Converse and Nike Demo at US Open Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Converse and Nike Demo at US Open

Posted on Thursday, August 2, 2012 by Rob

Photos by Rob Meronek

The amount of gear floating around here is amazing.
A small sample of the scene. All those eleventeen-year-old girls kick up a lot of sand dust to make the whole view all hazy like this.
The beach is a crazy layout of surf fans camped out to watch the shakka action.
Pat is on the SPoT Media Team this weekend and is helping us have this edit from today up as fast as possible so we can go chill. Nice office!
Tom won last year's Coastal Carnage. He's here throwing down during the Demo that just started.
Damn, look at that rollaway on this switch flip. Did you see that footage of Carlos in P-Rod's warehouse? It's amazing.
Julian Davidson - frontside flip.
Paul Rodriguez - switch flip.
Sean Malto - back smith.
Sean Malto - noseblunt slide.
This was the view from my office all day, except most girls weren't wearing socks and sandals.
There was a Mark Appleyard sighting.
Just a taste of the eleventeen-year-olds x-rated sharpie messages all over them. This place is nuts. Picture Gasparilla in Tampa, but instead of 30-year-old piled out ass up in the front lawn drunk people, it's all teenie boppers and it's like alcohol doesn't exist.


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