Franks for Nothing: Lakeland Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Franks for Nothing: Lakeland

Posted on Friday, October 25, 2013 by Sebastian

Photos by Frank Branca
Words by Aaron Austin
Frank Branca, fearless leader and lensman behind Franks For Nothing, after breakfast and coffee in downtown Lakeland, FL.
You'll see this spot in the FFN edit, but you won't see Uncle Sam blast this kickflip over the metal fence to manual. Frank is saving that for a special part he's working on with Sam.
Sam continued to leap into the air, this time into backside 5-0 on an electrical box a couple hundred feet from the infamous "13" that Andrew Reynolds kickflipped in Birdhouse's "The End" video.
Abdias Rivera in front of the abandoned federal building in downtown Lakeland.
If you want an example of perfect form on backside noseblunt slides, watch Abdias glide across these stairs in the video.
Here's another one that didn't make it into the edit. Sam sliding completely vertical on this frontside bluntslide up against a chain-link fence. He did so many tricks it was hard for Frank to capture them all.
Knibbs went from switch wallriding in ditches to touring with Lil' Tunechi across America. Now he's somewhere in Europe. Wild. This kid is killing it.
How does Frank get the best angles? Because he's more dedicated than you - or just crazier. Anyway, he's not afraid to crawl into tunnels that may have giant arachnids, anacondas and other creepy-crawlers in them.
Abdias isn't dealing with snakes or spiders here, just broken glass and seed pods littered all over the ground. Perfect for riding skateboard wheels over, right?
Abdias. Wallie. Gangster.
Instead of brushing away the debris from a spot like Abdias did, Knibbs decided to beautify his with some lovely pink flowers. The color almost matches his Nikes.
I was a little late on this one - it happens. Knibbs hopping off a very tall backside ledge-ride.
Knibbs hopped out of this smith grind into the steep hill in nearly complete darkness after it rained. Nightcap.


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