Element Jitter Bug Cruiser Digital Product Toss Results Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Element Jitter Bug Cruiser Digital Product Toss Results

Posted on Monday, August 13, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "ixhoodrichxi" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Ixhoodrichxi. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

ixhood: I just moved to FSU this cruizer could score me some mad slat. 08/13/12 04:00 AM
shanej: this would make a perfect first board for my 2 yr old son. Dont do it for me, do it for the kid! 08/10/12 01:57 PM
danche: totally tubular 08/10/12 04:35 PM
mikesw: I would take carving to a whole different level like the world has never seen! 08/12/12 08:14 PM
zcurti: Id ride it down the road and take a sheep while skating 08/10/12 01:57 PM
cardo_: NEED 08/13/12 12:43 AM
bbrist: Well first off Id take this bastard to the corner store for a half pint of jim beam, then straight to the strip club to slap some asses 08/11/12 03:26 PM
tmurph: gimme 2 bullets for tupacs killers 08/12/12 08:28 PM
TimDre: Stay rad, have fun! 08/10/12 02:12 PM
michae: kids will love this 08/10/12 03:12 PM
Nathan: If I win Id use this to partake in various amounts of hipster business. Kinda butthurt I didn't win the Ollo btdubs. :'( 08/10/12 04:33 PM
skateb: looking for a cruiser and this.looks.like.a good.chooice 08/10/12 02:18 PM
Spacem: If I win this I will bomb every hill there is to bomb and also use it to film. 08/10/12 03:37 PM
Ruenon: Because im gonna be 34 plucking years old on september 7th and chances are slim im getting physically or emotionally hurt on that thing 08/11/12 11:45 PM
sjhurl: Get crazy with the cheeze whiz! 08/10/12 02:05 PM
dirtyg: id ride it around the city, have the freshest whip out there the n get ladyes on the dilly 08/10/12 04:19 PM
jpdsan: Cruisers for the liqour store 08/12/12 08:14 PM
cwr222: Id use a cruiser to get from my bed to the fridge 08/12/12 09:54 PM
wetwil: ozzyyyy 08/10/12 06:06 PM
wrxtre: Another 20% off code along with a DPT? Hallelujah! SPoT stays hooking it up for everyone! 08/10/12 02:23 PM
Landpi: Man if I had a dollar for every time I got distracted.... I wish I was skateboarding on a new cruiser right now! 08/12/12 08:14 PM
philip: Id get myself some sweet ass 80's clothes and cruise this thing like an old Vision ad. 08/12/12 08:19 PM
thecov: film the homies with it and pull the girlies at the beach with it 08/10/12 03:50 PM
tjbrac: Id use my cruiser board to cruise... just to cruise... that's the point right?... or am I missing something? Oh well... I tried. 08/12/12 08:12 PM
jbell1: XD 08/10/12 05:44 PM
cdl234: i really need this sweet board for filming due to my last one while bombing a hill decided to snap in half and send me away! 08/10/12 09:59 PM
collyn: whats there to say besides that board is freaken awsome 08/10/12 05:38 PM
emeric: Shred/joint session with the homies 08/10/12 01:56 PM
Dmhern: I would use it like a skateboard, sleep with it and take pictures of it at the bro bowl for instagram @Dylanimal 08/12/12 08:30 PM
mcmaho: Fat kids dont have to ride cruiser boards! 08/10/12 07:04 PM
jeshra: thats an Oompa Loompa's board 08/10/12 04:20 PM
visual: Id ride it in to work and and trick myself into enjoying the fact that I'm going to work. 08/11/12 11:33 PM
tyler_: this would be our filmer board 08/10/12 01:58 PM
kmlars: This is so cute....just perfect for my little girl wanting to learn to skate like her bigger brother. 08/10/12 03:03 PM
wtfxra: long rides on the boardwalk into the sunset. and for BOOZE CRUISIN! ive been wanting 1 of these ever since i laid eyes on them. hook me up! 08/10/12 01:57 PM
Wjjr92: I like the way cheese feels in my mouth 08/12/12 08:12 PM
jamesb: With this I could ride everywhere faster XD 08/10/12 05:41 PM
justbe: Id use the board to cruise around the boardwalk and to get in the way of the overweight joggers! 08/10/12 02:07 PM
mr.bla: ive always wanted a cruizer!!! this is my time!! 08/10/12 02:10 PM
cooper: a cruiser is all i need to go to the corner store and plus gas is like $3.60 a gallon so this would be life saver. 08/12/12 11:23 AM
n.nguy: cruise to class 08/10/12 02:05 PM
joesol: Pizza life brooooo! 08/11/12 04:06 AM
