Agenda - Los Angeles, 2013 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Agenda - Los Angeles, 2013

Posted on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 by Lep

Words by Lep.
Photos by Alex Bowers, Brian Schaefer, and Lep Stewart.

My first trade show as the General Manager of the Skatepark of Tampa affords me the opportunity to write again. I haven’t regularly written about skateboarding since the Truckstop days. Truckstop was a skate zine based in Jacksonville, Florida that was in circulation from the mid 1990s through 2003. With my new roll with SPoT I get to revisit my interest in skateboarding and writing.

The good folks at Agenda were kind enough to extend great hospitality to their show in Long Beach, California. The show not only connected us with so many companies but companies that will assist on delivering true partnerships. I have to admit that I did fan out a little when meeting or doing business with the likes of Stevie Williams, Steve Caballero, Jim Thiebaud, Jeff Kendall...etc or rub shoulders with the likes of Rick Howard and many more greats as Ray Barbee jammed on the guitar for us, so sick! But I didn’t let it detract from our mission; Continuing to grow relationships and create true partnerships that will deliver the best experience in retail and skateboarding.

Thank you Agenda, and everybody we met at the show.

A few pictures below.

Albow, a.k.a MP3J settled right in to Loser Machine's "Boob Booth / Beer Taps".
Hell of a view from the hotel room, courtesy of Agenda.
The legendary Ray Barbee getting his licks in.
Albow getting down to business with an Altamont rep.
Duval county represent! J.J. Dunbar, Lep Stewart, and Skyler Carleton.
Thank you Vans for the amazing Greek dinner.
Bikini contest on the beach...Schaefer tries to not look distracted.
This guy was super stoked when he found out we were repping SPoT. He even hooked us up with some free beer!
Huntington Beach Pier at the Vans U.S. Open.
We found Curren Caples playing with a new toy.
Took a wrong turn leaving Huntington Beach and got flagged down by Brian Sumner.
Chopping it up with some impostors down Hollywood Boulevard before heading back home.
B.S. catches one last pose with you-know-who and we're out. Thanks to Agenda, Vans, and anyone else who took care of us while on the road...see you in 2014!
Chris Carter - DNA Distribution / Paul Schmitt - PS Stix
Austyn Gillette / Brian Anderson
Jordan Brown - Monster / Sam Smyth - Girl
Darrell Stanton / Kevin Romar / Derrick Price
Salman Agah - Delivering Experiences not just pizza
Craig Chimile + Kelly Bird - Lakai leaders at Girl and Fourstar
Legendary Ray Barbee, Danny Montoya, Kenny "The Perfect Man" Anderson, Ryan Reyes
20 Years of Girl hand painted wooden icons - congrats!
Mugshots clockwise: Gabe Clement - Matix / Erica Yary - Stance / Ian Deacon - Flip / James Craig - Blind
More mugshots clockwise: R.P. Bess - World Industries / Steve Caballero - Powell / Geoff Rowley - Vans / Christian Hosoi - Jesus Christ


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