Clash of the Crews 2013 Presented by Vans Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Clash of the Crews 2013 Presented by Vans

Posted on Sunday, January 27, 2013 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Get Finals brackets results here and individual skater results here.

HiDefJoe Video

The night before, Casey sweated out at the grill feeding us all.
Crash and John Gow are both in the FSEC, but Crash is now back on staff. John is at Vans pushing the waffle grip. Cheers to the free PBR.
Thanks to Ed Selego for the microphone entertainment.
Jake Sykes has a damn good looking switch heel.
Craig Clements reminds me of John Fitzgerald. That's a gap 5-0.
Thanks to John Gow and Ryan Dewitt from Vans for backing the Clash of the Crews.
Reggie Kelly is one of my favorites out there.
Abdias follows the instructions on the sign.
Montesi is also following instructions on the sign, to fakie.
Mike Peterson won Tampa Am when your parents were dancing to that song by Prince in 1999. Now he's in the old guy slot at Clash of the Crews. That front blunt on this crazy quarter can't even be done by the young guys, though.
Schaefer put in a solid five minutes for the Skatepark of Tampa team. Thanks for saving me from having to go out there!
Dylan Perry is super close and closing in on Markus' gap back lip.
HiDefJoe's edit is coming up soon.
They were once little vagrant locals at SPoT, but Abdias, Robby, and Body have all grown into fine adults still rolling just as strong as they were over a decade ago.
Anthony Henderson - 360 flip.
If you've been skating for a while, Angelo Medina's great looking kickflip melon will remind you of Emeric Pratt.
Ali and Alejandro are both just 14, but they have a decade in on skateboarding already. They're damn good kids that will grow into damn good skateboarding adults just like all of us associated with the Park here.
Watch for Niko Howard's Mike V plant out of nowhere in HiDefJoe's edit coming soon. This is Niko on a gap bluntslide.
AlBow aka MP3J, Cullen, Big Al, Body, and Seamus letting the free PBR flow.
Dylan Perry's got a snapped and caught kickflip.
Markus Jalaber - frontside flip on some gangster ass grip tape.
John Montesi collected $50 from Schaefer for a ho-ho plant.
The best trick all day was Bert's kickflip wallride to fakie.
Schaefer documenting his near DFL in the individual results.
Mat Call was selected for the Vans VIP/MVP Award. He's getting a year's supply of Rowley's from Vans.
Marshall LaFrance has no delay of game on this big ol' alley oop melon disaster to backside revert.
GSZ's team #1 killed it all day and ended up in first after the Finals brackets were done.
Second place in our own house is not bad. Thanks again to all the shops that came over to rip and chill with us.

Qualifiers Results

  1. GSZ (Team One), Team Average: 81.67
  2. Westside, Team Average: 79.45
  3. Skatepark of Tampa, Team Average: 79.33
  4. Disruptive, Team Average: 75.78
  5. 688, Team Average: 75.22
  6. GSZ (Team Two), Team Average: 74.56
  7. Sunrise, Team Average: 74.11
  8. Midtown, Team Average: 73.78
  9. Kona, Team Average: 73.44
  10. Team Pain, Team Average: 71.89
  11. Fidna/Ruckus, Team Average: 71.44
  12. Island Water Sports, Team Average: 67.44
  13. Black Diamond (ATL), Team Average: 65.33
  14. MIA, Team Average: 63.22
  15. Undercover, Team Average: 62.78
  16. Black Diamond (Philly), Team Average: 62.11
  17. Shred Shed, Team Average: 60.55
  18. Cuckoo's Nest, Team Average: 57.44
  19. Aqua East, Team Average: 42.33
  20. Skate Shed, Team Average: 37.22

Finals Bracket Results


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