Scumco Digital Product Toss Results Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Scumco Digital Product Toss Results

Posted on Wednesday, November 7, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "lbaker3" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Lbaker3. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

lbaker: If you didnt want me to stick it there, you shouldn't have bleached it 11/06/12 09:39 PM
mauric: sum smokin board ain't it? 11/06/12 06:00 PM
mickey: Max Payne 11/06/12 02:56 PM
sstren: Raddest company out cause they point blank dont give a sheep. Whoopie Cushions, sheep-smellin boards? Big f-u to the serious stuff out now 11/06/12 07:43 PM
matthe: I am from Pittsburgh, have skated for years always loved board sports. Thanks to Scumco for continuing complete skateboarding awesomeness!! 11/06/12 04:53 PM
jroysk: I <3 kittens 11/06/12 07:39 PM
Andrew: If I win can you send me the sheep smelling board.......... it reminds me of home 11/06/12 06:36 PM
samcar: scumco is tight their boards are great, east coast companies all the way 11/06/12 08:04 PM
Kjoshu: Not over 40 but my body feels like it. 11/06/12 06:02 PM
f.fros: oh scum you say? The greatest of the grime, the finest of the filth, the creme de la crap! All i know is its just sheep. pluck yinz 11/06/12 07:06 PM
jake18: great product! 11/07/12 12:21 PM
skatin: I voted for the first time today. I said pluck IT and wrote in SCUMCO for president. I like their environment policy "cover the earth in WAX" 11/06/12 11:28 PM
mikemo: what ever happened to scumbag steve? 11/06/12 01:11 PM
alex78: Life sucks scum pluck. 11/06/12 03:12 PM
Neilia: The Sacramento shaq attack... When you pluck a girl with a prosthetic shaq foot. 11/06/12 07:39 PM
xpatom: Fools aint ready for scumco, east coast representing. Tampa keeping it real! Big up to the homies 11/06/12 07:21 PM
src432: Looks sick! 11/06/12 04:35 PM
blue6s: goodie bah 11/06/12 02:55 PM
quarto: giggity gooo 11/06/12 01:40 PM
Krissy: My ex-husband is scum....does that count?! 11/06/12 02:05 PM
nick.l: Ive wanted to try a Scumco so bad, and I don't get decks very often. I was to support a local company to keep the buisness going! 11/06/12 07:37 PM
Andrew: Wiyo! pluck yinz sahn, keeping the burgh ripe 11/06/12 06:44 PM
lpress: glad this isnt the one that smells like sheep 11/06/12 02:07 PM
jakepf: If I win this deck, I swear to god Ill take a shower. 11/06/12 05:01 PM
jackso: Im not 40 but I need a board 11/06/12 02:32 PM
jarrod: scumcoandsons | snosdnaocmucs 11/06/12 09:32 PM
jam669: SCUMCO KILLS IT 11/06/12 04:51 PM
gchkjh: GET YA SCUMCO 11/06/12 01:54 PM
e.lowr: holdin it down in pittsburgh! would love to put this on my wall. 11/06/12 08:00 PM
btha1s: short comment 11/06/12 10:25 PM
rachae: Rock the vote 11/06/12 02:13 PM
nick_w: SPOT FOR LIFE! 11/06/12 01:55 PM
benlee: ill! Jelly finger puppet. 11/06/12 05:15 PM
Sbowes: Scum yum dumb cum 11/06/12 05:51 PM
skatei: rick scumco is a genius! pluck YINZ! 11/06/12 07:51 PM
Browni: Broke ass nigga, trying to skate a fresh board! 11/06/12 08:00 PM
jbrits: Scumcos designs are the illest. Glad to see the elderly in Pgh are so creative! 11/06/12 05:18 PM
mikema: niggas is broke these days! 11/06/12 10:05 PM
Matted: Waiting for flipping updates to h4 to download why not enter a SWEET dpt! Even downloads are better now..... Not 11/06/12 09:59 PM
bryanv: Ive been skating Scumco boards for eight months straight. I don't have anything witty to say. I'm gonna go vote now. 11/06/12 05:09 PM


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