Johnny Romano Make-A-Wish Skate Jam Road Trip Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Johnny Romano Make-A-Wish Skate Jam Road Trip

Posted on Friday, November 22, 2013 by Sebastian

Words and Photos by Frank Branca.

The crew from left to right: Alejandro, Aaron, James, Robby, Manny, Jata, Dylan, Yonis, Marcus, Uncle Sam, Alex (Frank and HiDefJoe not pictured)
First stop was Tallahassee Skatepark. Timmy Knuth met up for a sesh.
I shot a photo and filmed a line at the same damn time. Look out for Aaron’s photos next week when our SPoTLife road trip edit is live.
"Hey, do you guys want to skate a DIY spot down the road?" Garret Miller asks.
The answer was YES!
Alejandro leaving his mark at the pancake spot in New Orleans.
Uncle Sam was calling 200 likes on this photo. Check out the trip on instagram with hashtag #SPoTxTexasTurnUp.
Early morning cruise in New Orleans.
Alejandro jumped onto this fs wallride in a line.
Hotel de L’EauVine.
Jata brought the entertainment all trip!
We stopped by Baton Rouge skate park on the way to Houston. I meet up with good homie Jeremy Diagle who I haven’t seen since the last time I was in Louisiana ten years ago.
Gas station stop. Yonis was hyped to stretch his legs.
Charging batteries on the road while Red Bull kept our batteries charged.
We made it to Houston, Texas.
Uncle Sam and Joe working hard as usual. New SpoTLife should be up next week.
Who knows of a spot in Tampa we can make one of these?
Saturday we were at South Side Skatepark for the Johnny Romano Make-A-Wish Skate Jam.
The footage of the dizzy kick flip is hilarious. Check it out here.
James Hardy egging his boss Jim Thiebaud for a good cause.
Steve Nesser's Company Send Help was holding it down all day.
These two girls are troopers, and both have amazing stories of how they beat cancer.
The best trick contest was epic.
That's Ryan Thompson walking down the stairs. He killed it all day and is one of my new favorites. We'll be seeing him next month at Tampa Am.
After the contest, it was back to Tampa. Aaron, Alex, and Alejandro followed the van in Alex's jeep the entire trip.
A bubble in our tire won't stop us from making it back to Tampa.
Uncle Sam organizing the boards. Fitting twelve skaters in a van is not the easiest task.
I sent this photo to Robby, and he posted on insta with the appropriate hashtag #webelonghere #extragravy.
HiDefJoe working hard on the road. I would get motion sickness.
James Cobb with the mandatory tunnel insta.
Markus say that's a wrap. See you guys back in Florida.


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