Death Races Presented by Nike x Levi’s Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Death Races Presented by Nike x Levi’s

Posted on Friday, August 10, 2012 by Stalker

Video Footage by SPoT Media Team

Photos/Words By Stalker Steve

Nike SB teamed up with Levi’s to make some really great jeans with Levi’s quality and Nike technology. If you haven't seen the Omar Salazar commercial for this, do yourself a huge favor and look it up right now. To celebrate the release of this top dollar denim, we threw a Death Race around the Park, had some free beers and Cuban food, and gave out some of the awesome Nike x Levi’s products to the kids. The Death Races were so much fun that we’ll be doing them again!

Alex Sherrer was hooking up all the cool new gear in the Shop.
MP3J AlBow was playing nothing the best jams all day.
Clements got a few tricks on the small quarter-pipe before the Races. This was a back disaster to sugarcane.
Brandon Knowles had the Death Race route all figured out since he basically skates the Park in that same style anyway. Before he had to worry about going too fast he pushed this back smith around the corner.
The free Cuban food we got was a big hit and the grown-ups loved the PBRs, too. Glad you enjoyed the grub!
Casey Wayne was servin' up the good eatin' all day and making sure people stayed full.
Arsenio from Levi’s had a blast. He skated and filmed the fun stuff we did and just generally hung with everyone all day.
Since Rob was holding it down in Copenhagen during the event, I did a foot fetish with Wit-E Beats, Wife-E Beats, and some kid with FUBU knock-off Jordans. Wit-E was tripping really hard on those kicks.
The Races were a hit and guys were going for it. These guys took full pushes a few feet after getting down the roll-in.
The speed wobbles got to people. This guy lost control and slammed into the ledge.
Nike made these awesome Omar Salazar booklets to go with the jean release and people loved them. Come by the Shop and grab one.
You could either grind the coping or roll (or run in certain cases) on the deck to get to the finish line. Max had it dialed by saving time and rolling in with proper technique.
The Norton twins faced each other in the Race and were pretty close the whole time, until Darius came out ahead.
Kevin Sullivan faced Alex Bibiloni and had to run a few times to catch up.
Brandon Knowles and Josh Vicente had the 2nd round of the Death Race and it got a little heavy on the contact.
If you're homies with the guy you're racing against, you can do fun stuff like stop and hold your him up.
Mr. Norton is one of the most supportive skate parents, always bringing his sons Damari and Darius to the Park. He's there every time I am.
Max came up on some of the Nike SB Levi’s for winning the whole thing.
Arsenio and Body with the top three: Brandon Knowles, Chaz, and Max.
Clements leading the sign off for the video with American flag waving.


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