Goal Zero Solar Powered Product Toss Results Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Goal Zero Solar Powered Product Toss Results

Posted on Thursday, September 20, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "666jor" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. 666jor. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

666jor: I can use this to cook pork! 09/20/12 02:12 PM
mikemo: whats an eyephone? 09/19/12 04:22 PM
wrxtre: Would love one of these to charge my phone while I skate. Thanks for the discount code too! =) 09/19/12 01:25 PM
mikeso: Dope ! Would like to try 09/19/12 04:47 PM
gainey: ios 6 maps just might b better than googles 09/20/12 01:06 AM
Swit90: Ipone newbs 09/19/12 03:26 PM
tylrrp: I need some extra battery on my iphone 4! 09/19/12 09:19 PM
Mhcohe: Iphone 5 on order need solar charger fo sho 09/19/12 09:22 PM
rachae: I dont understand all the hype behind iphones. 09/19/12 01:59 PM
bscull: no joke. i fainted out of forking nowhere the other day and lost my front tooth, slammed on my face. my iphone was in my pocket. 09/19/12 12:09 PM
jnapol: for those skate trips 09/19/12 09:47 PM
cscoll: Iphones are great until you get a driod 09/19/12 03:01 PM
rkeene: I need this to power my new Iphone 5....... 09/19/12 10:54 AM
sambop: i like sitting on iphones because i dont have one and i know its not mine. fecal matters. 09/19/12 11:02 AM
nick_w: iPhone or No phone! 09/19/12 08:40 PM
mcleme: iPhone batterys suck ass, this sure will help! 09/19/12 12:26 PM
mandmm: This is perfect for me and my iphone when im out and about! SPoT life forever!! 09/19/12 09:13 PM
csarte: iphone 5! 09/19/12 06:21 PM
chocal: Iphones are gnar. 09/19/12 04:56 PM
wjjr92: Your mom has an iPhone 09/19/12 08:16 PM
bzarit: dope... those are so handy 09/20/12 12:43 AM
jakepf: Good thing I still have the iPhone 4, I doubt this thing fits the new one! 09/19/12 10:08 AM
Skater: I hope it works on my 8 track player 09/20/12 01:06 AM
maxmil: My mom can deepthroat and iPhone. The end. 09/19/12 11:41 AM
Lostin: ipheel as iph ideserve this iphone product 09/19/12 03:25 PM
jsmene: I would like this charger/battery thiny to charge/battertize my iPhone 09/19/12 10:19 PM
thecan: I cant buy the new iPhone because I spend all my money on gear from Spot! 09/19/12 11:04 PM
addieo: iphone 5 coming out on friday... 09/20/12 12:56 AM
michae: the wife could use this, never remembers to charge her stuff 09/19/12 10:18 AM
bullet: Black iphones are faster than the white ones 09/19/12 02:08 PM
Afenet: Iphone for mifiance! 09/19/12 03:27 PM
wesley: both of my grandparents just got the iphone 5 and NOW they have instagram and saying wow this is like facebook by the way they are 84 and 85 09/20/12 09:34 AM
Franki: Gettin hyped for that iPhone 5 sonn!!! 09/20/12 01:00 AM
Simpso: This iPhone/iPad charger would be huge. Solar power!!!!! 09/19/12 01:45 PM
Salvat: Will fit right between my trucks. 09/19/12 09:41 AM
pet.er: idontgiveaship 09/19/12 12:32 PM
Baltim: Two iphones walked into a bar, iForget the rest. 09/19/12 07:42 PM
jersy7: Will come in handy when you dont have a place to charge your phone. 09/20/12 09:21 AM
master: Im getting an iphone 5 soon! 09/19/12 09:12 PM
jbell1: iPhones have made the world mad, if theres nothing wrong with the one you have now then don't worry about the new one. 09/19/12 03:02 PM
ianb@b: porn is best viewed on the iphone 09/20/12 08:19 AM
matted: mmmmm forbiden i-phone charger.... the guy with the molestache definitly digs it 09/19/12 07:02 PM
quarto: These arent the Droids you are looking for. 09/19/12 01:12 PM
megan.: I want this for ma iphone! 09/19/12 09:19 PM
alex78: A mighty man indeed harness the power of the sun. 09/19/12 01:25 PM
Str8ch: Most likely to be the first electronic device that tries to take over the human kind ! Beware the phones have ears!!!!!!!!!!! 09/19/12 09:11 PM
brian.: iPhones the SPOT of the smart phone world? 09/19/12 03:51 PM
giang_: help a college student out man, been submitting this stuff since 2005 and havent won yet, 09/19/12 10:45 AM
austin: iphones blow hardcore man. My android powered batphone stays linked to a statellite feed of the mars rover... hook me up ! 09/19/12 02:44 PM
domini: Iphones are the best period 09/19/12 11:39 AM
eljara: I dont care if iPhones are trendy as fork, I love em!! 09/19/12 01:32 PM
Colbyj: Iphones are too expensive. 09/19/12 12:39 PM
iam4g1: iphones suck and so does the 80s 09/20/12 01:01 AM
aydyyo: my iphone sucks haha 09/20/12 12:59 AM
nico77: Iphones are just like Jereme Rogers......never change 09/19/12 07:36 PM
willbu: iPhone 5 . . . here i come! 09/19/12 01:04 PM
mewile: This will go nicely with my new, old iPhone on iOS 6... 09/19/12 11:49 AM
tgrugg: My iPhone could definitely use more juice. 09/19/12 09:57 AM
Matthe: I hope its big enough for the fifth row of icons on the iPhone 5. 09/19/12 09:43 AM
bennyw: i need this cause my ipod phone keeps dying 09/19/12 06:33 PM
kreed@: Awesome device I need sooo bad for my Iphone 09/19/12 11:04 AM
yeahri: i would really want the iphone. its 2x better than the 4s but i dont have att or verizon. dangit. apple how dare you. 09/19/12 01:38 PM
andrea: the environmentally harmful production of this product doesnt out weigh its benefit? lol 09/19/12 08:48 PM
ryanab: My car gets like 12mpg. Mother Earth, Jah Bless, Save the Rainforest. 09/19/12 03:14 PM
fordsa: i dont have an ipod i have the bootlegged version called an gped 09/20/12 05:51 AM
j.bell: The new iPhone is black and taller than the old model, what are they trying to say?? 09/19/12 02:59 PM
porpe1: this ship will be tight with my new iPhone 5 09/19/12 01:19 PM
Tomiba: I love iphones and spot! 09/19/12 04:32 PM
ntorre: I need this so I can charge my iPhone when skating! 09/19/12 12:46 PM
jdunn@: I dont even know what an ipad is, I hope I DON'T win! 09/19/12 12:25 PM


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