love Europe.
A fun push through the streets to train stops and lunch.
Danish family truckster.
That's my lunch at the skate park where this am contest thing is at. Or, maybe it's breakfast. Even after all this time traveling out here, I'm still jacked for the first day of arrival.
It's unusually toasty in Copenhagen today.
Not so toasty that you should be this naked, though.
We made a lot of new friends today helping out with this am thing they're doing. This is Jonas Daater from Denmark on a crooked grind.
SK8Mafia and DC are here with a deep crew. We ran into Wes Kremer today.
Everything here starts after 4pm and with a snap of a beer opening. That's Porpe leading the judging crew with supplies.
American homie Jared Cleland is on full Euro couch surf tour after meeting and making friends at contests. Do that while you're young, kids. Hit the road, get traveled, get real world educated, not educated under florescent lights.
Damn, Didrik Galasso killed it with good flow and light footed snaps. Check out the Finals Results from that contest.
This kid just stopped me to take a photo of his board graphic. Exploding penis with wings. Tight. Another kid stopped me and asked me if I was "Jorge from Tampa." Damn, Jorge is on the map out here.
Not all the skateboard fans are teenie boppers. This dude's game is to go straight for the shirt removal.
And here are classic teenie boppers for you.
Distributing the prize purse with some funny money.
Right outside my hotel window, this Thrasher party is calling my name. It's nearly 11pm here (yes, still light out, too) and I'd like to crash, but I can't. We all have to hang out. Well, it's a combination of have to and want to. Watch for coverage all weekend long from Copenhagen right here on our site.


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