Stance Socks Digital Product Toss Results Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Stance Socks Digital Product Toss Results

Posted on Monday, November 19, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "joshisace" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Joshisace. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

joshis: I have just spent 15 minutes trying to come up with the winning sentence. And an extra 5 contemplating if this is all Im going to say 11/17/12 01:27 AM
aldric: Perfect Stance with these Stance Socks ! 11/16/12 03:49 PM
bernar: Socks fill my feet with happiness. Although i did rip my favorite pair yesterday. :( SPOTLIFE!! 11/18/12 10:38 AM
zooyor: I usually buy a pack of 6 cheap socks for like 3$, ive always wanted tube socks but too expensive for ONLY 1 pair, these are perfect! 11/16/12 03:24 PM
hyphy9: my girl friend always complains that i wear my stance socks during sex . i guess a condom would be better. 11/18/12 11:43 AM
cashhe: Let me get emmmmmm 11/16/12 03:20 PM
jsbish: Bill Clintons cat was named Socks. I will name these socks Bill Clinton's cats. 11/16/12 03:25 PM
monezn: socks are great. 11/16/12 03:20 PM
wabass: i need some new socks 11/16/12 09:50 PM
plasti: When someone yawns, do deaf people think they are yelling? 11/16/12 03:19 PM
pander: Perfect to chill in 11/16/12 07:11 PM
tylerl: Greatest socks known to man 11/16/12 03:21 PM
iguoda: stance rocks! i need some new skate socks! 11/16/12 03:48 PM
althek: Yea, I wear socks 11/17/12 09:16 PM
franci: Skatelife! 11/16/12 03:49 PM
eudemo: With these your Stance will be immovable! Great Socks! 11/17/12 02:14 PM
Mmanni: Fell a sleep got up and they painted my toe nails I need them to cover them up 11/16/12 03:27 PM
Daniel: Dont wear socks in the rain 11/18/12 11:05 AM
pizzap: This shouldnt mean that much to me but the thought of me losing this will kill me forever. I am 2 stressed out about saying the right thing 11/17/12 01:31 AM
josiah: SPOTLIFE!!! 11/16/12 03:19 PM
haythe: In the winter time i like to lay on my bear skin rug with my tube socks pulling my leg hairs and listen to Sting and Prince and sip Baileys 11/18/12 08:17 PM
chrisb: thanks to how soft your socks are my dangus has never loved me so much...friction, knowledge is power!!!! 11/16/12 03:20 PM
darthe: sock monkey style socks stock rocks your socks off your feet wich Stance are you 11/17/12 12:50 PM
MCMAHO: Pants and low socks are a problem. 11/18/12 03:47 AM
maestr: I can finally stop re-using ace bandages as socks if I get these! 11/17/12 07:52 PM
jamesb: Warm 11/16/12 11:38 PM
drikun: I really need those socks. Im all out of nob socks,and those look way too comfy. Mr. love sword would be more than chipper,help a dick out? 11/16/12 05:58 PM
molaju: i lak dem socks 11/17/12 10:51 AM
gilber: stance on stance on stance 11/17/12 12:14 AM
jason.: Yo Rob if you read this, you are awesome. Keep up the good work at SPoT, See you at Tampa Am! 11/16/12 03:59 PM
Skateb: Dnxjs 11/16/12 09:08 PM
matt@w: Im too broke to buy new socks. 11/18/12 01:14 AM
german: i want to learn manuels with stance socks ill manuel to school ! 11/17/12 10:20 PM
mewile: My socks stink. Those (probably) dont. 11/16/12 04:03 PM
Ghetto: stock up on da socks boyyy 11/17/12 12:23 AM
danche: those socks look fresh and warm just what i need for this east coast winter. 11/16/12 06:37 PM
redwig: Its cold nowadays so wearing these socks would make sense. 11/17/12 05:10 AM
