Go Skateboarding Day 2013 With Kayo Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Go Skateboarding Day 2013 With Kayo

Posted on Saturday, June 22, 2013 by Rob

Thanks to the Kayo crew and Baby Scumbag here who killed it on and off the board today. That's a varial heel. Keep your girlfriend away from him.
Thanks to all of you that brought in donations for Boards for Bros today.
Chuckie had more energy than the whole building combined. There's only one thing you can do with that. Put it on wheels and send it down the rail.
Who Dat? Switch frontside pop shuv.
Another name I forgot, that's a smith grind.
Ramante goes Koston over the rail. The look in the back says it all.
One of these days, I need to drop in again on the vert ramp before I get too old and frail. Alex B is not afraid of the extension and you and me shouldn't be either.
Louson Germain is new to skating but has a boardslide for the end of the ledge. I remember starting out like that.
Jude Germain is one of three brothers here on a family skate session. That's a kickflip off the ledge.
Tevionne Baker is coming out of a 50-50 but one day real soon he'll have the 5-0 like this on lock.
Yes, Jordan Bostick's back foot got right back on and stomped this frontside noseblunt slide.
Jordan's got a frontside tailslide, too.
Justin Zaragoza holds his bucket on with a chinstrap through the teeth on back lips like this.
This is Sebastian Chande. He's been following the Park online for well over a decade on the site. In that decade, he's managed to get himself a computer science degree and move on to his masters. Today's he's in town from Ohio on an extended interview and tour of everything we do here at SPoT, especially the digital side. Imagine what Sebastian and I could to together if he ended up working here. That would really take SPoT to the next level I think. Hopefully it works out. Thanks for coming Sebastian. Computer Science master plus frontside nosegrind champ = rare combo of skills.
Dirt Weasel - kickflip.
Get your Baby Scumbag signatures while you can.
How are you going to call this Mongolian BBQ poop foot push when it's OMG cute overdose like that?
I hope these are the only kinds of rails Baby Scumbag does.
The swarm around Baby Scumbag reminds me of the Muska days.
Braden Hunger ballin' out with Baby Scumbag.
Karl Watson, always smiling. Thanks for the mic duty, Karl!
Meanwhile, the Baby Scumbag circle continues to swarm.
Thanks to Red Bull for stopping by. These may have been the only three girls in the building that were not here for Baby Scumbag.
Abdias Rivera, backside 180 nosegrind.
Chuckie Wooder - wallie 5-0.
It was too crowded to get this gap to wallride down right. We'll shoot a better one next time, Chuckie.
Darrell Gordon brought the big heelflip.
Marcus McBride - backside heelflip.
Abdias Rivera is back in town!
Inside this packed side arena is a game of SKATE with Baby Scumbag.
Sketchy Dane Vaughn, thanks for coming and ripping.
Baby Scumbag, thanks for the entertainment.
Alex B with a pose for WheelBiterz.
HiDefJoe was in everyone's faces for some special features we're doing in addition to SPoT Life.
Wade and Chuckie.
Marquise Henry, thanks for coming.
I met Spencer Hamilton for the first time this weekend.
Marcus McBride, thanks for the SPoT Life shout out.
It's been way to long since we've seen Lenny Rivas at SPoT.
Matt Miller - nollie frontside bluntslide.
Tom Remillard - frontside ollie to wallride.
Spencer Hamilton - frontside flip to flat.
Mark my words: 2014 is going to be the year of Casey.
Thanks ya'll.
Good thing we got through this autograph line before it stormed.
Pause for a gear check.
I hope you got one of those Kayo decks. We only had a limited run of them.
Autographs to the dome are the new face tat.
Now that's a good ending to a good day. Thanks again to Kayo and everyone who came out to skate with us.

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