laxfan: donkey boner 08/12/12 09:04 PM
jakecu: pudding 08/12/12 09:04 PM
hagger: Just had complete knee surgery. ill use it to move my broke ass around on my butt. then shread it in one year! 08/12/12 07:59 PM
kmw_rn: One Direction: The reason why we should’ve killed Justin Bieber before he could lay eggs.” 08/10/12 02:01 PM
jakepf: Cruisin and boozin ayyyyy 08/12/12 08:44 PM
davide: pretty stoked 08/12/12 10:25 PM
gainey: sure would be nice 08/11/12 11:35 AM
Skate.: I would try to use Cory Kennedys tech with a mix of Brandon westgates bombings skills like in the new shoe new part video ;) 08/10/12 02:31 PM
ffm39f: Id ride it around my store....... beats walking!! 08/11/12 05:49 AM
almost: sheeps dope 08/10/12 01:57 PM
theric: That was the last time I woke up in an elephants pajamas! 08/10/12 01:56 PM
joelmv: the banana board trend is on! I have the shorts that go with it! 08/11/12 10:40 PM
bzarit: dope cruizer 08/11/12 03:50 PM
toyfig: Kinda looks like my old Ty Page model! 08/10/12 02:05 PM
Lostin: Cruiser board will get me to and from my bathtub 08/11/12 08:29 PM
cs2521: Wham! Those are Whams Jitter Bug colors! 08/12/12 01:09 AM
jamesb: Nice 08/10/12 05:41 PM
bmzhen: My big cruisers long lost kid! 08/10/12 02:13 PM
ianb@b: Lou raised the price of coke, hes been loosing at the track... 08/11/12 09:35 AM
t-manc: i dont have a car so id most likely use it as my only source of transportation hahahaha 08/10/12 02:02 PM
brian.: Free Josh Swindle! 08/10/12 07:55 PM
Afrene: Cruiserboard will look HOT under my fiances feet! 08/11/12 08:30 PM
pmsosi: to blow ladies minds crusing on the way to SPoT Ybor 08/10/12 02:07 PM
addieo: Hey why dont you pick me I am pretty awesome! 08/10/12 09:30 PM
jakehe: Id use the cruiser on the next booze cruise....which needs to happen soon I might add. 08/12/12 08:27 PM
Swit90: Cruiser board will help me get to sanity. 08/11/12 08:28 PM
dalton: id use this bad boy to cruise around after a long day of grillin and chillin! 08/10/12 01:58 PM
mikeso: Everyone has a crusier board around here; I need one so I can ride a long with them 08/10/12 04:02 PM
Morgan: want the board 08/12/12 02:04 PM
invisa: Well, I dont have a car and I need a better way of picking up chicks than my little sisters bike... 08/10/12 01:57 PM
zzvolc: i would use it for cruising over to the providence skatepark and for when i go to downtown tampa 08/12/12 02:47 PM
SBowes: I crooz. I booz. I want. 08/12/12 01:34 PM
ewskat: I like product :D 08/12/12 08:51 PM
stewie: i wish my grades smoked, theyd get higher. 08/10/12 04:00 PM
apple4: if i had a cruiser board i would try to skate bowls and i would use it to get places in my city 08/12/12 10:09 PM
Michie: I would give it to my dad so he can relive his 80s cool days and I would laugh at him :) 08/13/12 12:37 AM
donnel: i want this cruiser. 08/11/12 11:53 AM
wabass: I would use it to get beer. 08/11/12 10:09 AM
timoth: Id cruise! durrr i can really use this cus im broke off! 08/10/12 01:54 PM
Mwolfm: Filming/ And have a story for the cops if i get busted flying down the streets... Man you cops dont remember back in the day when everyone h 08/10/12 02:10 PM
skboy9: s.p.o.t>any skate shop 08/10/12 02:01 PM
sebass: Slash n' Thrash! 08/12/12 08:13 PM
cason.: cool 08/12/12 08:11 PM
ram4ly: cruise my way to school sheeeeet. 08/10/12 04:13 PM
tellad: cruise from palmetto beach to the bricks on the reg with my gsd as co-pilot. 08/10/12 02:22 PM
jaycob: Id use it as a weapon then I would ride away on it into the sunset. 08/10/12 02:09 PM
taylor: I would shred that cruiser.You give it to me and I would be the happiest kid in the world.Heck I would go to SPOT and show off to everybody. 08/12/12 12:22 AM
nuncas: I would use it to cruise the city like Ricky Oyola up north. 08/10/12 06:59 PM
johnpa: lol im good in catching even digital product toss haha 08/12/12 09:19 PM
Catucc: To film with, trying to get this video done it would be a whole lot easier to do with this cruiser! 08/10/12 10:56 PM
moises: hella sweet! thanks for doing these DPT 08/10/12 02:50 PM
hardfl: iwould skate the board. when i was a kid i had a cruiserboard and i would shred on it so i would love to have a new one. it would be sick! 08/11/12 10:24 AM
