Chill Cam Dump: Waka, Grind for Life, Pretty Sweet, and Moat Water Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Chill Cam Dump: Waka, Grind for Life, Pretty Sweet, and Moat Water

Posted on Sunday, November 18, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

The last few days have been filled with all kinds of things going on. Here's what I found what I emptied out my camera.
Thursday night, Waka and his management team were nice enough to give us tickets to the show, so we stopped by with a crew where we ran into the Pat Stiener doppelganger.
We didn't get to meet Waka, but his manager grabbed my instant camera, took it onto his tour bus, and came back with this.
Jeff and toothless Chris. I wonder what his BAC was when that happened.
After more than two long hours of opening acts, Waka was finally on and Porpe proceeded to go hard in the paint. Alex on BGP's was backup dancer most of the night.
Porpe, continuing with the hard paint going.
Alex, continuing with the back up dancer duty.
One song with the crowd on stage is good. Every song with whoever wants to barge it on stage - I don't know about that. Here we have some random fan with the mic and Waka nowhere to be found. Great show, though. Thanks for the entertainment!
Now I'm on scene at the Grind for Life Benefit which, per capita, has the highest concentration of head to toe skateboarding protective gear.
Thanks Mike Rogers for everything you do.
The Frontside Grind Mag alums chum it up about the effect on their careers due to gracing the cover. Clem and Todd.
It's now warm-up for the Pretty Sweet Premiere where we've stopped at the old Reservoir Bar for some sauce and pool. Take a look at the state of the table and you can figure out how Porpe's game against Jata went. No eight ball, majority of stripes left, and Porpe trying to clean up means it didn't go so well for him. Hopefully he didn't lose any money.
About 45 minutes until the big deal and we're out front getting hyped!
Filmers Joe and Josh are ready to work and watch.
John Montesi and I have a pit stop at the theater bar.
In about 20 minutes, there will be no more empty seats here.
To my left is Alex Morley.
In front are Jereme and Jata.
To my right are Alex, Josh, and Matt.
Behind me are no empty seats.
This is the only photo allowed or you get the choke hold out of the place. Let's get this started! RIP Keenan.
It's the best when you have high, high expectations and every single one of them are met or exceeded. Pretty Sweet will be out and for sale in about a week.
And now we're off to The Bricks for the Moat Water Release Party and SPoT 20 Year Anniversary Art Show Part Two.
Hopefully you got one of those 30% off coupons for SPoT Ybor that Porpe was passing out.
Stop by The Bricks when it's less insane than tonight to really get a look at all the amazing new work on the walls.
Thanks for the support, ya'll.
The Moat Water media team - Joe, Chris, Josh, Schaefer, Justin, and Porpe.
Chad Cardoza, thanks for putting all these shows together.
John Montesi, thanks for the 20 stories in 30 seconds on the mic.
Tommie Zam, thanks for the hard work in skateboarding.
Ed Selego, thanks for being awesome.
Anthony Furlong, thanks for getting Schaefer to yell at me for making jokes about vert, which I am now no longer allowed to do.
Kyle Randall, thanks for the passion.
Big Al, thanks for being King of Ybor.
Casey Wayne, thanks for the amazing art that will now become a Skatepark of Tampa deck. Four artists were chosen to have their designs become a SPoT board and Casey was one of them.
Thanks to these creators for your work and contribution.
Casey has some nice words to say about us Tampons. Again, thanks!
Casey's work.
Two more boards you'll see on the SPoT deck wall soon.
Clements, the King of Ybor, and the Jester of Ybor.
I have to pause for a fan out photo with Ed Selego.
Big Al, Kyle, and Ed all have liver soaking in Moat Water now.
Pause for a Foot Fetish with Wit-E Beats.
This piece here was called "Respect Your Elders." The usual crew of old guys was on there. Pat Stiener's baby self made the cut. Welcome to the club, elder.
Polk County elders Pat Stiener and Kid Will. Thanks for the good times tonight, everyone.


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