Skateboard Magazine Make-A-Wish Skate Jam 2012 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Skateboard Magazine Make-A-Wish Skate Jam 2012

Posted on Sunday, August 12, 2012 by Porpe

Photos/Words By Porpe

Skateboarder Magazine and SPoT Productions joined forces to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It was a hot day at Stoner Plaza in West LA, but everyone battled through heat. All in all the skateboard community was able to raise over $5000 for a great cause.

Ryan Clements and Vern Laird are pretty entertaining on the mic. Add Aquil Brathwaite's two cents and there are moments of gold.
Jaime Owens from Skateboarder Magazine helped make this event happen. His friends Paul Shier, Eric Koston, and Reda were all in attendance. It was nice seeing some of skateboarding's finest showing support for a good cause.
Aaron Synder is a local of Stoner Plaza, and a Street League judge. He skated in the first jam and did a bigspin backside sugercane. I missed it but I did managed to get this shuv pivot to fakie.
Last week Shawn Hale took some of the hardest slams I have ever seen trying to backside noseblunt the shark at Coastal Carnage. Here he had no problem doing a bigspin backside noseblunt revert.
Here is some more of Shawn Hale ripping. Believe it or not, he wallied into this backside smith grind.
Florida transplant, Paul Hart, doing a switch heelflip backside 5-0.
Norman Woods - kickflip crooks.
Oscar Meza - kickflip nosegrind revert.
When Clements told me that there was going to be a surprise jam on the dish to the stage I didn't think anything but an ollie was going down. I was proved wrong. Max Barrera with the airwalk.
Anthony Pshebelski with a kickflip. Please take a look at that distance between the dish and the stage.
Who dat with the varial heelflip out of nowhere.
It was only appropriate that Sebo Walker shut it down with this backside flip. I still can't believe he lives out of his van. He parks his van outside of Stoner and skates there everyday.
I feel horrible that I didn't get any photos of Anthony Estrada because he was killing it all day. You can get full results here.
This one is for the message boards.

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