nconge: I need this board so I can get out and skate with my boys. Hell, I would break my neck on a regular board. Please, and thank you! 08/10/12 02:18 PM
slick2: your mother was a goat 08/10/12 02:08 PM
ilsech: :) 08/10/12 01:56 PM
Shoppi: Do you like fish sticks? If so, Youre a gay fish. 08/12/12 08:24 PM
xtreme: All the elements cant confine the interesting colors and vibrance infused within this skateboard. It looks great! 08/11/12 09:10 PM
daniel: That board is tight... Too tight for you! So gimme it. No? Aight, later. 08/10/12 09:30 PM
gitch_: I think this will make a perfect first board for my twin mini shredders to learn to skate on. Theyll be killing it in a few years. Look out 08/10/12 02:10 PM
koolki: id use it to shred my way to work. in style haha 08/12/12 08:10 PM
charli: Id use this board to cruise to 08/10/12 10:11 PM
chris_: You know that feeling when you win something? yeah, me neither... 08/12/12 08:36 PM
jdunn@: Zered should be on Element. Any thoughts? 08/11/12 01:05 PM
btw117: not gonna win 08/12/12 08:37 PM
zinsze: I would use my cruiser to do some crazy sheep 08/10/12 05:48 PM
joseda: i still cant believe the wheels are actually made of bug poop yo!! 08/11/12 11:36 AM
cashhe: Hook me up! 08/11/12 10:03 PM
conn.d: Ive never had a cruiser before, so please don't make me do the jitterbug for this one :( 08/10/12 05:55 PM
browni: Good transportation for a broke ass college student! 08/10/12 10:17 PM
champa: To get to the liquor store! 08/12/12 08:09 PM
faldee: I would probably use it for on-campus stuff. Maybe bar-hopping too. 08/12/12 08:13 PM
alex78: Beer retrieval device. 08/10/12 07:43 PM
curtis: ill look cool as skool with this cruiser! 08/10/12 08:26 PM
tony.n: SPOT or Die! 08/11/12 02:29 AM
D.garz: Ill end up giving it to my broke ass brother 08/12/12 08:23 PM
recycl: Look it has wheels and its a skateboard 08/10/12 01:58 PM
ruben@: house arrest ride to work son! 08/10/12 06:11 PM
chrisa: Ill cruise it all the way to The Bricks from Fort Myers ! 08/12/12 12:37 AM
colede: If I win I will definitely ride this to pick up some beer. Ill just need fluorescent shorts to match it. 08/10/12 01:54 PM
mkane9: gimme dat sheep niggah 08/12/12 08:12 PM
mcpowd: yo, id use that cruiser board to go riding with all my friends seeing as how they all have longboards or cruisers. i want one so bad! 08/10/12 01:56 PM
Jamemi: I would use this board to push mongo to get to the gym to work on my biceps 08/10/12 04:51 PM
COXKHR: id ride it over to my girlfriends house to get some tail.then id go buy a burrito. 08/10/12 09:51 PM
cycleh: nice 08/12/12 08:10 PM
Tonype: Love the food @ the Bricks 08/10/12 03:42 PM
jshg62: cruise to workcruise to schoolcruise to partiescruise to the parkcruise to the boardshopcruise to the city 08/11/12 08:02 PM
Yeehaw: I would put this to use by getting my ass up and getting to college to plucking get my parents to stop ladying 08/10/12 02:02 PM
costam: I would take turns video taping me and my homies skating some spots and it would basically become our filmers board. 08/11/12 12:48 AM
zenn0r: . 08/10/12 07:10 PM
j.bell: Riding round 08/10/12 05:37 PM
abskat: that board is sick! 08/10/12 03:19 PM
Joseph: Sex thats allI can say 08/12/12 11:01 PM
w.isbe: need a cruiser and i dont wanna spend money 08/10/12 02:22 PM
adrian: ill be happy if i win :) 08/12/12 11:17 PM
mewile: Now I can cruise on my jitterbug while I talk on it... 08/12/12 10:49 PM
shredt: what do you call a stoned mexican..... baked beans 08/10/12 01:54 PM
goodma: I would use it to go to the beach and back to my house, it would look more stylish then riding my bike 08/10/12 02:06 PM
richar: Ill use this cruiser to transport silently so those rich white folks could stop talking sheep! 08/12/12 11:18 AM
karlho: I need a cruiser 08/10/12 09:14 PM
habita: I wanna win this thang!!! 08/12/12 08:50 PM
trieer: i would use this to commute and perfect when i travel around 08/10/12 02:03 PM
kacipa: Id use it to ride down to the local comedy club where they could help me think up of something funny to make this rad guy named Rob laugh. 08/12/12 08:41 PM
adio4l: poopsex 08/12/12 09:02 PM


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