theode: Granddad Socks! Ill take 'em. 11/16/12 04:44 PM
maya.v: Stance is the BEST! What would we do without them. If we skated without them we wouldnt skate as well and well have holes in our socks... 11/16/12 07:22 PM
Rmille: Tubular! 11/17/12 12:04 AM
ldo502: This guy is funny and he seems to have all of the answers to socks 11/18/12 04:15 AM
captai: Stance is the best like ten to the two, to the two, to the two. 11/16/12 09:25 PM
filizz: Stance scoks are te stylish socks ever. if i had one I would skate them to death. i would use every damm day for every damm thing.thanks jh 11/18/12 04:41 PM
Rjhall: Socks r the tits! Hook a local up!cool thanks! 11/16/12 06:54 PM
ruben@: With these socks.. I can forward flip crook any handrail. Bet! 11/17/12 11:58 PM
de_leo: Make me win please! I ordered 3 times continous and asked for Nike SB stickers and you gave me none but customed Nike SB UPS stickers. :( 11/16/12 11:23 PM
cooper: its getting pretty cold down here i would love to have those so i can keep my feet warm! 11/16/12 05:19 PM
bubste: stance socks rock, they are very comfortable and are durable stance for life 11/17/12 08:54 PM
nickbo: yo socks are so crucial doe!! not wearing socks is like not wearing underwear doe. I dont fux with stained white socks but all of mine are:( 11/16/12 08:32 PM
joesol: Life without socks is and apple without steak. 11/17/12 02:43 AM
Mattgs: Socks, my favorite thing to pee on after a long night of drinking 11/17/12 11:07 AM
volcom: more socks, less laundry 11/16/12 03:38 PM
Addieo: All I want for Christmas is some rockin awesome stance socks! 11/16/12 11:44 PM
merica: I love when my socks are sweaty and my feet are moist 11/18/12 06:09 PM
citibo: I dont really wear socks, but when and if I do they were free socks. 11/17/12 06:13 PM
dgriew: yo these socks right here are some butter, like butter for your feet. stance understands thermodynamics and shhh, and feet. a feet treat! 11/18/12 07:02 PM
dylanp: Dude, do you even lift? Because I lift. Thats a good enough answer. 11/18/12 06:49 PM
djaaro: socks. tall socks, short socks. red sox, blue socks. white socks, black socks, crazy socks. fuzzy socks, thin socks. socks. 11/18/12 01:53 AM
cawris: Socks are a key essential that reflects personality. 11/16/12 07:36 PM
sjhurl: I want some of my fuzzy wuzzys on me feet! 11/17/12 12:58 PM
yojfis: SOCKS FOR NW CROCS 11/17/12 12:56 PM
thevui: ate some socks for breakfast yuuuumy with milk 11/16/12 05:02 PM
affili: buttery pancakes 11/17/12 06:06 PM
kyleko: stance sox 4 life!! need a new pair!! 11/16/12 03:46 PM
rob2at: Ive got big balls! 11/16/12 03:27 PM
Lostin: STANCE- Standard. To. Any. Nigga. Cruisin. Eastcoast! 11/18/12 09:47 AM
csarte: Short comment about long socks. 11/18/12 12:09 PM
swizzy: my grampa called, he wants his socks back. 11/17/12 10:09 PM
bielaw: I need long socks because my brothers fat ankles cant fit in them! 11/17/12 01:11 AM
Brian.: Stance this! 11/16/12 08:07 PM
beckfo: first come first serve! 11/16/12 03:18 PM
aarona: Its all in the sox ! 11/16/12 03:41 PM
jackso: I need socks, All of mine got holes in them please!!!!! 11/16/12 09:03 PM
funksp: I would like me some free ugly socks 11/18/12 12:59 AM
matpin: my new puppy chew all my socks up ive seen a bum under i4 that has less holes and less dirt. 11/17/12 09:49 PM
jessez: stance for life!!!! 11/18/12 02:04 PM
radioa: nice, i need some new jackrags 11/16/12 09:31 PM
rustle: most of my socks are ripped. dont crab send some this way 11/17/12 08:48 AM
