ASR San Diego January 2004 Day One Article at Skatepark of Tampa

ASR San Diego January 2004 Day One

Posted on Sunday, January 18, 2004 by Rob

ASR San Diego - January 2004
Story and Photos By Rob Meronek

I'm having a good time out here and it actually counts as work - hell yeah. The rest of the story is in the photos below. The end.


Shorty's picked up the tab for everyone's dinner at this fancy place. Later that evening I heard someone going "What tip do you leave on a $7,000 bill?" Yikes. This here is Neal Mims explaining his trip down Struggle Street. He got a letter from Shorty's saying he's booted off the hardware team. He's like, "Dude, you're hurting if they kick you off the damn bolts team." Brian Schaefer's reply was, "They didn't like your new look?"
Marius Syvanen just had some bad chicken or something. I think that's Torey Pudwill with the evil eye behind him. On the right is Oliver Rivas falling asleep because there's no alcohol in his drink. The other dude is known as Baby Schizo.
Greg Carroll from Girl and me with my standard photo face.
I'm pretty sure this is the Vice Party we were at. Way too damn crowded, but Barry's still pretty stoked.
Duuude, I'm so, so damn cool. I know Trainwreck! Uh, ok well actually I just poached a photo with him.
This is professional drinker Jamie Comstock. He'll sell you mad amounts of skateboards if you give him a call.
Damn, man why'd you move the SPoT logo over there?
Most 13 year old girls would think this photo is pretty busted, but wait, that's Bam! Who's that bitch he's talking to?!?! Oh no sister, I'm gonna have to go crotch block that dirty ass ho.
So you're like, "What kind of fag is Rob turning out to be with all these Bam photos?" In one week, these will be the most viewed and commented on pictures on the site. 13 year old girls everywhere will be salivating and leaving their phone numbers and IM screen names in the comments.
Holy crap! The Powell rep is HOT! That's Lisa who acted as our tour guide for the night. Oh, and that's Bam Margera or something.
You didn't know Abdias Rivera had a little Michael Jackson in him, huh? All you need is an ice skating rink near your hotel to throw down dance moves like this.
Damn, Angel Ramirez needs a dentist sponsor for some braces. That grill reminds me of one of those crazy machines that bore through solid rock. Check out that straggler up there - man that tooth is like growing out of his nose or something. At least he's getting some lovin' from some random Cali hoes.
What is this? Some kind of skateboarding website or something? Uh yeah. Check out some skate photos now. This is a big fat one footer from some kid who probably rides for Mystery.
My skate nerdness is slipping. I should know who this Mystery kid is. Oh well, I know the trick is a frontside bluntslide, though.
The new man in black, Johnny Layton on a front crook.
Bet you didn't know that pit stains are the hot new fashion necessity in SoCal, huh? Yeah, everone's got them. I need to come up on some of that. Or maybe I'm just distracting you because I have no idea who this ripper is doing a switch tailslide. This kid was doing 5-0's across this box to backside tailslide down the hubba.
Holy crap! This dude actually skates? Yeah, it's yet another old dude trick on the bank to wall - frontside rock. I'm not looking too stylin without my SoCal pit stains, though.
Colt Bowden knows how to accessorize with the hot new SoCal pit stains he's showing off on this frontside feeble.
More of Colt Bowden flossing with his fancy new pit stains on this frontside ollie on the bank to wall. I can't wait until the new Louie pit stains come out. That's when I'm definitely sporting the pit stain steez. He's making my frontside rock look way too easy, but it's not. It's really, really hard but that's cool because I rip. Yeah man, I rip. I'm tearing everything to pieces. Shredding, man. Dude, I f'ing rock! Alright, the frontside rock isn't really that hard.
Dude, Ron Whaley is like so last week. He's not even rocking the pit stains like the cool kids. It's making this frontside flip stale grab look way to plain and ordinary. Yeah, definitely needs some flair to sell more skateboards.
Fun times at the Podium (DVS, Lakai, Matix) booth. That chick way in the background is sporting white pants and no undies - sick.
Rob Welsh and Clyde Singleton were throwing out touchdown dances on each other while playing Madden 2004 at the Elwood and Aesthetics joint.
After the big game, Clyde Singleton's probably like, "Man, sorry I had to whip your white ass in the super bowl."


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