Andrew Reynolds at SPoT for the Lakeland Skatepark Grand Opening Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Andrew Reynolds at SPoT for the Lakeland Skatepark Grand Opening

Posted on Saturday, May 18, 2013 by Chris

By Chris Kelly
Video by HiDefJoe

Andrew Reynolds is in town for today's grand opening at Lakeland Skatepark. Last night he stopped by Skatepark of Tampa with his daughter Stella.
Justin, Casey, Matt, and FSEC Barack Wiser chillin' at the meat wagon.
Andrew teaching Stella how to come off a curb.
SPoT's fearless leader would give four thumbs up if he could.
This dude tried dropping in on the vert ramp with this thing but we told him he brought the wrong equipment.
Just two hits lurking hard.
Adam Hawley pulling out an ice cold beer for himself.
Andrew with Stella.
Andrew was nice enough to sign a handful of posters.
Reynolds day party crew.
Schaefer handing out posters to the kids.
Andrew Evans (right) and Edwards Guerra (left) threw some elbows on the youngsters trying to get these posters.
This skate mom brought some kids out to meet Andrew.
James Cobb was out too. You'll see more of James behind the counters at SPoT soon.
FSEC Alex Biblioni's hair is fully flared.

Footage: Lakeland Skatepark Grand Opening

Good job by Skatepark of Tampa Marketing Champ Brian Schaefer on poaching the ribbon cutting at the Lakeland Skatepark Grand Opening this past weekend. HiDefJoe has the edit that starts with Andrew at SPoT before everyone headed to the Grand Opening. Did you get a clip? Check out the footage: Andrew Reynolds at SPoT and the Lakeland Skatepark Grand Opening.


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