dennis: l3t m3 c4tch $um $0CK$ cuuuuuuuh 11/17/12 10:25 AM
engelt: sooo good 11/17/12 12:13 PM
simonk: What did the fish say when he ran into the wall? Dam. 11/16/12 03:43 PM
Bernar: I wear size s-m in stance socks :-) hope I win! 11/18/12 05:10 PM
lpesca: Dope socks! Hope to get them on my feet! 11/16/12 09:21 PM
reekey: socks sometimes get holes in them 11/16/12 03:29 PM
toyfig: Do they make them in toe socks? 11/16/12 03:39 PM
bzarit: i need some socks like that to deal with the harsh winters of boston 11/17/12 01:54 PM
Andybu: Sock it to me sucker 11/17/12 11:36 AM
scoreo: Im a rock em inside out minimising discomort given due too inner stichings, a tragic design flaw! 11/17/12 12:03 AM
russel: those look comfy 11/16/12 05:28 PM
joshua: Who doesnt love socks!? Shoe-to-foot buffer, dust rag, something-else under-the-bed rag..... 11/17/12 04:08 PM
gabacr: stance socks warm my feet, and my heart 11/16/12 03:23 PM
chrisb: my socks are dirty 11/16/12 03:23 PM
cwick1: Socks are rad! 11/17/12 12:04 AM
quarto: aint no sweet feet...but they'll do. 11/18/12 10:44 AM
kyleha: i love socks.. rarely ever get new pairs, been rocking the same few pairs for awhile know, trying to come up on some new ones haha 11/17/12 11:34 PM
lpress: new cuddle buddies 11/17/12 07:15 AM
brenda: one time i shhh my pants at bams house. it was embarassing. 11/16/12 04:45 PM
abskat: i like stance you like stance so give me some socks! lol 11/16/12 03:19 PM
jakeis: nappy, dirty, smelly, 80s SOCKS ;) I love the SPOT 11/16/12 04:56 PM
skater: i would love to win, need new socks too 11/16/12 03:19 PM
browni: my girlfriend will look good in these stance socks 11/18/12 03:02 PM
jakepf: These socks are 11/16/12 03:53 PM
jbanke: Ive got cold feet 11/16/12 04:36 PM
curtis: i need these for my puppet show 11/18/12 12:01 PM
buggyc: i need these socks its winter and its cold out here homie 11/16/12 07:14 PM
brian@: I could really use some new socks!! I just got a puppy and her favorite thing in her small world right now is socks! Theyre going missing. 11/17/12 11:09 PM
Ajpata: Waiting to pick up the Wu Tang Stance socks is straight TORTURE! Ill sew you ass checks closed and keep feeding u and feeding u. 11/17/12 12:25 PM
kingkr: give me new jizz rags 11/17/12 03:30 AM
hamilt: i think im james brown because i got more sole then a sock with a hole 11/17/12 12:40 PM
inhabi: Stance socks have changed my life, one thread at a time. 11/17/12 01:32 AM
desele: Stance Socks The Best Styling Socks Eva!!!! 11/17/12 07:32 PM
Standf: I literally have no more socks due to oversealous masturbation :/ 11/16/12 04:18 PM
Jesse_: Huge RGIII fan so I too understand socks!! 11/17/12 07:37 PM
philip: 2 pairs of these socks are for my feet. The other pair... 11/16/12 03:20 PM
catera: Good socks make a good day 11/17/12 10:48 AM
gainey: i got about 16 pairs of crazy socks..and only 2 pairs of stance sock game is in need of theses socks 11/16/12 09:28 PM
firstc: i only have one pair of high socks and the one pair i have my grandma knitted for me ;( its cold over here in jersey! 11/16/12 04:56 PM
wrxtre: Yahooowoo! Sexy socks that is. 11/17/12 05:09 AM
meando: Drunk Porpe = The Olsen Twins 11/19/12 02:15 AM
sgogan: What did the new pair of Stance socks say to the throwaway Hanes socks? "Socks to be you!" 11/17/12 07:40 PM
thuble: They are " pretty sweeeet" 11/16/12 03:32 PM
nikola: i love....stance 11/16/12 04:00 PM
Matted: I want your sox! I mean uhhhh I really dig the sox man! 11/16/12 09:08 PM
