Vans Syndicate Size 9 Digital Product Toss Results Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Vans Syndicate Size 9 Digital Product Toss Results

Posted on Friday, August 17, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "kobe.alqatami" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Kobe.alqatami. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

kobe.a: *Running* "THEY THROWING OUT SHOES!!!" *Jump for shoes* "Heck yeah, I never win these product tosses" *gets tackled* ":(" 08/15/12 12:07 PM
taphal: These Vans look good!! Why doesnt a chicken wear pants?......beacause his pecker is on his face!! peace out! 08/15/12 11:59 AM
Jkho11: I collect Nike SBs... I mean Vans. 08/15/12 12:48 PM
coachc: Fresh vans are always rad. Fresh chicken nuggets are rad too. I think I might go to chick-fil-a and get some gay bashing nuggets. 08/15/12 11:54 AM
jns_br: Im a 49ers fan at heart, but I got love for the Jaguars. The black and teal is nice. 08/15/12 12:05 PM
Kelvin: I was walking down the street , I got vans on my feet!!! Yeeee haha 08/15/12 12:14 PM
1komor: maciek bogusz xd 08/15/12 12:02 PM
agro_b: Prestigious 08/15/12 11:41 AM
vriver: I am barefoot right now. help a brotha out! 08/15/12 06:17 PM
bhangs: Make up your mind dude, is he gonna sheep or is he gonna kill us? 08/15/12 02:49 PM
ttcrea: V.A.N.S. = VERY AMAZING NOTORIOUS SHOES 08/15/12 11:55 AM
wjacks: vans for life baby! 08/15/12 01:54 PM
ryanho: Vans is the sickest shoes ever, ive only had a couple but were the best skate shoes I had. Just wish i could afford to buy them more. 08/15/12 08:52 PM
sylvai: perfect shoes for skateboarding!for sur! 08/15/12 11:58 AM
carlos: vans are good but dont last longaer than 2 weeks 08/15/12 12:14 PM
jpenck: these! i need these! 08/15/12 11:28 AM
Gettin: Ive been skating the chunkkas for the past year cuz they have the best shape. Not anymore these look amazing, goodbye heel bruise. Gimme!! 08/15/12 03:10 PM
joshua: Been wearing Vans for awhile. Lost my virginity in a pair. 08/15/12 12:27 PM
oldver: ! 08/15/12 03:29 PM
mizatt: What do you call a black person who flies a plane...a pilot you racist. :) 08/15/12 11:49 AM
volcom: they look just like the etnies bledsoe lows, which means nothing because the tbloods look like slimmed down chukkas, but i still like these. 08/16/12 11:13 AM
skateb: vans are the most durrable.and these for back to school 08/15/12 11:50 AM
javapa: they look pretty handy 08/15/12 12:41 PM
michae: Could use some new skate shoes, vans be killn it 08/15/12 11:42 AM
lamle1: Vans are suckin OG!! 08/15/12 11:44 AM
gainey: thank you based god 08/15/12 11:45 PM
kurtda: Skate Vans. Die young. 08/15/12 04:03 PM
skully: I wish I had a swing like that in my back yard. 08/15/12 07:22 PM
paalle: Like putting your foot in a stick of butter. So smooth. 08/15/12 11:55 AM
pokko0: my friend elias o. likes to eat cow dick for breakfast luch and dickner 08/15/12 12:50 PM
toyfig: Size 9 mighty fine. 08/15/12 12:08 PM
jtjess: if i obtain these it will increase my chances of knocking syndicates with some girl 08/15/12 01:57 PM
brian.: Did John Drake skate Vans? 08/15/12 04:39 PM
Lostin: Vans make me a happy camper! 08/15/12 05:22 PM
Kelvin: Vans best skate shoe ever!! 08/15/12 11:41 AM
ringle: Great shoes! no socks!! 08/15/12 02:42 PM
flacob: i love vans they from the old school and i give it to them that they still here doing they thing to is my bday guys so i hope i will wins 08/15/12 07:26 PM
Maxafa: Vans. Need I say anymore? 08/15/12 11:43 AM
gregor: the only thing better than Free vans is footage of schaefer doing a blunt fakie @ SPOT 08/15/12 01:19 PM
kikoca: hell yeah! 08/15/12 11:59 AM
abskat: those vans are epic! 08/15/12 11:46 AM
brian.: Yes! 08/15/12 05:54 PM
j.loet: hands down the greastest cleanest skatepark ever with all the coverage and events its hard for anyone to resist coming back to SPOT!!!!!!!! 08/15/12 01:43 PM
xbenvh: Please give me a pair of these shoes. I have a rare disease called "nigga-i-need-me-some-new-kicks-xia" 08/15/12 01:45 PM
Zackck: I have web wearing vans my whole entire like and I am now 24. Thanks for that support for the sport that has kept me out of some nasty crap. 08/15/12 09:17 PM
fordsa: hook me up 08/15/12 10:25 PM
jpenic: these! i need these! 08/15/12 11:29 AM
andres: Im a sizee 9! 08/15/12 11:40 AM
ChrXsW: Van are and will forever be DOPE!! 08/15/12 12:00 PM
omikel: I need new shoes! 08/15/12 11:44 AM
richar: If you raw, you skate Vans! Low Profile > 08/15/12 11:46 AM
kennyl: I eat waffle soles for breakfast 08/15/12 11:40 AM
mikeso: Need some new kicks to chill in; These will work 08/15/12 09:14 PM
bbrist: i surely will shred these if they decided to put themselves on my feet for free 08/15/12 12:57 PM
cole88: f**kyea vans!! 08/15/12 06:39 PM
chinki: those shoes look amazing and i happen to be size 9, spot always 08/15/12 11:51 AM
darcel: Dude, whats mine say. Sweet, what about mine. 08/15/12 04:45 PM
Franki: Damn doe I need these daww gotta cover my crusty ass feet 08/15/12 03:00 PM
camzma: I only rock Vans! They are the best shoes ever! 08/15/12 05:42 PM
wolves: size 9 baby... 08/15/12 11:42 AM
marloa: suck my size!!! and I need some new skate shoes!!! 08/15/12 03:45 PM
tingui: Vans are one of the sickest and most long lasting shoes, they fit my foot perfect and keeep me shreddingg niggga! 08/15/12 11:46 AM
natali: Vans are so off the walll! 08/15/12 08:14 PM
tashic: Vans are awesome! 08/16/12 08:49 AM
judeis: i need some new shoes lol 08/15/12 12:58 PM
mkane9: yolo? 08/15/12 11:39 AM
jordan: OFF THE WALL, vans 08/15/12 12:01 PM
curtis: i could always use two new pair of shoes.. 08/15/12 08:45 PM
bwitko: 08/15/12 02:05 PM
marial: i love vans awesome shoe awesome company gnarly skaters gnarly life. 08/15/12 09:38 PM
Bernar: So much better than regular vans ! 08/15/12 02:10 PM
Reigns: Read this if you are gay 08/15/12 02:01 PM
highgu: gimme dat 08/15/12 11:46 AM
burnsi: My sk8r BF has two boys who will soon be a size 9!!! Burnsieforever FTW!!! 08/15/12 11:38 AM
igordo: I only have a little time to comment, because I have to go to work...I cant afford new skate shoes and my toes are poking through. Size 9!! 08/15/12 12:11 PM
brian.: spot is a work iof art who would of know this far down the road its the most reconized skatepark through out the word you guys do it big 08/15/12 12:22 PM
aznken: YOLO 08/15/12 11:43 AM
kawagu: I <3 YOU 08/15/12 11:51 AM
Micahm: No money to buy a pair, maybe I can win one! 08/15/12 01:17 PM
sskate: i was walking down the street, I got SHOES ON MY FEET said by josiah gatlyn in a berrics video. 08/15/12 12:21 PM
wesley: i wore vans to middle school on the first day of school i wore vans soon after the lunch lady was licking my feet 08/16/12 11:35 AM
adc11s: Vans is the reason skateboarding is what it is today! 08/15/12 11:39 AM
madeli: i never had vans i like 2 have them 08/16/12 12:51 PM
spider: stuck driving a mini van. skate in vans. 08/15/12 11:58 AM
dylans: Im going to be a freshman in college soon and those shoes will help me shred up mah campus ledges mane 08/15/12 11:44 AM
killar: no coment >x( 08/15/12 06:38 PM
Swit90: Vans for my broken ankle! 08/15/12 05:22 PM
sam21b: Chillin like a villain, hands on the world every time i put my vans on, handsome. Lemme cop these kicks, dont forget! my name is sam son! 08/15/12 12:00 PM
GuySil: vans is like having sex with your feet, you stick your foot into the shoe and cream out a fungus. Best foot sex is with no socks vans=orgasm 08/15/12 11:47 AM
sean.b: holla at ya vanss actionnnnnnnnnnn 08/15/12 11:50 PM
TimDre: Stay rad, have fun! 08/15/12 12:31 PM
andrea: Vans is the best shoe company ever, for skating and casual wear. 08/15/12 11:00 PM
charli: Hook it up, I collect vans 08/15/12 09:25 PM
justin: I win. 08/15/12 11:37 AM
minigr: Love those Vans, perfect blend of fashion and function! 08/15/12 01:45 PM
l-rsv@: this shoes is fuking nice 08/15/12 11:47 AM
lucass: i need this shies 08/15/12 11:42 AM
jhelln: Fun fact: they make a ken doll with pink hair and a barbie that "squirts" real life. 08/15/12 01:04 PM