Halo95: Stance socks are the shhh Ive got a few pairs and I've got all from you guys! If won drinks on me pal ! 11/17/12 08:08 AM
thesto: socks are like underwear, everyone needs their own pair 11/17/12 01:17 PM
jhathc: socks 11/18/12 06:47 PM
Djaoch: Sock monkey time 11/18/12 06:53 AM
Sbowes: Nutrag 11/17/12 08:33 AM
petefa: I need new socks to masturbate in. 11/16/12 03:18 PM
CossRo: Should make a good hipster scarf. 11/16/12 03:33 PM
devon.: China is responsible for approximately 40% of global sock production. 11/17/12 09:52 PM
mitche: all my friends have stance socks. so jealous. just cant afford them:[ 11/18/12 12:12 AM
Steven: They aint socks if they aint stance! Use them as shampoo holders you feels? 11/16/12 09:19 PM
cortez: itll be PRETTY SWEET if i won these socks. i say so because i always get holes in my socks cause of shoe wear through the insoles. 11/18/12 06:14 PM
ijusts: Casually killing it. 11/16/12 08:31 PM
franke: Sock it to me. 11/17/12 04:02 PM
sk8cha: If I win, Ill have matching socks for my Red Hot Chili Peppers impression for the wife. 11/16/12 04:39 PM
Swit90: stance, for those east coast folks tryin to keep em toasty! 11/18/12 09:48 AM
michae: these socks are the best, i try to buy them all 11/17/12 07:16 AM
sean.b: Sweeeeeet I need some new socks in my life 11/17/12 01:45 PM
xskate: my feet are cold 11/17/12 11:10 AM
Djaoch: Socks keep my feet clean. 11/17/12 02:42 AM
donnel: I like socks 11/16/12 10:42 PM
zinsze: my socks are monochromatic, so why not switch it up. Oh yeah, and they are not as cozy as those Stance Socks look to be. 11/16/12 05:29 PM
skully: i usually dont wear Stance socks but when i do....... 11/16/12 04:09 PM
Bakers: Sounds sweet! Hope i win, every pair of socks i have, have huge holes due to my shoes. Goodluck to everyone! 11/16/12 10:27 PM
iondre: Can "The Puerto Rican Jesus" be Jorge Angels official nickname? 11/16/12 04:10 PM
ellett: socks keep my feet warm and are super soft! 11/16/12 03:29 PM
mchris: sock sock pluckety sock 11/16/12 10:50 PM
rosich: Socks! 11/17/12 08:03 AM
jdunn@: Im smelling my own feet now, new socks seem appropriate. 11/17/12 09:59 AM
quest4: nothings better the a fresh pair of new socks. 11/16/12 03:23 PM
whipla: 11/16/12 03:23 PM
Rkeene: My janoskis smell like rank feel cause Im old and can't afford dank ass stance socks! 11/16/12 09:09 PM
jnapol: stance make the warmest socks ever they are the best to skate with 11/16/12 09:36 PM
skatep: Skatepark of Tampa>every other skatepark in the world. Simple math 11/17/12 10:02 PM
zlewis: Has anyone else ever jizzed in a sock, put it on the floor, then put it on in the morning? Cause I do it all the plucking time. shhhs sticky 11/16/12 08:52 PM
dotson: I soooo love a snuggy pair of socks 11/17/12 01:34 AM
wetwil: what stance do you skate with stance socks on though?? 11/17/12 06:50 PM
Chrisc: Stance socks are so tight butthole. 11/17/12 07:58 AM
john.l: those socks look warm...and resistant to semen 11/18/12 08:03 PM
top3s@: I wear socks on my ears and i have 23 ears ,please help! 11/17/12 05:36 PM
dirtyg: socks keep my feet warm. 11/16/12 03:42 PM
pwhugh: Yo, i love socks. I be chilling butt nekkid smoking out my pipe and the thing that makes it perfect is my tube socks. Chillin porno style. 11/18/12 08:11 PM
Krissy: Alex has put holes in every pair of socks he has so these would be a great help. 11/16/12 04:24 PM
jason.: SOOOOCCCCCKKKKKKSSSSSS. Smelly feet stoppers, smelly sock starters. 11/18/12 06:22 PM
t.shai: im a broke skater from seminole florida with holes in my socks-___- 11/16/12 04:41 PM
james1: The only reason these must be free is because they smell. Someone probably wore them and returned them. Ill take them though! 11/16/12 03:30 PM
dgkall: Time to rock out with my socks out 11/17/12 12:55 AM
Aaron@: Those socks look really comfortable!! 11/17/12 10:40 AM
thisis: So socks are probably the most important part of your outfit, without sweet socks its nothin. 11/18/12 06:48 PM
treefr: Ive gotta grow an extre foot before I have earn these socks right? lol 11/17/12 11:22 AM
alanzc: hey guys, I like your feet *wink* 11/17/12 04:35 PM
patdoe: ESTATESALEGUY813 ON EBAY IS SELLING THE CHRIS BROWN letterman jacket 11/18/12 11:09 AM
jake18: awsome!!! 11/16/12 07:12 PM
ben215: if i win, Im just going to beat off into them 11/17/12 11:53 AM
alex.h: Proper sock etiquette requires the sock color to match the color of the shoes and pants 11/18/12 10:42 AM
ryanho: Stance are the best socks ever. Period 11/18/12 08:05 PM
Zachar: Sigh, I burnt up all my neat socks at work with an acetyline torch. Im hurt inside. Nigga need socks in cold colorado! 11/16/12 08:01 PM
Myles1: There great to masturbate into. 11/17/12 04:01 PM
fialak: i need some new jackrags 11/16/12 09:12 PM
kmw_rn: Sexism is wrong. And being wrong is for women. 11/18/12 06:55 PM
vajdab: Cant wait to stick my jimmy in these hushpeppers 11/17/12 12:26 PM
specks: those socks look comfy 11/16/12 03:28 PM
twalke: socks are for real! 11/16/12 08:30 PM
mrmezm: I ruined all my other socks by using them as a FiFi. Now, my toes always stick to them. Help! 11/16/12 04:05 PM
saiken: He rides goofy but wont look goofy in these socks! He'd be hyped to get them in his stocking this year! 11/16/12 07:14 PM
chriso: Love everything stance is about and what they represent. Awesome company! 11/16/12 05:50 PM
jshg62: These socks look comfortable as pluck, i NEED them to impress my grandma and grampa 11/16/12 09:37 PM
skateh: Its cold in Minnesota, the pretty sweet premier here got cancelled on my birthday. WARM MY FEET WARM MY SOUL please and thank you! 11/16/12 03:56 PM
skafra: This morning, I got poop in my beard. 11/17/12 10:36 PM
Ngrant: I need some new socks too slide across the floor like Tom Cruise in risky business 11/17/12 09:41 PM
dakota: Let me get some socks for me and my Ugly ahhh Sauge Toes 11/16/12 03:43 PM
Mcleme: Everyones got cool socks but me. Hook me up with some please! 11/17/12 12:00 AM
aria.m: these socks r the shhh! 11/17/12 11:16 PM
biz@ga: Best socks EVER!!! 11/16/12 10:02 PM
coreyv: I WEAR SOCKS SO MY FEET ARENT COLD :( 11/16/12 03:19 PM
Jayrod: Socks are like women, cant live with them, can't live without em' 11/16/12 11:22 PM
kickfl: 666 11/17/12 02:24 AM
paulmy: My tommy pickle is going to feel like a dream in those stance socks 11/17/12 12:32 PM
Buzy28: I need them socks too feed my family): 11/16/12 11:16 PM
Dough@: Stance is the shhh. Theres nothing else to say 11/16/12 07:56 PM
Chase5: How come I can skate in Stance socks and the next day there not stale? The Future is here 11/18/12 09:23 PM
j.bell: cool 11/16/12 11:39 PM
Colbyj: Why did the sperm cross the road? Because I put on the wrong socks before I went for a walk. 11/16/12 03:51 PM
epic80: Always have to keep your sock game proper. 11/16/12 03:55 PM
jbell1: Comfty 11/17/12 09:58 PM
ezekia: My feet are damn cold. That is all. 11/16/12 03:18 PM


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