crawfo: im a size 9 08/15/12 12:18 PM
Nuutti: My favourite skate shoe company and got aweseome skate team and very good shoes! :) 08/15/12 11:44 AM
imranw: in africa, gambling is not allowed because there are too many cheetahs 08/15/12 11:54 AM
Kbskat: Well Ive skated one of your contests and ended up in the bieber fever ad which was pretty funny. my shoes are sheep so might as well try ?! 08/15/12 09:33 PM
bwg248: i kinda really like these shoes a little bit, 100%. sometimes. 08/15/12 05:31 PM
Afrene: Vans for my fiance! 08/15/12 05:23 PM
billyt: The most original skate shoes ever. vans has always been my go to shoe and will continue to be. thats it, thats all. - Billy Tams 08/15/12 12:25 PM
vegaro: Vans Rock! 08/15/12 12:01 PM
shaune: Vans are the sickest shoes ever!!! 08/15/12 10:13 PM
donnel: funny comment. 08/16/12 11:21 AM
sickbo: i been skating Vans since 1986. 08/16/12 08:15 AM
jasonc: got my vans on but they look like snea !SMACK! "stop it, they are Vans dude ...nothing more nothing less,since 1966 RESPECT 08/15/12 01:43 PM
tjsidg: sick 08/15/12 06:24 PM
jpswic: Waffle grip til I die! 08/16/12 10:17 AM
tylerl: hook it up Rob!! 08/15/12 01:50 PM
adamca: College is expensive...Need some new shoes 08/15/12 11:52 AM
thecan: ahh yes! Now I can where my snapback tight jeans and vans! 08/15/12 03:03 PM
shawna: sheep. I can never think of anything witty when Im put on the SPoT. My poor feets. 08/15/12 02:21 PM
thatnl: VANS SHVANS! 08/15/12 01:37 PM
buckyc: Killin it with the digitoss!! 08/15/12 12:15 PM
Zzvolc: Vans shoes are the sheep! And I could use a fresh pair of kicks for school! 08/15/12 08:41 PM
Cmherb: Me a need da vans. Please:) 08/15/12 12:10 PM
volcom: if i dont get these vans i might die 08/15/12 12:01 PM
eltosc: daamn , with this kicks i would do all my ticks first try , and theyre super steezy ! 08/16/12 11:26 AM
pbeze5: SPOT 08/15/12 11:55 AM
jchare: need new shoes and vans are the best. 08/15/12 12:53 PM
lpesca: Vans are the best skate shoe, cant wait to grate these like cheese, and they are my size. Woot! 08/15/12 11:36 AM
matt.o: Vans always make a struggling college student feel a little bit better about himself while hes stuck in class thinking about skating. 08/16/12 02:44 AM
alex78: Shoes for feet. 08/15/12 06:50 PM
xxskat: vans stick to boards like horny sloths 2 trees.when kids think of sk8in they think vans lik a colege kid after a prty want 2 kno who he bang 08/15/12 11:54 AM
Leomen: My dads gay, but only one of them is 08/15/12 12:10 PM
bckmer: I am dying for shoes. I havent had a pairs of Vans in sooo long. 08/16/12 11:40 AM
visual: pick me! vans are sick! like cancer and sheep. 08/16/12 12:17 AM
abdul7: The shoe for skating since 1966 08/15/12 11:46 AM
coreyv: pick me! i have no shoes! 08/15/12 02:45 PM
tony.n: SPOT or die! 08/15/12 11:23 AM
giaqui: whats good vans and spot hook it up hell yeah 08/16/12 11:50 AM
buggyc: vans nukka 08/16/12 11:02 AM
zay_jo: I need these! My birthday is Friday please, I need them like queer kids need to scooter. 08/15/12 11:45 AM
rolled: Gimme them gnarly shoes!~ 08/15/12 12:20 PM
hollis: So i was skating right, infront of my girlfriend. I went of the ramp stumbled on my way to do a grind and i landed in between the rail. 08/15/12 11:50 AM
samdin: i like the hand part of the shoe looks like they would give u more board feel and still give you enough support 08/15/12 12:38 PM
Funish: Vans, theres only one word to explain them, Amazing, All i skate is vans and the waffle grip is perfect, just truely amazing skate shoes. 08/15/12 12:37 PM
picket: You ever seen a fat guy in a little coat? lol 08/16/12 11:58 AM
tthoma: Since when was the word VANS ever reprenstative of a vehicle? Get it right, theyre SHOES. 08/15/12 11:57 AM
xtreme: Vans, Being extremely stylish, but ripping incredibly fast since 1960 whatever! 08/15/12 11:57 PM
Morgan: love vans must have 08/15/12 06:11 PM
mkhkmi: banana crow spit 08/15/12 12:11 PM


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